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Fic: Melamin Chapter 10/12

Title: Melamin (My Love)
Fandoms: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Suzie/Tosh, Doctor/Martha, Owen/Rhiannon, Rhys/Gwen, Rhys/Andy, arranged Ianto/Martha
Story Summary: Lost in a world he’s only read about, Ianto’s only hope lies with Captain Jack Harkness and his Torchwood team. Together Jack and Ianto must figure out the roles they play in reuniting man and Elf once again.
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Doctor Who
Beta: The amazing royalladyemma
Artist: bookmrm89 see her amazing work here:

Chapter 10


In the great hall of the dark king…

Falathiel and Erdolliel stared open-mouthed in shock at the strange blue box that had appeared from nowhere and now stood in the middle of the great hall. Out of that six men standing in front of it, they knew only three, and they also knew that the situation had to be very serious if High Kings Nostalion and Calanon were in person.


Nostalion levelled his glare at the two female warriors. “Where is Prince Ianto? Ortherion has no claim to my son and I demand he be returned to us, now!” Nostalion’s voice had risen to a veritable roar at the end.


“I’m afraid I can’t do that. Ianto is to be my lifemate.” Ortherion entered the room and sneered coolly at his royal counterpart.


Jack bristled at the claim on Ianto. “I think not; Ianto is my lifemate and I will not allow you to strip him of his free will and force him into a loveless marriage that will kill his spirit and ultimately him.” Jack snarled pushing his way forward to stand at the front of the group.


Ortherion raised an eyebrow at the sight of the man he so thoroughly enjoyed killing the day before. “So you really are the man made immortal by time’s gift? It matters not; I will not stand by and let the likes of you marry Ianto and taint the Elf bloodline. Even a fool such as your self can see that I am clearly the much better choice for him.” Ortherion looked at Jack as if were something on the bottom of his shoe and then with a snort of derision, dismissed the immortal like he was nothing.


“My son did not chose you, Ortherion, he chose Jack. Even you know that it is against every Elf laws since the beginning of tome to force someone to become your mate.” Calanon spoke quietly but firmly, not noticing the way Nostalion winced at his words. The king was remembering how he wanted – no, how he had nearly forced – Ianto to marry Martha simply to unite their kingdom. With a heavy heart, he realised that he was no better than Ortherion by taking away Ianto’s choice of who he should marry.


Calanon squeezed Nostalion’s hand as if he could hear his negative thoughts before continuing on. “Ianto has made it clear that his heart belongs to Jack Harkness and no one else. You will release Ianto or you will face Jack in a duel.” Calanon declared, his eyes daring Ortherion to refuse.


A highly amused smirk graced Ortherion’s face. “Then a duel we shall have and the winner wins Prince Ianto as their lifemate, whether it makes him happy or not.”


Jack glared daggers at the dark Elf. “Ianto is not some prize to be fought over and takes all! He is free to make his own choices. Whether or not he marries me is entirely up to him, but I will fight for my mate’s freedom.”


“You really think you, a lowly human, can win against me?” Ortherion let out a small laugh at that idea. He turned to his general and issued his orders. “Suiauthon, go collect Ianto so he may witness my prowess as I once again bring about the immortal’s death.”


Suiauthon bowed. “As you wish, sire.” The general left swiftly, wondering if the Lady of Time would grant him access to Prince Ianto.


The Doctor watched the silver-haired Elf leave the hall; he knew that there was something different about that particular Elf but he just couldn’t put his finger on it. For some odd reason he could sense the TARDIS herself within the castle walls. ‘What are you up to, old girl?’



“Jack is here.” The TARDIS informed Ianto as she released the time lock around Ianto’s room.


Hope shone brightly in Ianto’s eyes and he quickly got to his feet, anxious to hold Jack in his arms again. Even though his mind knew that Jack was immortal, his heart still needed him to see with his own eyes that Jack was alive and well.


It warmed the TARDIS’ heart to feel how deeply the love that Ianto held for her dear Jack flowed through the young Elf. “Your escort will be here soon, you can trust him.” She bent forward and pressed a kiss onto Ianto’s forehead.


“You’re leaving?” Ianto asked her sadness in his voice. “Please, won’t you stay?”


