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Fic: Melamin Chapter 9/12

Title: Melamin (My Love)
Fandoms: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Suzie/Tosh, Doctor/Martha, Owen/Rhiannon, Rhys/Gwen, Rhys/Andy, arranged Ianto/Martha
Story Summary: Lost in a world he’s only read about, Ianto’s only hope lies with Captain Jack Harkness and his Torchwood team. Together Jack and Ianto must figure out the roles they play in reuniting man and Elf once again.
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Doctor Who
Beta: The amazing royalladyemma
Artist: bookmrm89 see her amazing work here:

Chapter 9


In the dark King’s castle…


“These will be your chambers until our wedding night.” Ortherion opened a set of chamber doors and ushered an uninterested Ianto into a sumptuous suite of rooms.


“There will be no wedding. My heart belongs to Jack and only Jack. I will never be yours.” Ianto snapped at the dark Elf as he ripped his arm free from his grip.


Ortherion grasped Ianto’s chin in a tight grip. “Glare and fight me all you want but soon you will be mine,” he vowed before claiming Ianto’s mouth in a violent kiss, one that ended when Ianto’s fist connected solidly with Ortherion’s cheek. Stumbling back a few feet Ortherion smirked lazily at Ianto. “Feisty, I like that in a mate.” His feigned good humour disappeared completely from his face as he lunged at Ianto. Pinning him against the wall he wrapped his hand around Ianto’s throat and tightened his grip, cutting off the younger Elf’s air. “But if you ever strike me again it will be the last thing you ever do.” He followed his threaten with a second kiss before releasing his grip on Ianto and letting him fall to the ground.


Ianto stayed where he was, waiting until he heard Ortherion leave the room, slamming and locking the door behind him, before he let a single tear fall down his cheeks. He wrapped his arms around himself and rocked back against the wall in despair. “Please come for me soon, Jack.” Ianto pleaded softly. “I would sooner choose death then be forced into becoming Ortherion’s mate.”


Jack was used to not sleeping at night, but this night it was going to be even rougher. In the short time that Ianto had been with him, Jack had gotten used to having Ianto sleeping at his side. At first it had been a challenge for Jack to share his bed with Ianto; it had been much too long since he’d slept with someone just to actually sleep. It was especially difficult when he could feel every luscious inch of the Elf’s body pressed intimately against his own. It had taken all of his willpower and many, many frigidly cold showers to stop Jack from ravishing Ianto. Every time he laid his eyes on his gorgeous Elf the need to possess his lifemate become more and more powerful.


But now as he lay alone and lonely in the big empty bed in Ianto’s chambers he found himself surrounded by Ianto’s scent. Jack rolled over and clutched Ianto’s pillow to his chest, and he inhaled deeply he felt the ache in his heart grow. ‘I miss Ianto so much; without him, I’m not whole anymore.’ “I will save you, Ianto, I promise. I love you so much,” he whispered into the empty air as he curled himself around the pillow, breathing in Ianto’s scent and ignoring a few tears that leaked out onto the pillow.




Rhiannon tightened her grip on Martha’s hand and felt the female Elf cling just as tightly to her. Tension and worry filled the silent air of the room. Her father, Calanon, and the Doctor had convinced Jack to rest. Jack had refused saying he was fine, but everyone could see the toll Ianto’s kidnapping was taking on the immortal. Luckily, Jack caved when Calathiel and Tosh begged him to get some rest to recover from dying earlier.


Logically, he knew that he was being foolish to refuse the rest his body desperately needed; if he had any hope of getting Ianto back, he had to be at his best when he challenged Ortherion. As it turned out, Jack could not say no to combined efforts of woman and Elf, and he finally agreed to allow the Doctor and Calanon to escort him to a room where he could rest. He realised that they were putting him in Ianto’s chambers the moment he walked in and breathed in the scent of his lifemate.


