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Fic: Belongs to You Chapter 9

Title: Belongs to you
Fandoms: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Doctor/Luna, ?/Tosh, ?/Donna, ?/Rhys/Gwen, Andy/?, Tom/Martha and Owen/? with past Michael/Luna, Jack/Luna/Ianto friendship and mentions of Doctor/Rose
Summary: In the year that never was the members of Torchwood Three lived different lives, now those lives are about to return. How will what happen in that year change all of their futures?
Spoilers:  TW ‘Adam’ and all of S2, DW S4
Warning: Gwen bashing
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood or Doctor Who. I do own Luna and all other future original characters to come.
Author Notes: This is the next in the Star!Ianto universe it is the sequel to 'Cut's so deeply. I know it's been a while but I was stuck on what to do wtih Gwen but now hopefully the muses will be able to finish up this story soon.
Beta:  royalladyemma 

Chapter 9


Not once since he began working for Torchwood Ianto had ever been late, not until today that is. But, in his defence it wasn’t his fault; Jack had tried his best to seduce Ianto into them staying home together but to his great sorrow, Jack had failed.

“Jack, please stop pouting.” Ianto hated seeing his lover so sad, and truth be told, it really had taken all of Ianto’s willpower not to give in to Jack’s seduction and spend the entire day in bed.

“I don’t want to.” Jack was in full sulk mode and he knew full well the effect his pouty lower lip always had on Ianto.

A cunning look entered Ianto’s eyes as he moved closer to Jack. “Really? Are you sure?” he purred. “I was hoping that you could help me in the archives today.” Ianto walked his fingers slowly up Jack’s chest.

“Yeah?” Jack’s entire demeanour changed in an instant. “Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s get going! Work to do, Yan.” Jack grasped his star’s hand and dragged him out of their house.

Allowing himself to be pulled along willy-nilly, Ianto smiled smugly to himself; nothing motivated Jack like the promise of illcit work sex.

Jack didn’t notice his star’s smug look. His mind was already coming up with all the places within the Hub that he could have Ianto naked and spread out before him. ‘Let’s see, the archives are a must, and… Ooh! The war-room has that nice big table, and then there’s my bunk, my office, have we done it in the hothouse yet? Oh, yes! Today is going to be a good day,’ Jack happily told himself as a leer crossed his handsome face.


Luna was the first to notice the slight changes in Tosh and Owen; she shared a look with Donna who sent back a shrug that told Luna that the redhead had no idea what had gotten into Tosh.

A single troubling thought entered Luna’s mind, ‘They couldn’t be remembering, could they?’ Luna bit her lower lip as she worried. While she wanted Tosh, Owen and Andy to remember the loves they found, she did not want them to remember that horrible year. That was why Luna was so thankful that Ianto didn’t remember all the pain he had suffered, though she had no doubt that Jack had already told Ianto about that year and about his fate.

Fortunately, not even Jack knew everything that Ianto had endured, and if Luna had her way no one ever would ever find out. It was much safer that way for all concerned, but especially so for Ianto.

The Doctor gazed at his star; he hadn’t missed the flash of pain that appeared in her blue eyes albeit for the briefest of moments. ‘What pains you so?’ He had a very strong feeling that it had to do with her time with the Master and that ignited a firestorm of anger inside him. For one moment the Doctor felt rage fill him as he thought of all the pain, suffering and humiliation that Luna, Jack and so many others had suffered at the hands of the Master.

‘They’re hiding something, but what?’ Donna could feel the change in the air. Tosh and Owen seemed so sad and yet beneath that there was an minute undercurrent of happiness. But for the moment, an air of pain seemed to hover them like a cloud, as if they were sharing the loss of someone or something important.


Blissfully unaware of the thoughts that were plaguing their team, Jack had stopped Ianto as they got on the invisible lift and had pulled his star into a passionate kiss. Hidden by the perception filter, it was a kiss that Ianto eagerly returned. Jack smiled against Ianto’s lips; now that he finally knew where they stood, Jack wasn’t going to hide his feelings for Ianto and he was positive that Ianto sure as hell wasn’t going to hold back how he felt about Jack.

