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Musing of a Dreamer

Where True Love is Never Denied

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Fic: Magic Call Chapter 14
Title: Magic Call
Fandom’s: Torchwood/Merlin/Doctor Who
Pairings/Characters: Arthur/Merlin, Jack/Ianto, Doctor/Morgana, Martha, John/Tosh, Rhys/Gwen, Owen/Gwen, Morgana/Lisa, Andy, Kathy, hints of John/Ianto, some Andy/Ianto/Morgana, some Mary/Tosh, past Suzie/Tosh, past Ianto/Ferya and past Morgana/Gwen/Lancelot
Summary: For so long he has waited for his other half to be reborn, Ianto just never counted on Arthur to be reborn as a cocky, immortal captain.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: All of Torchwood S1
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these shows
Beta: milady_dragon

Chapter 14

With Jack gone back to work and Morgana still off visiting Alistair, boredom quickly took a hold of Ianto. He could only clean his flat so many times, watch his movies and read his books before he started to go insane, so when Estelle called him and asked him to meet her, Ianto jumped at the chance. Even if he had been busy the underlying worry he heard in Estelle’s voice would have had him dropping anything to make sure she was okay.

Ianto sent off a quick text to Morgana telling her to meet him at Estelle’s once she finished up her meeting before grasping his keys and heading for Estelle’s house.


As the Hub doors rolled back Jack entered the Hub with a bounce in his step and a great big smile spread across his face. “Hey kids, did I miss anything?” Jack questioned the others.

It filled Tosh’s heart to see Jack so happy and she had a pretty good idea as to what got Jack into such a good mood.

From the smirk that spread across Owen’s face he figured it out too but unlike Tosh he wasn’t prepared to hold his tongue. “So Tea-Boy finally put out?” Owen asked as he leaned against his desk.

Jack halted in his steps. “A gentleman never kisses and tells,” he informed Owen stiffly. What he and Ianto did was no one’s business but their own.

A sharp bark of laughter escaped Owen’s mouth as he shook his head. “The love bites on your neck tell a different story.” He gestured towards Jack’s neck with a wave of his hand.

Jack’s hand flew to his neck and it took all his willpower not to rushed to the bathrooms and check to see if Owen was telling the truth; any marks Ianto left on his should have been gone by now. Jack felt a shiver of excitement go up and down his spine at the thought that Ianto’s marks were still there. He rather liked the idea of wearing Ianto’s claim for everyone to see. Jack merely grinned at his team. “Like I said a gentleman never kisses and tells.”

“Since when were you a gentleman?” Tosh’s teasing smile softened the barb.

Owen’s bark of a laugh filled the Hub as Jack clutched his chest in mock shock and a pout graced his face as he turned wounded eyes onto Tosh. “My dearest Tosh how could you say such cruel things to me? Don’t you love me anymore?”

It took all of Tosh’s willpower not to laugh at the expression on Jack’s face he looked like a puppy who was scolded for playing and for laying on the forbidden couch. ‘I need to give Ianto a copy of that photo from the CCTV; I think he’ll enjoy it.’  Shaking her head slightly she smiled sweetly at Jack. “With Ianto gone someone has to keep your ego in check. Besides it’s your own fault if we don’t believe your gentleman status; you do regale us with a lot of your conquests, whether we want to hear them or not,” she gently reminded him.

Jack sniffled. “Fine! See if I ever tell any of you anything ever again.” Jack turned on his heel and stalked towards his office, his coat billowing dramatically out behind him.

Owen shook his head at the dramatic exit of Jack, seeing more and more of Arthur within Jack. ‘That exit had Arthur written all over it.’

At her desk Gwen scowled Jack and Ianto were getting too close to one another. Something had to be done. Jack could not be allowed to remember his past as Arthur; their child must never be born. ‘I must warn Morgause, we need to come up with a plan to keep them apart.’ Gwen thoughts as she viciously stabbed her pen into her paperwork.

Unbeknownst to anyone in the Hub they were not alone. Two fairies fought back the urge to hiss at Gwen. Sent to keep an eye on the reborn king, they could sense the darkness within her and knew that this one was going to be a problem. Need it a rise they were ready to deal with her.


