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Fic: Melamin Chapter 7/12

Title: Melamin (My Love)
Fandoms: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Suzie/Tosh, Doctor/Martha, Owen/Rhiannon, Rhys/Gwen, Rhys/Andy, arranged Ianto/Martha
Story Summary: Lost in a world he’s only read about, Ianto’s only hope lies with Captain Jack Harkness and his Torchwood team. Together Jack and Ianto must figure out the roles they play in reuniting man and Elf once again.
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Doctor Who
Beta: The amazing royalladyemma
Artist: bookmrm89 see her amazing work here:

Chapter 7

One week later


In the week that followed, Ianto, Andy and the Doctor formed an instant and lasting friendship with Tosh. The three of them shared many of the same interests and their connection had been easy. Jack was not surprised when Tosh took it upon herself to teach the Elves all about computers and who engaged the Doctor on long techno talks that no one, not even Jack, could understand. 


What really surprised Jack, though, was finding Ianto and Suzie talking quietly several times away from the others. From the soft smile that graced Tosh’s face and the quiet gratitude that shone in her eyes, Jack was sure that whatever Ianto and Suzie were talking about was greatly helping the other woman.


As much as Suzie liked Ianto, she despised the Doctor just as much, mainly out of fear that he might steal Tosh away from her. Jack caught his second-in-command glaring at the Doctor more than once and the blissfully ignorant Time Lord didn’t help his case when he invited Tosh to take a look around his TARDIS. Suzie was no fool, and she understood how tempting the idea of travelling through space and time would be to a scientist of Toshiko’s calibre.


Rhys had practically become a permanent fixture in the Hub and for a change Jack actually didn’t mind having an outsider in his base as the rugged Welshman kept Andy busy. Andy’s preoccupation with Rhys gave Jack plenty of time to be alone with Ianto and he took full advantage of the opportunity. While Jack had yet to claim Ianto as his on a physical level, they were getting to know one another on a spiritual level, and the bond between them was rapidly deepening.


The Doctor and Owen had formed some sort of weird bond based, Jack had a feeling, on the Doctor telling Owen all about the wonderful medical advances he had witnessed throughout the future millennia. Owen and Ianto had become snarky buddies and Jack had to admit he was enjoying Ianto’s sharp tongue and clever wit when he argued against Owen.


The only one not really getting along with any of their guests was Gwen. It was clear to everyone that something special was building between Rhys and Andy and it opened Gwen’s eyes to the fact that she had well and truly lost Rhys. The man who had once worshipped the ground she walked on now barely noticed that she was in the room. As for a future between her and Jack, it was Ianto’s constant presence in the Hub and his increasingly important role in Jack’s life finally got the truth through to her, there would never be a place for Gwen in Jack’s heart or in his personal life.


As Jack checked the Rift readouts once again he grinned brightly. “All right kids, it looks to be quiet for the next twenty-four hours, so let’s call it an early night,” Jack declared happily as he clapped his hands together.


Owen and the Doctor left together deep in a talk about something medical. It was no surprise to see Rhys waiting for Andy, tonight he was teaching him all about Rugby. Gwen followed shortly after, her head down as she left the Hub alone. All that was left was Jack, Ianto, Suzie and Tosh.


A rarely seen pout graced Suzie’s face as she watched her girlfriend pay more attention to her work than to her. Here they had a period of very rare free time and Tosh was too focused on her programs to pay any attention to her. ‘That just won’t do.’ A cunning look entered Suzie’s eyes; she would get Tosh’s attention off her work and onto her where it belonged.


Lost in the rhythms of a translation programme, Tosh was startled when two arms wrapped around her and a pair of very familiar lips began creating a trail of kisses across her bare neck. “Tosh, it’s time to put that program to bed and come home so I can ravish you.” Suzie purred into Tosh’s ear and then she nibbled on her lover’s earlobe, just to make sure her point got across.


A cunning smirk spread across Tosh’s face as she saved her work and shut down her computer. “And who says that you’ll be the one doing the ravishing?” she asked turning in Suzie’s arms.


Suzie caught Tosh’s lips in a lustful kiss. “How about we ravish each other?” she questioned once they parted for air.