Rhiannon noticed that Tosh’s gaze never left the door, and she wondered if there was a special connection between the Japanese woman and the man who they now knew was actually the last of the legendary Time Lords. Because Rhiannon was watching Tosh she noticed the change in Tosh’s body posture seconds before the computer tech shot to her feet and moved over to greet the returning Doctor and Calanon.


“Is Jack going to be all right? Where is he?” Tosh demanded as she practically pounced on the Doctor and Calanon the moment they were through the doors.


Calanon chuckled; he found Tosh adorable and he was amazed to see such loyalty to her friends in a mortal. “We put Jack in Ianto’s room with the hopes that being surrounded by Ianto’s scent would be enough to keep the Captain calm and let him get a good night’s rest.”


A sad smile graced Tosh’s face as she shook her head. “The only thing that will calm Jack down is having Ianto in his arms again, but you’re right that probably is the next best thing. You know, I’ve never seen Jack with anyone the way he is with Ianto; they truly are the other half of each others souls, and they were incomplete without one another.”


When she finished speaking, she was engulfed in a warm hug from Calanon. “Thank you, Toshiko Sato. You may be human, but you have the romantic soul of an Elf,” he told her.


‘I can’t even imagine the kind of pain and suffering they are going through being parted from one another like this.’ Tosh’s heart went completely out to her friends.


Suzie had also been watching Tosh, and when she saw the sadness in her lover’s eyes, she immediately crossed the distance between them and wrapped her arms around Tosh in a comforting embrace. “The Jack Harkness I know will not rest until he has Ianto back. What they don’t need right now is us worrying about them; what they do need is our support and our heads in the game making sure that we have all our bases covered. That way, if anything goes wrong, it will already have been thought of and taken cared of by us. There can be no mistakes tomorrow.” Suzie quickly took control.


Owen snorted as he crossed his arms. “Well, count me in; there’s no way I’m going to put up with a sulking and moody Jack, not again. Elf-Boy makes him happier than I have ever seen him and a happy Jack makes for a very happy workplace where a very happy Owen gets away with shit.”


The females of Torchwood Three all shook their heads at Owen’s oh-so-typical response; it was perfectly Owen. However there was someone else in the room who saw things a bit differently. “You like my brother!” Rhiannon stated, chortling with glee.


Owen immediately whirled around and scowled at the female Elf. “I do not! That’s a bold face lie and everyone knows it! I demand you take that back right now!” Owen snarled getting in Rhiannon’s face.


Sensing things might get ugly, the Doctor crossed the distance, gently took Martha by the arm and moved her out of the path of the upcoming fireworks. Neither Elf nor Time Lord could ever deny the spin-tingling spark that zapped it’s way through them at the innocent touch.


Completely unimpressed with Owen’s verbal attack, Rhiannon crossed her arms and stared at him with pure amusement dancing in her eyes. “I most certainly will not. I don’t know how it is in human world, but here everyone can see past your façade of the non-caring bastard. You like my brother and Jack and you want them to get their happy ending. You’re really a romantic under all that snark.”


Owen looked like he swallowed the nastiest thing imaginable while everyone else fought to contain their laughter.


“She’s got you there, Owen.” Suzie couldn’t contain her guffaw of laughter any longer and she had to lean against Tosh to stay upright as she lost her battle with laughter. She and Tosh had long figured that Owen was hiding his pain of losing Katie behind a mask of sarcasm and a new willing body each night. Only those who really knew Owen Harper could see his sensitive side that he kept buried very, very deeply. Suzie caught Tosh’s eyes and they shared a knowing look; if Rhiannon could see the real Owen then maybe she could be the key to Owen finally moving on and finding happiness once again.


Nostalion and Calanon both raised their eyebrows to the point they disappeared beneath their hairline. While Rhiannon had no problem letting family and friends know what was on her mind, it was rare for her to do so with a stranger. Perhaps Ianto was not the only one who was destined to find their mate among mankind.


