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Fic: Cut's so deeply Chapter 1/11

Title: Cut’s so deeply

Fandom: Torchwood

Pairings: Jack/Ianto and others to be announced

Summary: A post ‘meat’ fic. When a star gives it heart way it is forever. When a star heart is broken their light goes out. Within one moment Jack broke Ianto heart, now Tosh and Luna must help Jack fix his mistake, before he lose Ianto forever.

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Gwen bashing, Gwack bashing.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, if I did we would have had Janto in the first episode and there would be no such thing as Gwack. I do own Luna Dusk and all other future Original Characters.

Author Notes: This story idea can from watching ‘Stardust’ one too many times.


Chapter 1

It was if a thousand knives shot threw his chest all at once. He couldn’t breath; it was as if all the air had been sucked out of his lungs. In this vey moment he was sure he felt his heart break.


He couldn’t take it any more, everything hurt. His body batter and bruised and his heart lay in shatter pieces. He need to get out, watching Jack brood over Gwen was killing him.


At least now he knows Owen is right, he is nothing but part time shag, something to warm Jack bed till he could get who he really wanted.


Suddenly the hub became too small; he couldn’t catch his breath he needs to get out. A small, female hand landed on his arm. Looking over he met soft, caring eyes. “Ianto are you alright?” Tosh gentle voice washed over him. Shaken his head he didn’t bother to put on a fake smile, she would see right threw it. “I need to go Tosh. I can’t stay here, not now.” He whispered in a choked up voice as a single tear escaped his eyes. With the most gentle of care Tosh wiped it away. “I understand Ianto. If you need anything call me.” Tosh order gentle. “Thank you Tosh.” Hugging her gentle, Ianto grabbed his jacket and left the hub. And Jack never noticed.


Not trusting himself to drive, Ianto found himself walking. Instead of going home he found himself heading towards the one person who can help. The one person Jack didn’t know about.

Arriving at the small house, a sense of coming home washed over him. Reaching the front door he knocked, resting his aching body against the side. Almost immediately the door opens.

.Icy blue eyes widen at the sight of the injured man. “Ianto, come in. I must tend to your wounds.” The soft female voice washed over him, soothing his hearting soul. “Luna, it hurts.” He whispered in heart breaking tone. And Luna knew he wasn’t talking about his aching ribs. Reaching for him she supported as much of his taller frame her small form would allow.

Ianto sighed as the soft, silkily locks of light blond hair brushed against his cheek. Been in Luna arms eased his injures and soothed his bleeding heart. If only things had been different between them. If only they had been truly meant to be, maybe he wouldn’t be suffering this pain.

With Luna help he manages to make it to her couch. “Stay here; I’ll go get my kit.” She brushed his cheek as she left the room. Ianto let his gaze wonder around the room. Pictures of the night sky hung upon the silver blue walls, above the roaring fireplace a mantle filled with pictures of times gone by. Mixed into them were pictures of him and Luna, one very special picture right in the middle for all to see. He had the same picture but it was hidden away in his closet, it was something he didn’t want Jack to see not yet and maybe after today maybe never.

Footsteps alerted Ianto to Luna return and he finale got a good look at her. Dressed in simple blue jeans and a red sweater, her light blond hair pulled into a low ponytail; lose strands framing her oval creamy coloured face, her face free of make-up showing off her natural beauty. Reaching his side she set out to heal his wounds.

Looking up at him she meets his eyes. “Ianto tell me what’s wrong? I can feel it, there are more than just these physic injures.” Luna asked in her gentle tone. Ianto could never hide anything from her. “Jack doesn’t love me. He loves Gwen and I was a fool to ever think different.” Ianto whispered in a broken tone. Luna heart went out to him. “Oh, Yan. I’m so sorry. I know how much you love him. At least you didn’t give him your hea….”Luna trailed off as she noticed the look in Ianto eyes. Horror filled her at Ianto answer. “I gave him my heart.” That single sentence changed everything.

Cupping his chin, “Tell me, please Ianto.” She pleaded. Tears entered Ianto eyes. “I was a fool; I fell for his pretty words. I gave him my heart, and he crushed it. Owen was right; I am nothing but part time shag.” Ianto told her

Luna felt her heart break. “Ianto, I know you. You are now and will never be anyone part time shag. If you gave Jack your heart than you have to believe that he does love you. I saw you with Lisa, you loved her but you knew she wasn’t the one and neither was I.” She reminds him. Ianto heard the sadness in her voice; he took her hand in his. “With all my heart I wish you were the one, my other half. I did and do love you Luna. But Jack is my other half, even if he does not return my feelings.” Ianto told her.

“Ianto stars are not meant to live with a one sided love. If Jack holds your heart and doesn’t love you, you’re going to die.” Luna cried.

Ianto meant her gaze head on. “I know.”

Chapter 2 here :





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