As the kiss ended and they parted, a low chuckle escaped Ianto’s lips when he saw the hopeful look in Jack’s eyes. “Nice try, Jack, but it’s time we got back to work.”

A sigh escaped Jack’s lips as tightened his grip on Ianto. “I know, I know I just hate having to share you with the others,” he admitted softly as he tenderly brushed his thumb over Ianto’s kiss-swollen lips.

“I feel the same way, love. But we can’t just abandon Tosh and Owen even if they do have the Doctor and Luna to turn to for help; it just wouldn’t be fair to them.” Ianto reminded Jack of their responsibilities to the others.

Jack noticed that Ianto said nothing about Gwen, but given the way she’d acted towards him and after her cruel comments about them being cold and unfeeling, Jack wasn’t surprised. He was seriously reconsidering her position with the team. “Ianto, do you think I should have Retconned Gwen and Rhys?” He finally asked the question that had been troubling his mind for the last few days.

If he were being honest with himself, Ianto really didn’t want to have such an emotionally charged conversation, especially given his rocky past with Gwen, but he owed Jack the truth. “I think Gwen has forgotten that while the rest of us may not have anyone on the outside at the moment, we all did at one time. I think that she ignores the fact that Owen and Tosh are fighting to protect others from suffering as they have.

“She’s still young and naïve. We’ve seen the good that’s out there but we’ve also seen horrors that Gwen hasn’t. In some ways that makes her weaker where it makes the rest of us stronger.” Ianto reached out and stroked Jack’s face. “I know you had high hopes for her, but Gwen doesn’t have the humanity you once claimed we needed.”

Jack had the grace to look a little uncomfortable, but he didn’t contradict his star; he knew Ianto was telling the truth.

“In truth, Gwen is a selfish, stubborn, quick-tempered child who thinks she’s always right no matter what anyone else says. No matter what she’s done, she simply refuses to admit when she’s wrong and when she’s proven wrong, she can’t handle it. She almost has a temper-tantrum.

An image of Gwen rolling around on the Hub’s floor, kicking and screaming like a three-year-old brought a smirk to Jack’s face, but he quickly wiped it off before Ianto saw it.

Jack hadn’t fooled Ianto one little bit; he’d chosen his words carefully, wanting to put a smile on Jack’s face but it was time to get serious again. “Gwen refuses to listen to your orders and she blatantly ignores the rest of us when we try to help her. We have experienced things that she hopefully never will. She needs to learn from our mistakes and our expertise.”

It was time for Ianto to get off his soapbox. “Jack, I’m afraid if we don’t do something about Gwen and soon, she’s going to lead someone to their death.”

It surprised Jack to hear how much thought Ianto had put into the way he was expressing his true feelings about Gwen; he really hadn’t been expecting such a calm rationality. ‘But then again, Ianto doesn’t have a mean, catty bone in his body,’ and Jack felt his heart swell with love for the younger man.

However, he had to admit that his star did have a very valid point and he nodded ruefully. “And every time I make allowances for her mistakes, and I let her get away with her insubordinate behaviour, I’m really not helping matters any.” Jack squared his shoulders and looked at Ianto with new determination in his eyes. “When Gwen returns to work, I will have a long overdo talk with her and I’ll give her a definite deadline for improvement. If she continues to place the team in danger then I will be forced to Retcon her, not just for everyone else’s sake, but for her own as well.”

Ianto was proud of Jack for making the hard decision, but another thought had suddenly occurred to him. “Despite her faults there must have seen something in her you saw that made her worthy of being in Torchwood. Maybe it’s something that we just need to find again.” He could see the wheels turning in Jack’s mind and he paused for a moment, giving Jack time to think.

“Until Gwen learns to follow orders in the field, she won’t be right for Torchwood Three, so send her some place where she can’t place others in danger. Archie has been hinting that one of his agents is thinking of retiring and that’ll put him down to one operative. Working under Archie might be just the thing that Gwen needs to knock some sense into her head. I’m willing to bet that Gwen changes her tune big-time if she has to deal with another team who won’t put up with her actions.” Ianto offered a second option.