Tosh’s eyes darkened with lust as she purred in return. “Well then, you’d better get me home and soon.” That was all Suzie needed to hear as she grabbed Tosh’s hand and dragged her out of the Hub.


“Suzie has been touched by darkness hasn’t she?” Ianto asked softly as he and Jack watched from Jack’s office as Suzie dragged a willing Tosh out the door.


“Yes.” Jack answered just as softly as he came to stand behind Ianto, wrapping his arms around the Elf’s waist and pulling Ianto to rest against his body. Jack wasn’t at all surprised that Ianto was sensitive enough to detect the lingering darkness in Suzie. “There was an alien glove that could bring people back from the dead, but what we didn’t know at the time was that it was using Suzie’s own life force to power itself,” Jack admitted sadly.


“Then if that wasn’t bad enough, there was something dead trying to use its connection with her to cross over into our world. We got through to her in time before any real and lasting damage could be done, but the darkness still clings to her.”


The young Elf leaned into Jack’s chest in comfort, clasping his hands over Jack’s. “Suzie is strong and I have faith that she will overcome the darkness that still clings to her. She has Tosh’s love to support her and give her strength, and Elves believe that there’s nothing stronger than the love between two people to promote healing.” Suzie was one of the strongest humans Ianto had met - true, he hadn’t met many but Suzie and Tosh were very strong and Ianto was sure that they would fit well in his world.


“Enough talk about Suzie. We are finally alone and I plan on taking full advantage of it…” Jack growled as he turned Ianto in his arms and claimed his Elf’s lips. “… and of you!” He licked the seam between Ianto’s lips and was rewarded with a breathy sigh from his mate.


As Ianto melted easily and softly into Jack’s arms, neither had ever felt so complete than when they were together. Little did they know of the trouble hiding in the shadows and watching them with malevolent yellow eyes.




On the dark side of the magical veil…

Ortherion had waited long enough and he was not going to wait any more; it was time to claim his lifemate. As High King of the dark Elves Ortherion knew exactly where the barrier was that the kept his world apart from that of the filthy humans. He was also powerful enough, ruthless enough, and deadly enough to take on the fairies, many of whom had already fallen prey to his sword, Daugon. “Soon the blood of that human who dares to take what is mine will darken this blade.” The absolute malicious in his laughter sent shivers of dread through all who heard it followed by a wave of pity for whoever earned Ortherion’s wrath; they would not be among the living for long.




On the light side of the magical veil…

Idhrenniel and Calathiel both shuddered as they were overcome by a sense of pure dread; darkness had just eclipsed all their visions of Ianto’s and Jack’s future.


“Ortherion!” Idhrenniel hissed in anger; she had secretly feared this might happen ever since Ianto had reached adulthood. The dark Elf King had never even attempted to keep his obsessive infatuation with Ianto a secret.


“Can Ortherion cross the barrier, sister?” Worry filled Calathiel voice. She may have lived among the humans for fifty years, but she remembered how dangerous and powerful Ortherion was before she left. Now that he had conquered the dark Elves, she feared that his power had become unstoppable.


Idhrenniel nodded her head. “Not only does he know where the barrier is but his power is great enough to get him through. He is one of the deadliest fighters in all the kingdoms and I doubt even the fairies would be a match for him. Prince Ianto and his lifemate are in grave danger.” Oh, how she wished there was a way to contact Ianto and warn him of the danger but she feared that any warning would be too late. “All we can hope for is that Prince Ianto’s lifemate has claimed him.”


The sisters knew that no matter how strong he was, Ortherion would have no power once Ianto had been physically claimed by his mate, for once an Elf was bonded not even death could break the bond formed between mates. Elves have one lifemate and should they lose their other half, they can never take another. However, an unclaimed Elf could be forced into a claiming, which was exactly what Idhrenniel feared Ortherion would do with Ianto.


Elf law provided that when one Elf’s magic was stronger than another’s, they could force the weaker Elf to submit to them, even it was truly against their will. It was an Elf’s worst nightmare, to be bonded to someone who was not their intended lifemate.