Owen’s eyes narrowed as Rhiannon just smiled sweetly at him; he ignored the leaping of his heart as he argued with the spirited woman. It really surprised him that he was able to ignore how completely alive this unusual woman made him feel; it was something he hadn’t been since he’d lost Katie. “You’re fooling yourself if you think I’m anything but a bastard.” He refused to feel love again; it only led to unimaginable hurt.


Rhiannon’s heart softened as she felt the misery pouring off Owen in waves. “No, you are not! I refuse to believe that you are nothing more than a bastard. There is a heart underneath all your snark, a heart that’s been badly hurt and now you’re afraid to open your heart again, to love, because you’re afraid you’re going to lose them just like you lost your lover.” She placed her hand on Owen’s arm and felt it trembling against her touch.


Owen hated her; he hated how easily she could see past his carefully constructed mask, how she could read him like a book, but most importantly he hated how she was making him feel as though he was worthy of being loved again.


“I hate to interrupt, but don’t we have some planning to do?” Rhys asked shifting uncomfortably, and in that moment Owen would have kissed the other man if Andy wasn’t hovering protectively at his side.


“Rhys is right; we have things to do,” Rhiannon agreed as she removed her hand off of Owen’s arm but as she turned away, she sent him a look that clearly said they were not done with this conversation.


With everyone so focused on the Rhiannon/Owen moment no one noticed when Idhrenniel snuck out; she had something important to get, something that would give Jack an edge over Ortherion.



A gentle hand wiped the wet tears from Ianto’s cheek. It broke the TARDIS’ heart to see her beautiful Elf in so much pain. A golden hand ran through Ianto’s hair in a soothing touch as she whispered softly in his ear, “Sleep soundly, my dear Ianto; you will not be parted from Jack for much longer. I will be here by your side until your dashing hero arrives.” The TARDIS smiled as she saw Ianto relax in his sleep and she settled in to watch over the young Prince.


Ianto and Jack were both suffering at being apart but Jack had his friends and family around him; her dear Ianto was all alone and needed her. She would keep him safe until Jack arrived to save the day.


Her eyes darkened with pure protectiveness; Ortherion would have to go through her to get to Jack’s heart and her elf.



Morning came far too soon for some and not soon enough for Jack. He was up at the crack of dawn ready to go and rescue his Ianto. On his way to the great hall Jack met up with Nostalion and Calanon; it was easy to see that they had gotten about as much rest as he did.


Calanon offered his son’s mate a small smile. “Did you get any sleep last night, Captain?” He asked amazed to see that Jack seemed completely and totally rested when he doubted the man had actually managed to sleep at all.


Jack shrugged his shoulders. “A little, mostly due to my earlier death; going without sleep doesn’t really bother me all that much. I can fully function for days with no sleep and I know it won’t interfere with my performance today.” Jack hastened to reassure them with a smile.


“Or you couldn’t sleep because Ianto was not there to lay claim to his side of the bed and it was surprisingly big, cold and empty.” Nostalion’s voice cut in and Jack couldn’t help but blush at the knowing look in Ianto’s father’s eyes.


Sheepishly Jack rubbed the back of his neck. “Yeah, that would be the real reason.” When he saw the protective look that narrowed the King’s eyes, Jack hastened to explain. “I can assure you that nothing happened between Ianto and me; this last week gave us the chance to get to know one another before we became intimate, and yes, we shared a bed but I give you my word as an officer and a gentleman that all we did was sleep.”


Jack’s jaw dropped as Nostalion threw his head back and let out a huge belly laugh and Calanon let out a few chuckles of his own as he patted the stunned immortal on the shoulder. “We know nothing happened between you and Ianto; it is the custom in our world that until they are married, Elves do not have sexual relationships,” Calanon informed Jack with a friendly yet paternal smile.