The TARDIS tenderly smiled at him. “I have to go for now, but I will always be with you. Don’t you think I won’t stop by and visit once and a while. I can’t wait to meet yours and Jack’s children; I know that they’re going to be beautiful.” Just as the chamber doors opened and her golden form faded from sight, Ianto could hear her giggling at the blush that painted Ianto’s cheeks a delicate pink.


Ianto stiffened warily as he watched Suiauthon enter. Everyone knew of the general’s reputation as a cunning and deadly warrior, but to Ianto’s surprise the general merely offered him a sad smile. “I have come to collect you.”


“I’m not going anywhere until I see Jack Harkness.” Prince Ianto hid his nervousness by assuming his well-honed royal persona.


With difficulty, the general managed to hide his smile; Ianto reminded him so much of Ortherion when he was still a young Elf, untouched by the darkness that ruled his soul. “I am here as your escort. You’re going to be a witness to the duel between Lord Ortherion and your chosen one.” At Suiauthon’s words Ianto was sure his heart actually stopped for a few beats.



Jack was growing more and more anxious the longer it took for Ianto to get there. The beast within him was being to stir with the need to know his mate was safe and sound. He needed to see Ianto, to talk to him, to hold him in his arms again. The doors to the great hall opened and instantly the air was filled with Ianto’s scent. Jack didn’t even notice that he had moved until he found himself wrapping his arms tightly around Ianto. With a joyful leap of his heart he buried his nose in Ianto’s neck and inhaled deeply, breathing in his lifemate’s delicious Elf scent.


Ianto clung gratefully to Jack’s strong body as he too breathed in his beloved exotic human scent. “You’re alive, you’re really alive!” Ianto whispered as he tried to fight back the tears that wanted to fall but try as he might, Jack still felt a few hot drops on his neck. Despite his brave words to the TARDIS, there was still a very small part of him that had feared that when Ortherion stabbed him in the heart, Jack had truly been lost to him.


It broke Jack’s heart to hear the pain and worry in Ianto’s voice. “It’s all right; I’m here now, Ianto, and I am never leaving you again, I swear,” he vowed as he kissed the top of Ianto’s head.


“Enough!” Ortherion thundered. “You have no right to touch Ianto like that!” The dark Elf had had enough of the sickening reunion between his Ianto and the disgusting human.


Deliberately ignoring Ortherion’s obvious outrage, Ianto pressed his lips against Jack’s in a lingering kiss. “For luck,” he whispered as he gently stroked the side of his mate’s face.


“Stay close to your fathers, Ianto; if Ortherion tries anything we’re ready.” Jack whispered against Ianto’s lips as he forced himself to let go of his Elf.


“Jack, be careful.” Ianto pleaded with him softly. “Please?”


Jack’s eyes softened as he flashed Ianto a winning smile. “I will be. Besides, everyone knows that the dashing hero always wins and gets the guy, or in this case the Elf, in the end.”


The two forced themselves to part as Ianto moved towards his fathers, Owen and the Doctor while Jack and Andy, who was going to act as his second, moved to meet Ortherion and Suiauthon in the middle of the floor.


Falathiel stepped between the two fighters. “The fight will only end when one opponent surrenders, is no longer physically able to fight or is dead. There will be no outside interference of any kind. This is a one-on-one fight for the right to court and marry Prince Ianto.” She explained the rules as Suiauthon handed Ortherion his sword.


As Andy handed Jack his sword he whispered. “Do you know how to swordfight?”


“It’s been a while but I am full trained to use a sword.” The Time Agency had made sure that all their agents knew how to use the different weapons of all species; policy dictated that they weren’t allowed on missions until they were deadly with each and every weapon.


“Good luck.” Andy patted Jack on the back as he stepped backwards as did Suiauthon and Falathiel.


“I will be the winner of this battle and Ianto will be mine. I guess I could keep you as a pet; I believe I would enjoy seeing the look on your face every time you are reminded of what you lost whenever you see Ianto and me together.” Ortherion taunted as they circled one another.


Jack’s eyes narrowed. “Ianto is not a piece of meat for us to fight over. Ianto will never be yours; he is the other half of my heart as I am his. No matter what happens we will always find our way to each other.”