“I know Jack Harkness better than most and when he wants something he goes after it with everything he’s got.” Calathiel tried to reassure her sister. “Even if he hasn’t claimed Ianto yet Ortherion will have a tough fight on his hands. Jack fights for those he loves with all his heart and I know he will move heaven and hell if it means keeping Ianto safe.” Calathiel knew very well that her one time lover gave his whole heart when he loved someone even while knowing the pain that would come when he lost them. Ianto was the other half of Jack’s soul, which meant that Ianto would live as long as Jack did. She knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that nothing would stop Jack from keeping Ianto safe, no matter what it took.


Idhrenniel didn’t look completely convinced. “I hope you’re right, sister, for all our sakes.”




Deep within the Fairy Woods…

“This was almost too easy. I thought you fairies were meant to be tough?” Ortherion sneered down at the broken bodies of the fairies he had defeated as blood dripped off the tip of his sword.


Under his breath Ortherion began to chant a spell that would allow him to track his quarry. His lips curled up into a wicked smirk as he easily found his prey. “You’re making this too easy for me, my dear Ianto.” His dark chuckled filled the woods as he set out to claim what was his. “You could at least pretend to put up a fight!”



On the streets of Cardiff…

Andy could barely contain his body’s shudders as the icy cold grip of the wind chilled him to his very bones. Something felt wrong about the wind, it was bitter and it carried a strange sadness with it.


Rhys noticed Andy’s shiver and fought back his own. “Strange wind tonight; it has an unnatural feel to it.” The Welshman couldn’t help but comment as he tugged up the collar of his coat. On impulse, he took Andy’s hand in his and tucked them both into his coat pocket.


Rhys’ words struck a chord within the Royal guard; Andy stopped in his tracks and opened up his senses, searching the air around them. Faintly, very faintly, he could hear the mournful and angry cries of the fairies and beneath that was a grim warning, ‘Prince Ianto is in danger! The dark one comes for him!’  


Andy’s knees threatened to give out when he heard the fairies dying words, and he snagged Rhys’ arm for support. “We need to find Ianto and Jack, now! They are in grave danger!” Andy knew of only one elf that was powerful and skilled enough to take on the fairies and win; Ortherion was in the world of man which meant they were all in serious trouble.



Humming a song that he’d first heard in the 35th century under his breath, the Doctor was making his way back to the Hub after enjoying a delicious dinner of fish and chips. The TARDIS refused to allow him to cook fish in her kitchen; according to her, the smell lasted for days. Now his belly was full and he was happy, and he was looking forward to sitting and talking with whomever was in the Hub. Normally he hated to stay in one place for too long but this past week he had been enjoying himself. He was surprised how much he had to talk about with Jack, his team and the two Elves, yet despite the peaceful interlude, his little voice was telling him that something very bad was going to happen.


The Time Lord strolled along the quay, enjoying the sea breeze coming in off Cardiff bay. He had to admit that he hadn’t been so relaxed in a very long time, what with good food, good conversation and no one chasing them, so no running and no hiding. Life was good. Suddenly, the silence of the night was broken when a familiar grinding noise filled the air.


“TARDIS! Where have you been?” The Doctor growled under his breath as he approached his ship as she grew more solid and then he stalked through her open doors. “Just who do you think…!”


“There’s no time to waste! Jack and his Elf are in grave danger. We must go now!” The TARDIS didn’t give the Doctor any other warning before she was taking off again, leaving him to cling desperately to the nearest railing.


Fear gripped the Doctor’s hearts; he didn’t need his little voice this time to tell him that they were going to be too late. 




Jack and Ianto’s laughter filled the air as they left the restaurant; they had just enjoyed a romantic dinner and they were slowly making their way back to the Hub. Ianto couldn’t remember the last time he had ever felt so free and so loved; there was something about Jack that touched the very center of Ianto’s heart. ‘This must be how my fathers feel about each other,’ he thought happily. ‘I feel more complete now than I ever have before.’ He reached out and entwined his fingers with Jack’s, earning himself a blinding smile from the man.


Ianto was so caught up in the wonderful web of feelings that Jack brought out in him that he didn’t notice that he had allowed his Elf senses to dull until it was too late.