A smile grace Estelle’s face as Moses began to meow and paw at the door the moment the car could be heard, it was clear that he was just as excited to greet her guest as she was. “Come here you silly boy, at least allow Ianto to enter the house before you pounce on him.” Estelle was sure that as she picked up her beloved cat that just for a moment Moses pouted at her. She laughed at Moses’ pitiful face as she opened the door and waited for Ianto to join them.

Ianto felt a smile appear on his face as he was greeted by a smiling Estelle and what appeared to be a sulking Moses. Reaching them he reached out and rubbed Moses under his chin. “Hello Moses.”

Estelle playful glared at Ianto as Moses purred at the touch. “I do believe my cat likes you more then he does me.”

Ianto chuckled as he engulfed both Estelle and Moses in a hug. “Then he’s a fool, what person wouldn’t want someone as lovely as you waiting on them?” Ianto pressed a kiss to her cheek.

Tired of not getting the attention from the human he wanted Moses let out a pitiful meow as he placed his paw against Ianto’s chest and turned adoring eyes onto the immortal wizard. Laughing Ianto took Moses from Estelle’s arms and his laughter grew louder as Moses began purring like a motor.

Estelle smiled fondly at the man she still saw as a son no matter how much time had passed and how many times she had been reborn. “Come on in, I’ll get the tea and snacks ready while you spend some quality time with Mr Needy there.”

Moses flicked his ear at his human clearly informing her that while he heard, he did not care.

Ianto and Estelle exchanged smiles as they entered Estelle’s cosy home. Ianto closed his eyes as the feeling of belonging washed over him, like it always did when ever he was with Estelle.

“You should probably warn Jack that he will have a cuddle rival with Moses and I know for a fact that Moses will not play fair,” Estelle cheerfully called over her shoulder as she headed for her kitchen.

Ianto snickered as Moses gained an affronted look in his eyes and he made a mental note to keep Jack’s greatcoat far away from Moses. It would be a shame for the coat to suffer. He did love that coat.

Unhappy to see that he no longer had Ianto’s attention Moses let out a pitiful meow. He knew who his Ianto was thinking about and he didn’t like it one bit! It was bad enough that he was forced to share his dear Estelle with that loud human, there was no way that Moses was going to share his Ianto with the human known as Jack.

One look at Moses and Ianto was sure that the cat was plotting something against Jack. Well two could play that game. “I’m sure once Morgana gets here I will become nothing but a distant memory to Moses.” It did not escape either Ianto or the returning Estelle’s attention the way Moses perked up at the mention of Morgana. The female sorceress was without a doubt Moses’ favourite human, she spoiled him rotten.

Moses’ ears perked up and he eagerly began to look around for the female that always gave him the most delicious treats and an utterly heartbroken meow filled the air as it became clear to Moses that Morgana wasn’t there to spoil and lavish attention on him.

As Moses sulked Ianto was shocked and amused to see that Moses and Jack both shared the same sulking face and it took all his willpower not to break out in laughter. He had serious doubts that neither Moses nor Jack would like being compared to one another.

Ianto’s struggled didn’t go unnoticed by Estelle’s sharp eyes. “And just what is so funny?” She couldn’t help but wonder what Ianto was thinking about when it looked like he was barely holding himself back from rolling on the floor with laughter.

Mirth danced in Ianto’s eyes as he answered her. “I was just noticing that Moses and Jack both have the same sulk face.”

Estelle let out a giggle which grew into full blown laughter as Moses glared at Ianto and then hopped out of his arms. Moses stopped to give Ianto a distasteful look before he pranced off; he was not going to stay around and be insulted any longer.

“Oh goodness me, he even huffs like Jack.” Estelle gasped for breath as she finally noticed the likeness between her beloved Moses and Jack. “It’s no wonder they dislike each other so much. They are too alike to get along.”

A loud and angry meow filled the air as Moses made his displeasure of Estelle’s comparing him to that human. They were no longer worth being graced by his presence; he would wait until Morgana arrived and seek comfort from her, at least she knew to treat him better.