Jack had to admit that it sounded like a good plan. Not only would it give his team a much needed break from Gwen and her attitude, but it might just do Gwen some good if she had to dealt with a leader who wouldn’t let her get away with everything whenever she stamped her foot and demanded that her will be done.

Archie McTavish was definitely not a man to be messed with. Not only was he the longest sitting leader of any Torchwood base, but as a no-nonsense Scotsman, he had the best chance of anyone of knocking some sense into Gwen. He might even be able to take her attitude down a notch or three, and maybe he’d be the one to finally get in it into her head that she was not in charge and she was not the only member of her team with feelings.

Sitting in quiet support of his mate, Ianto watched as Jack thought over his suggestion. Ianto personally thought that it would do the team a world of good if Gwen was sent to work at Torchwood Two for a while. He wasn’t blind; he knew that he wasn’t the only one hurt by Gwen’s thoughtless words. He’d seen the way Toshiko would flinch at a careless remark from Gwen, and then bury herself in her work so that no on could see her pain.

It hurt Ianto to see a soul as beautiful as Tosh’s suffering needlessly, and he knew that the worse things got, the more it which would affect the way they all worked as a team. But in the end, the decision was solely in Jack’s hands, and whatever he decided, Ianto knew he would support his lover no matter what.

Jack came out of his thoughts with a decision firmly in place. “I think it would be the best for the team if I did talk to Archie about taking Gwen on temporarily. I can’t excuse Gwen’s actions any more, it’s not fair to you or the others. And you’re right, every time I let her get away with something in the field I’m increasing the risk that someone could get hurt or worse, killed.”

Jack shuddered at that thought. Ianto was a star which made him nearly impossible to kill, but that wasn’t the case with Tosh and Owen. As mortals their lives were in danger every time the team went into the field. Jack realised that the time had come for him to put his foot down. By allowing Gwen to put his team’s lives in danger, he was putting their lives in danger. Ianto was right; he could no longer simply turn a blind eye to Gwen’s faults and to his own failings when dealing with her.

Ianto wrapped his arms tightly around Jack and rested his head on his shoulder. Love, comfort and support were surrounding Jack in waves “I honestly think this is for the best, Cariad, and this isn’t my past worries and insecurities about your feelings for Gwen speaking. She’s far too set in her ways to listen rationally to any one of us. Gwen enjoys looking down on Tosh and Owen, and even more so me. She thinks she’s superior to all of us, despite the fact we have been with Torchwood longer.

“She won’t listen to a word we say about anything she does; she believes that we’re jealous of the life she has outside of Torchwood and that when we attempt to help her we’re actually trying to sabotage her working relationship with you. The only way Gwen is going to learn that she is part of a team and that she needs to work with her team-mates is for her to be without us for a while.”

Jack nuzzled his nose into Ianto’s neck, breathing in deeply; he loved his star’s scent. “I’m sorry for all the times it seemed like I wanted Gwen over you, and for putting her first above the team and for letting her get away with things that would have had you or the others on suspension. In the beginning, I saw a lot of Rose in her and let’s face it, Gwen’s obvious hero worship of me clearly fed my ego. But I see now that my favouritism ended up hurting the team. More importantly, I hurt you and that’s inexcusable; you are the most important person in the world to me.”

Despite how much Jack’s last words meant to him, Ianto hated to hear the pain in his voice although he knew it meant that Jack was undergoing a little personal growth. Inside, he smiled a little; even an immortal of Jack’s calibre could change for the better. However, he could see that Jack really was feeling guilty so he wrapped his arms around his love and tenderly rubbed his back. As a star, Ianto knew that part of his role in their relationship was to try and protect him from all types of harm and pain. Sometimes, it was harder to fulfill that role than others, but Ianto knew he’d never stop trying.