Their eyes met and dangerous sparks flew as their swords clashed against one another. There was no quarter given; this was a fight neither one was willing to lose. Ianto could only watch with growing worry as Jack fought Ortherion; surprisingly enough, Jack was evenly matched with Ortherion and so there was no clear-cut winner as the battle raged on.


Eriathwen moved through the great hall being careful to remain in the shadows; the dagger clutched in her hands felt heavy and awkward but she knew in her heart what she had to do to ensure that Lord Ortherion lost. She did not do this for Ianto or the mortal but for Suiauthon; she had seen the way her master looked at her lord and it was clear that he was in love with Lord Ortherion. It didn’t matter if Lord Ortherion won or was killed, Eriathwen knew that Suiauthon would never recover. Taking a deep breath she steadied her will, raised her blade and lunged forward.


Despite Ianto’s intense focus on the battle, something out of the corner of his eye caught his attention. Reluctantly, he turned away from watching Jack to see a figure hidden behind one of the columns. Ianto saw light glinting off the blade of the dagger as the female Elf raised it over her head and rushed out of her hiding place.


Ianto’s eye widened in horror as he realised that her target was Jack. He knew that if Jack was forced to turn away from the duel in order to deal with her then it would give Ortherion the opening he needed to kill him. Ianto didn’t think about the consequences of his actions, he just reacted on instinct. He had to save his lifemate.


It was the shocking smell of Ianto’s blood suddenly hanging thickly in the air and his gut-wrenching cry of pain that sent Jack whirling around just in time to see Ianto stumbling backwards, a dagger embedded in his shoulder. Jack forgot about the fight and his sword hit the marble floor with a loud clang. Crossing the distance between them in three long strides, he caught Ianto’s stumbling form just before he collapsed. “Owen!” he shouted without looking around, his hand putting pressure on the wound. “Are you okay?” Jack’s blue eyes were filled with worry.


Ianto winced slightly as he nodded. “I doubt she hit anything vital, it’s clear that she’s never handled a weapon before. I’ll be fine, Melamin, go win this fight.” Ianto pressed a kiss against Jack’s lips pouring all the love he felt for his lifemate into it.


“Jack!” Owen tugged at his leader’s shoulder. “Get out of the way!” The medic dropped to his knees beside Ianto and opened his kit.


Jack returned the kiss with the same amount of love that Ianto was giving him before reluctantly moving away. As he stood up, the amulet around his neck hummed and he felt the animal within him awaken. The effects were instantaneous and primal; his mate was hurt and someone was trying to claim what was rightfully his!


Jack turned away from Ianto and with a roar felt his body shift and change. It felt like the transformation took forever but it was complete within a matter of seconds. Looking up past Owen, Ianto could only stare in awe as he saw in place of Jack’s human form there now stood a massive black panther. Beneath his sleek black fur his muscles bulged and his blue eyes glowed with hatred. As he snarled ferociously at Ortherion, his long fangs glistened in the light.


The panther stalked forward, his strong muscles rippling with each graceful movement Jack made. Ortherion watched with wary eyes waiting for the mighty creature to make his move. He didn’t have to wait very long.


A vicious snarl filled the air as Jack lunged for Ortherion and suddenly the battle was sharpened steel verses claws and teeth.


Owen grumbled as he tended to Ianto’s wound. “I thought no outside interference was allowed. So shouldn’t Ortherion have lost the duel by default?”


Calanon, who had rushed over to kneel by his son and hold his hand, nodded his head. “Ortherion has lost this duel but this is now much more primal than a mere duel. This is about Jack protecting his injured mate and making sure that Ortherion understands that he will kill to keep Ianto safe.” The blond king informed Owen as he tenderly brushed Ianto’s fringe back.


Upon hearing his father’s words, Ianto bit his lower lip. He did not want Jack to kill for him; all he wanted was to go home and become Jack’s mate. He struggled to sit up, only to be held in place by both Calanon and Owen. “Can’t you stop him?” Ianto begged the Doctor.


The Doctor shook his head sadly. “I’m afraid that you are the only one who may have any chance at stopping Jack, but there is no way we are letting you get in the middle of that.” The Doctor glanced over at the combatants and winced as Jack’s sharp teeth sank into Ortherion’s shoulder and it looked to the Time Lord that Jack might even rip the Elf’s arm off.