Jack stared at the two kings and a tiny whimper escaped his lips at the mere thought that he couldn’t make love to his Elf until they were married. “And how long does a typical Elf engagement last?” Jack asked with morbid curiosity.


A wicked gleam appeared in Nostalion’s eyes as he cheerfully informed the immortal, “A year.” Again, Calanon laid a comforting hand on Jack’s shoulder as he nodded in agreement with his husband.


Jack choked on nothing. ‘A year? I have to wait an entire bloody year to make Ianto mine? So not happening!’ Jack thought and a determined gleam entered his eyes. “Well, I hate to tell you, but Ianto and I will be getting married right after I kick Ortherion’s arse!” Jack informed them before turning on his heel and stalking away, his greatcoat billowing out behind him.


Nostalion and Calanon smiled as they watched Jack leave. “I think we could bend the rules just this once, don’t you agree?” Calanon asked as he leaned into his husband’s side.


“I guess so, just this once, but Rhiannon will have to wait the year till she can marry that snarky medic she seems smitten with.” Nostalion agreed with a petulant look on his face. “I will not have people thinking my only daughter is easy.”


Calanon brushed a kiss across his husband’s lips pouting. “Thank you, Melamin.”


Nostalion’s face softened as he kissed his husband back. “You have to know that I could never truly refuse you or our children anything.” The next moment the soft king was gone and in his place was the warrior king who fought and won many wars. “Now, I think it’s time we go rescue our son from Ortherion.”




Morning came all too soon for Ianto. As his eyes slowly opened he shot up in bed. “I thought I just dreamed of you!” he told the golden figure sitting on the edge of his bed.


The TARDIS smiled gently at her young Elf. “Hello, Ianto, I hope you don’t mind that I stopped in for a visit?” she asked him with a small tinkling laugh.


“Not at all!” Ianto looked at her with hope brightening his eyes. “Can you get me out of here?”


The TARDIS shook her head sadly and reached out to touch his hand. “I am sorry, Ianto, I can’t do that. It is Jack’s destiny to save you. I’m just here to support you and keep you company, and to prevent Ortherion from gaining access to your room.” The TARDIS happily informed him. “He cannot be trusted, Ianto. You must be on guard at all times.”


Ianto blinked at her. “And if you don’t mind me asking, how do you plan on doing that?” he asked with an adorably confused look on his face. “He has access to some very powerful dark magic.”


“Ianto, I am time itself, and no Elf magic can compete against me. Your room is surrounded by a time lock that will not open until I deem it so.” The TARDIS happily informed him. “You will be safe here until your mate arrives to claim you.”


A slow, joyful smile spread across Ianto’s face as he joined the TARDIS in laughter. ‘Jack is coming for me!’




After some heated discussions, it had been decided that the Doctor would take Jack, Kings Nostalion and Calanon, Andy and Owen in the TARDIS to Ortherion’s land to make sure they got there before Ortherion got enough strength to perform the spell. As the Doctor studied the controls of his ship something felt off. He looked around the console room with concerned curiosity. ‘What are you up to, old girl?’


“Jack, before you go, wear this.” Idhrenniel stopped Jack before he could step into the TARDIS and placed an amulet in Jack’s hands.


Jack lifted up the amulet and peered at its face, and then nearly dropped it in shock when he saw the silhouette of a panther reflected back at him. “How…?” He had never told anyone that he had the blood of a panther shifter in him. Not even Ianto knew the secret of his lineage.


Idhrenniel gave him a mysterious smile. “I know everything, Jack; now trust me, you will need it. When the time is right, let the panther out.” She patted Jack on the cheek before stepping away from him.


Jack barely had a moment to dwell on Idhrenniel’s gift before he was engulfed in a tight hug by Tosh. “Don’t worry, Tosh, I’ll be back before you know it and I will bring Ianto with me. Which reminds me, think you and the others could pull together a wedding ceremony by the time we get back?” Jack asked with a sly tone.