“Please don’t fret, Cariad. Blame doesn’t lie solely at your feet; there was nothing stopping any of us, me included, from speaking up about the way you treated Gwen. Personally, I was so afraid that if I said something against her, it would push you further away from me and closer to Gwen and that would have broken my heart. I need you in my life and I thought that if I had to share you with Gwen then that was the price I was prepared to pay.”

Tears sparkled in Ianto’s eyes as he looked at Jack. “I can’t picture my life without you, Jack,” Ianto admitted softly, his voice cracking with the intense emotions he was feeling. ‘My life would be over if I lost the man I love to Gwen. The very idea makes my heart sick.’

Jack hated himself in that moment; the pain in Ianto’s voice was crystal clear and he hated himself for putting it there. The fact put it there that Ianto was right. “Listen to me, Ianto; you should never fear telling me how you feel. I’m the one who’s blind; I was a fool who couldn’t see how badly I was hurting you by flirting with Gwen.” Jack took Ianto’s hand in his and pressed it to his chest, right over his heart.” I never wanted that type of relationship with her,” he shook his head.

“I can’t explain what drove me to flirt with her like I did, but you have my word, Ianto Jones that all ends now. You are the one I want to spend my eternal life with.” Jack pressed his lips against Ianto’s sealing his vow with a kiss.

The kiss was soft and tender; it came straight from Jack’s heart and Ianto never felt more loved. It ended slowly, reluctantly and left Ianto leaning relaxed and pliant against Jack’s body. “You’re stuck with me forever, my immortal human, and nothing or no one is going to come between us, not Gwen and her more-than-friendly-feelings for you and not my past relationship with Luna.”

Jack nodded and tightened his arms around Ianto’s waist. “Forever won’t be long enough, my brilliant star.”

“It’s you and me from now until the end of the universe. Well, you, me and the children we’re going to have.” Ianto took one look at Jack’s gob-smacked expression and burst into laughter. “Oh, Jack! If you could see the look on your face!” he chortled gleefully.

His eyes narrowed, Jack pulled away from Ianto just enough to pin his lover with a searching look. “Is there something you’d like to tell me, Ianto?”

Grinning mischievously at his stunned lover, Ianto merely pecked Jack on the lips before slipping out of the immortal’s hold and onto the invisible lift.

Letting out a playful growl Jack followed Ianto onto the lift and when he got close enough, he snaked his arms around Ianto’s waist and pulled his teasing star against his chest. “You are going to explain that little detail later, Ianto; I know that you know I can carry children but something tells me that’s not what you were hinting about.” Jack purred lowly into Ianto’s ear.

Ianto didn’t even bother to hide the shiver that Jack’s tone of voice caused. “I’ll explain everything tonight when we’re alone.” Ianto fought back a smirk as he wondered whether Jack would remember they needed to talk or if he would simply and oh-so-smoothly 779 tempt him straight into bed.

Jack’s blue eyes narrowed as he caught sight of the badly hidden smirk and he knew instantly what was going through his young lover’s mind. “Don’t think you’re getting off that easily tonight. We’re not getting naked until after we’ve talked, and then…” Jack shrugged a little too innocently. “Well, I just don’t know.” He knew perfectly well what was going to happen after they talked; the hard part was going to be keeping his mind on task. Ianto was just too much of a temptation to resist for long, but damn it. he was going to hold out for as long as it took to get the truth out of his star.

Ianto laughed. “If you say so, sir. Now, I do believe we are about to be greeted by Owen, the Doctor and our three fangirls, and I also believe it’s time we acted professionally.” Ianto couldn’t help but laugh again at the pout that graced Jack’s face; he truly hated having to act professionally in front of the others.


Crowded around the CCTV, Luna, Tosh and Donna were enjoyed watching the Jack/Ianto show. It didn’t matter that they couldn’t hear a word being said; the lip lockage between the two men was really all they were interested in.

A short distance away, Owen and the Doctor exchanged long-suffering glances as they watched three grown women who should know better than act like schoolgirls as they drooled over the video of Jack and Ianto’s passionate kiss.