Ianto bit down on his lower lip in hopes to contain his laughter. ‘Jack will never forgive me for comparing him to a cat.’ Ianto’s mind filled with the affronted look that would grace Jack’s face before he stalked away with his greatcoat billowing out behind him and the sulking pout that would make any child envious firmly planted on his face.

Laughter faded from Estelle as she recalled the reason she invited Ianto over to visit. Her change wasn’t missed by Ianto as he turned serious. “Estelle, you sounded so worried on the phone, what’s wrong?”

“The fairies have delivered a warning. Something is coming for all Avalon born and something moves in the shadows seeking yours and Jack’s immortal souls,” Estelle repeated to Ianto the same warning that the fairies had given her.

In a flash Ianto’s whole body language changed. Gone was the happy go-lucky young man and in his place was the ancient wizard of legend. Taking Estelle’s hand in his Ianto lead her over to her sofa and once they we’re seated Ianto asked in a gentle yet stern tone, “Tell me everything.”

Nodding Estelle wasted no time filling Ianto in all about her meeting with the fairies.


Rhys felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up and from the way Morgana and Alistair stiffened they felt it too. “What’s going on?” Rhys asked as his eyes scanned the room seeking out the invisible intruder.

“Show yourself, Fae!” Alistair’s voice was rich with power and age and it sent chills up and down Rhys’ spine.

A light breeze filled the room and the scent of flowers overpowered all other scents as a single fairy appeared in between the three of them. “Ancient ones and knight of old, the time is coming when Avalon’s children will return home. Dark and ancient powers are moving against us all. The Fae seek to protect what is ours and take them home.”

“You’re here for a Chosen One.” Morgana’s soft voice drew the fairy’s attention to her.

“Yes! The king reborn will try and stop us; he can not be allowed to interfere.”

A soft laugh escaped Morgana’s lips. “The only one who can stop Arthur from sticking his nose in where it does not belong is Ianto.” she pointed out.

The fairy nodded his head. “We know, we have spoken to the mother reborn and she will inform Emrys.” The fairy tilted its head as it regarded Morgana. “Sorceress, the knight who holds your heart shall be returning to you soon, but be warned another who has their own claim to his heart shall try to stand in your way, you must not let her. Blind to the innocent girl he cares for he will not see that she is a pawn until it is too late,” the fairy warned Morgana before it faded from sight.

Morgana’s heart fluttered with the hope of soon seeing her Lancelot again before her eyes narrowed in anger. “Lancelot, we are going to be having a long talk,” she growled under her breath.

Rhys and Alistair both shivered at the anger coming off of Morgana in waves. ‘My old friend I hope you survive Morgana’s rage.’ Alistair wished his friend luck; the Doctor was going to need it if he sought to survive Morgana’s anger at him.


As the Doctor ran alongside John in hopes of finding those who’d kidnapped Martha, the Doctor stumbled to a halt as a sudden chill rocked his entire body.

Noticing that the Doctor was no longer running beside him the Time Agent came to a stop and raised an eyebrow at the nervous-looking Doctor. “Oi! Lancelot, something wrong with your feet?” John asked with a smirk.

The Doctor glanced at John with fear in his eyes. “I think I pissed off Morgana somehow.”

“Then you are one dead Time Lord,” John offered him up his sympathy before his smirk returned. “Can I have your ship after Morgana kills you?”

The Doctor glared at John. “Come on; we need to find Martha and get to Earth.” The last of the Time Lord stalked past his snickering friend.


Try as he might Jack couldn’t focus on anything but the fact that Ianto’s marks had yet to fade. His fingers lightly traced the marks and he couldn’t keep the smile off his face. “You are a special one Ianto Jones and I hope I can not only be worthy of you but also be able to show you just how special you are to me.”


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Great update! I love that you can make the arthurian legend with Jack and Ianto.

Thank you! I'm glad you like it and I'm enjoying writing the arthurian legend around Jack and Ianto.

(Deleted comment)
Thank you! I'm glad you liked the last bit it was one of my favourite parts to write.

Waiting impatiently for more. ;)

I got half the next chapter done and I'm hoping to finish it up soon.

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