Tosh pulled away and looked at Jack with shock in her eyes. “Are you serious?” She knew Jack was impulsive but this was bold even for him.


Jack nodded his head. “Very serious. Ianto is the one and I am not risk anyone else stealing my mate away.”


Tosh couldn’t help but be in awe at how truly and deeply Jack had fallen for Ianto. “Alright, leave it to us! We’ll have something amazing planned by the time you get back with Ianto.” Tosh declared with a smile as ideas beginning to form in her head.


Jack beamed at Tosh. “I knew I could count on you.” He pressed a kiss onto her forehead before releasing her and with one final wave to the others he joined inside the TARDIS.

As the TARDIS faded from sight, Suzie joined Tosh. “What was that all about?” she asked her girlfriend.


Tosh shrugged her shoulders. “Oh, nothing much; Jack just asked me to plan a small wedding for when he returns with Ianto.” She rather enjoyed the gob-smacked looks that appeared on everyone’s faces. 


“Well then, it’s clear that Jack has no plans to lose and every reason to win, so let’s get planning.” Rhiannon declared with clap of her hands and there was a wicked gleam in her eyes that had Martha groaning. She knew that look all too well; ‘Looks like we’re going to be dealing with the Warlord of parties’.



Suiauthon followed behind his lord as they made their way towards Prince Ianto’s guest chambers. The warrior couldn’t say that he completely agreed with Ortherion’s plans to force Ianto to be his mate. In the Elf world, forcing someone to be your mate was tantamount to murder; you were sentencing them to a horribly long and painfully slow death. Forced to live without the love of their true lifemate, a trapped Elf would simply wither away and die. It was an ugly way to go and Suiauthon wouldn’t wish it on his worst enemy.


Even though Suiauthon didn’t know much about Ianto, he did know that Ianto did not deserve such a fate. The silver-haired general gazed at his lord’s back and wished the Elf king could see what he sought had been with him all along and it was not and never would be found in Ianto.


As they neared Ianto’s chambers the hairs on the backs of their necks stood on end and they looked at one another. There was something mysterious in the air, something extremely old, never ending and very powerful. It took them only a moment to realise that even though they kept walking, they were getting no closer to Ianto’s chambers. Whatever it was that they were sensing, it was very effective in keeping them away from Ianto.


Ortherion was growing more and more angry with every step he took. Something was keeping him from getting into Ianto’s chambers; it felt like time but he knew of no Elf that could access much less use such incredible power. His eyes shone with rage. “This won’t keep me away for long; Ianto is rightfully mine!” he snarled viciously before turning on his heel and leaving.


Suiauthon lingered behind a few moments, his eyes filled with sudden understanding and wisdom. ‘Keep him safe, Lady of Time.’ He gave Ianto’s chambers doors a knowing glance before following after his retreating lord.


Inside Ianto’s temporary chambers, the TARDIS tilted her head in curiosity. ‘Well, I hadn’t counted on that.’ The TARDIS had no idea that there was another Elf, other than Idhrenniel and Ianto, with the ability to figure out who she was.


Ianto glanced at the TARDIS with worried eyes. “How long can you keep him out?” He followed her gaze to the door.


The TARDIS waved away Ianto’s concern. “For all his big talk Ortherion has no power against me. I am time and I am able to keep us in this time lock until the very end of time, but that won’t be necessary. I promise you we’ll only stay here until Jack comes to challenge Ortherion.” She reached out and stroked Ianto’s cheek affectionately. “I give you my word that I’ll keep you safe until Jack arrives which…”


She cocked her head slightly and appeared to be listening to something Ianto couldn’t detect. “…Should be at any moment now.” She could sense her Doctor and the piece of her own vortex in Jack getting closer. “Ortherion is in for a rude surprise when he gets to his great hall.” She gave Ianto a wickedly mischievous smile which Ianto couldn’t help but return. He felt his heart leap with joy and his smile became sweet and tender; Jack was coming for him.

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