‘Why do I have the feeling that if she could, the TARDIS would be right there fangirling over Jack and Ianto just as much as these three?’ In his mind, the Doctor felt the TARDIS happily sing her agreement; she was thrilled that love was in the air and overjoyed that it was between Jack and Ianto.

“It was bad enough with just Tosh, but now there’s three of them!” Owen muttered under his breath, Tosh had bonded with Donna and Luna almost immediately, and to make matters worse, she finally someone to share the hours and hours of CCTV footage she had stashed away. ‘Slash fangirls just might be the most dangerous people out there. I pity the fool who to try dares and break-up their couples.’

Owen fought back a shudder as he remembered the tongue-lashing Katie used to give him when he made fun of her obsession of Brian/Justin from ‘Queer as Folk’. One time, he’d gone an entire week without sleep, too afraid to close his eyes. She’d been so angry with him for laughing at a particularly touching scene between the two men that he’d had no idea what she would do to him.

Owen’s gaze drifted back to Tosh and he fought back a sad smile as he watched her laugh at something Donna said. He wasn’t as blind as everyone thought to Tosh’s feelings for him, but he was a broken bastard who was still in love with his dead fiancé. Even someone as morally bankrupt as he was knew that Tosh deserved better than him. He knew he’d only end up breaking Tosh’s heart and that wasn’t something he wanted to do.

‘Find someone who can love you like you should be loved and maybe someday I’ll find someone who can put me back together.’ Owen knew he had to tell Tosh the truth, and soon; he didn’t want her wasting her life over someone who would never return her feelings. ‘I’ll talk to Tosh soon,’ Owen vowed to himself.

Owen quickly schooled his face into its normal sour smirk as the lift arrived in the Hub and Jack and Ianto stepped off. “Thank heavens you’re, back Tea-Boy; I was close to committing murder over the lack of good coffee.”

Ianto rolled his eyes at Owen’s quip and he wasn’t surprised to see the pleading look on everyone’s face but the Doctor’s. “I’ll get the coffee started and bring it up to everyone in the conference room.”

“I could kiss you, Tea-Boy!” That earned Owen a glare and scowl from Jack.

“If you ever kiss my Ianto you’ll be on Weevil duty for a month!” Jack threatened and until she saw the twinkle in his eyes. Donna was sure he was serious. She just managed to pull back her fist before it connected with Jack’s shoulder.

Owen rolled his eyes; not that he would ever tell either of them but he was thankful that Jack had finally gotten his head out of his arse long enough to see what a beautiful thing he had going on with Ianto. He may give Ianto a rough time but he really does like him,’ the medic nodded approvingly. He had really hated the way Jack had strung Ianto along even while panting after Gwen. “Don’t worry; I’ll leave the Tea-Boy kissing to you.”  

“Good!” Jack grinned happily. “And by the way, people?” He waved his arms expansively around the Hub. “That’s a new Torchwood rule; no one kisses Ianto but me.”

Owen and the Doctor snorted in unison at Jack being typical Jack while the women giggled on delight as they watched a light blush painted Ianto’s cheeks. “Fair enough, sir, but if you don’t want a riot on your hands you’d better let me go so I can get them caffeinated.” Ianto tried to move away from Jack only for the immortal to snag him by the wrist and gently stop him from leaving.

“Kiss?” Jack pouted at him, knowing that Ianto was unable to resist that look on him. With love shining in his eyes, Ianto leaned back in against Jack and swiftly kissed him on the lips.

Pulling away Ianto winked at Jack as he headed for the kitchen and Jack watched him go, his eyes focused solely on Ianto’s firm arse; ‘Oh, God I love the way his trousers hug his perfectly-shaped behind!’ Once Ianto was completely out of sight, Jack turned his attention back to his team and the Doctor and Donna. “All right, kids, head for the conference room. Luna, Doc and Donna, why don’t you join us.”

Curious looks were exchanged all around as they followed Jack to the conference room; everyone was wondering what this was going to be about. It wasn’t until they all had cups of Ianto’s delicious coffee in their hands and Ianto had taken his seat next to Jack that he began to explain why they were there.