Jack never got the chance to maim the Elf as a sword swished through the air barely missing Jack’s ear. “Release him!” Suiauthon ordered, the point of his sword was pressed into the panther’s throat, at the ready to attack Jack again should he not let go. Jack and Suiauthon’s eyes never left one another but Jack clearly saw something shining in Suiauthon’s eyes that he understood. He released his hold on Ortherion and let the dark Elf fall to the floor with a thud.


Suiauthon immediately moved to stand between the snarling Jack and the seriously injured Ortherion. “I have no right to ask you this but spare him, please.” The silver-haired general pleaded with Jack as he now pressed a cloth against his own lifemate’s wound. “He has lost the battle and I will make sure that he honours the deal.” He promised.


It was clear to all that Suiauthon was no threat to Jack, and the immortal easily recognised he was simply an Elf protecting his injured mate, just as Jack had done moments before. Jack nodded his head silently before backing up and returning to his injured Ianto.


Nostalion stepped forward and addressed the room. “Jack has spared Ortherion when he didn’t have to; he had every right to take his opponent’s life. Instead, he chose mercy over revenge.” He turned to Suiauthon. “Remind your lord of that fact and inform him that if he ever comes near my son again I will finish what Jack has started here today.”


The panther settled down next to his mate and carefully laid one huge paw on his arm. Ianto let out a small delighted laugh as Jack nuzzled his big fury head against Ianto’s cheek. “I like this new look; think you can stay like all strong and hairy for a while?” Ianto teased Jack, his eyes twinkling with merriement.


Jack let out a deep sigh of pure contentment as he shifted back to his human form and a wicked gleam appeared in beautiful blue eyes. “So you do have a kinky side. I can’t wait for our honeymoon!” Jack winked at Ianto and gave him such an exaggerated leer that Ianto couldn’t help but laugh.


Ianto shifted so he could rest against Jack’s body. “Do you think you can wait an entire year to find out just how kinky I can get?” He knew there was no way he wanted to wait a year to be with Jack.


A excited snort escaped Jack. “Who said anything about waiting a year? We’re getting married the moment we get back to the castle!” Jack informed him joyfully and he loved the flabbergasted look on Ianto’s face. Climbing to his feet Jack, very carefully helped his Elf off the floor, being mindful of Ianto’s wound as he wrapped his arm around the young Elf’s waist. “All right, everybody, let’s get a move on! You don’t want Ianto and I to be late for our own ceremony, now do you?” Jack grinned wickedly at the assembled group.


Andy stepped forward. “As Prince Ianto’s royal bodyguard it is my duty to inform you that it is my royal duty to remove your head should you break the heart of my Prince. So I will ask you this only once, Captain Jack Harkness. Do you love Ianto enough to spend all eternity with him and only him?” Andy growled with his hand resting on the hilt of his sword.


Jack didn’t look at Andy as he gave his answer; he kept his eyes fixed lovingly on Ianto, “Yes.”


Andy’s stance relaxed immediately and a smile spread across his face. “Good. I would hate to kill you.” He’d been only half-serious with his threat as he patted Jack on the shoulder and went into the TARDIS. All he wanted was to get back to Rhys.


Jack’s gaze went to Suiauthon and Ortherion. “Do you think they’ll keep their promise?” He didn’t fully trust either of them.


“Ortherion is too blind to notice what has been right in front of him for years. He seeks a mate, someone to love who will love him in return, but he doesn’t see that Suiauthon has loved him all long.” Ianto explained as he allowed Jack to help him into the TARDIS.


“I really don’t care what happens between them just as long as he remembers that you’re mine and I’m yours.” Jack tightened his grip around Ianto’s waist and pulled in close; he loved his beautiful Elf more than anything in the world.


Once they were all safely inside, the TARDIS slammed her doors shut and then she was off; she was not about to let Jack and Ianto be late to a ceremony that would forever change the course of human history.


Suiauthon watched them go with a happy, knowing and grateful look in his eye. “Be happy and have no fear; Ortherion will keep his word. Ianto is safe. Perhaps we were wrong about man, the loyalty Jack has for Ianto is as deep as any Elf’s for their mate.” His soft, murmur was comforting to his lord’s ears as he carefully lifted Ortherion into his arms and exited the hall, seeking help for his injured lord.

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