Holding hands and whispering back and forth, playfully bumping shoulders and hips, Jack and Ianto turned onto the empty Plass never noticing the figure moving seamlessly through the shadows. Seeing that they were the only ones around, Jack took advantage of their privacy and he quickly pinned Ianto against the nearest wall. He’d waited all through dinner for this moment, even through every cell in his body wanted to leap over the table, dinner be damned, and claim what was his.


Now, he gave in to his desire and as he held Ianto in his arms, he discovered he was trembling from wanting so badly to kiss his Elf once again. Their lips drew closer and Ianto let his eyes flutter closed only for them to snap back open as Jack’s body slumped heavily against him.


“Jack?!” Ianto cried out in horror and he was sure his heart stopped beating the moment he spotted the blade poking out of Jack’s chest.


Jack could feel the life slipping away from him as his blood left his body; he could feel it leaving a hot, sticky trail down his chest. Even as he sensed the darkness closing in on him, all he could think about was keeping his beloved Ianto safe and he struggled frantically to stay among the living.


Ianto clutched Jack tightly to him, willing him to stay strong, as he got a good look at their attacker. His heart leapt into his throat as he watched an Elf leave the shadows and step out into the light. “Ortherion? What are you doing here?” Ianto demanded as the raven-haired dark Elf came steadily closer to him and Jack.


“I have come to claim what is mine, young Prince. It’s time to return home, my dear Ianto; you do not belong here among these filthy human mortals.” Ortherion’s eyes narrowed in contempt as Ianto clutched Jack’s dying body closer to him and an evil smile twisted his lips as he watched Ianto try to pull Jack’s weight back away from the other Elf.


“No!” Ianto shook his head. “I belong here with Jack, he is my lifemate. I’m not going anywhere with you.” Ianto knew he was in big trouble; he was a skilled fighter but against someone of Ortherion’s calibre he didn’t stand a snowball’s chance in Elf hell. It was a well-known fact that the dark Elf king had led his forces in some of the bloodiest battles in Elf history, and he had always been victorious. No, there was no doubt about it; Ianto was seriously out matched.


“While your loyalty is commendable, for future reference, you should know that it is not wise to make me angry. It’s a lesson I trust you will learn quickly once we return home. Now come here, Ianto, or I will make sure your dear Jack suffers one horrifying death after another. By the time I am finished with him, there will be nothing left but a broken shell of the man you once loved.” Ortherion growled viciously as he held out his hand to Ianto, an imperious look on his face.


Ianto knew that Ortherion wasn’t making an idle threat; it was a promise. Ianto had heard the stories of Ortherion’s tortures that broke even the strongest of Elf minds and because he loved Jack so very much, there was no way he could allow Jack to suffer that kind of fate. Ianto knew he had no choice, not when he could keep Jack safe. Carefully lowering Jack and himself down to the pavement, Ianto felt his heart shatter in his chest as he brushed a tender kiss across Jack’s cold lips.


“I love you, Jack Harkness, now and forever. Please never forget that and please...” A sob choked Ianto’s voice and he had to swallow several times before he could continue. “I love you, please don’t forget me.” Tears scalded his cheeks and mixed into their last kiss as Ianto forced himself to gently ease Jack’s onto the ground. With one last loving stroke of Jack’s cheek, Ianto moved away from his lifemate and with steps as heavy as his heart, he stepped over to Ortherion’s side.


As the last of his life force slipped from his body, Jack watched in horror as his beloved Ianto was taken from him. With his final breath, Jack made his vow; “I will save you, Ianto, I promise.” ‘No matter what it takes, I am not going to leave my sweet, loving Ianto in the hands of that psycho Elf!’


Ortherion glared coldly down at the man who lay dead at his feet. He prodded Jack’s body none-too-gently with his boot and sneered, “You will fail, immortal, I promise you that. Ianto is mine and I refuse to have him tainted by the likes of you.” Grasping Ianto’s arm in a bruising grip, the two Elves faded into the shadows.


Ianto’s eyes stayed glued to Jack’s motionless body, committing every detail to memory until he could no longer see his lifemate in the darkness. ‘Please, someone find Jack,’ he prayed fervently. ‘I don’t want him to be alone when he wakes up.’

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