Jack looked solemnly at Tosh and Owen. “I would like to apologise to both of you for my behaviour concerning Gwen. It wasn’t right of me to treat her like she was above the rules, above the team and above any of you. I let her get away with things that would have had anyone else Retconned. I promise you that it all stops now. I am sorry for not treating you with more respect, and I hope you can forgive me.”

Tosh and Owen stared at each other and blinked in shock; it never occurred to them that they would ever hear, Jack admitting that he was wrong. Tosh was the first to recover her wits. “I forgive you, Jack.”

Owen snorted. “Yeah, I forgive you too. But does this mean you’re actually going to deal with Gwen’s attitude? I know Torchwood agents die young but I refuse to get killed before I’m supposed to just because one of my team-mate got it in her head that she doesn’t need to listen to orders in the field.”

Jack folded his hands and rested them on the table and then smiled softly at Ianto when he covered them with one of his. He was glad Owen brought that up. “Ianto and I have discussed what should be done about correcting Gwen’s attitude and I have decided to send her to Torchwood Two for a while.” Jack sighed.

“Gwen needs to be retrained it’s true, but not by me. In Scotland she’ll be with a leader who won’t fall for her tricks; Archie won’t let her get away with the nonsense that I have and she’ll learn how to be a proper member of a team. Plus, I think we can all do with a break from her.”

“Damn right we do!” Owen banged his mug on the tabletop. “I may act like a bastard but that doesn’t mean that I’m cold or unfeeling. Gwen hasn’t suffered losses like we all have and I hope to God that she never does. She either forgets or refuses to accept that those losses are what make us human. Being human is very different from her so-called bleeding heart humanity, but it doesn’t make us any less capable than her.”

Owen honestly had never understood what gave Gwen the right to judge them. She happily rubbed their faces in the fact that she had the perfect life outside of Torchwood with Rhys but then she turned right around and slept with him and made idiotic cow-eyes at Jack.

Tosh shifted in her chair; she wasn’t normally a confrontational person by nature, but Owen was right. “I agree with Owen. Gwen acts like none of us have a heart and therefore can’t possibly understand what it means to be her definition of human. She thinks she’s better than the rest of us no matter what the task, and her arrogance regarding her experience and skills is going to get someone injured. I think it’s for the best for the rest of us to have some time away from Gwen, and for Gwen to have time away from us.”

Grateful that his team was supporting his decision, Jack slumped slightly with relief. “Then that’s settled. I’ll make arrangements with Archie and once everything is set I’ll inform Gwen of her temporary reassignment.” He looked around the table and smiled. “Thank you. Now, on to the next set of business. Luna, would you care to have a full time job with Torchwood?” Jack turned his gaze to the blond star and he smiled broadly; out of the corner of his eyes, he saw the Doctor stiffen in his chair. The Time Lord was clearly worried about his star.

Luna smiled gently at Jack. “I would love to, but I haven’t done any type of field work since Torchwood One fell. I’m afraid that I would be less than useless in the field.”

Jack was not at all surprised at Luna’s reluctance. “I was thinking more along the lines of helping Ianto out in the Hub. You’d be guiding us on missions and helping with the never-ending paperwork. I’m sure that if you ask him really nicely, Ianto might even let you make the coffee!” There was a round of laughter in the room; it was Ianto’s number one Torchwood rule: NEVER touch the coffee machine!

“But seriously, Ianto has earned the right to be a full time field agent, but it would be too much for him to work in the field and keep the Hub running. That’s where you would come in, my dear Luna.” In his heart, Jack would prefer to keep Ianto safely tucked away in the Hub forever but that wouldn’t be fair to Ianto either.

Luna could not deny that she was truly tempted by Jack’s offer; the blond star missed the excitement of being a part of Torchwood. “I accept. But only until it’s time for me to travel with the Doctor again.” Luna agreed as she reached out and squeezed the Doctor’s hand underneath the table.

Jack smiled brightly at Luna. “Then welcome to Torchwood Three, Miss Dusk.”


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