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Because I don't have enough on my plate with Reel_Torchwood, three crack Big Bangs, a Vampire Big Bang, a Star Trek Big Bang, my other tables and my stories, I signed up for this. Oh well I've got a few ideas already a few Janto, a one-sided Doctor/Ianto and a one-sided John Hart/Ianto. But I've really got to stop signing up for stuff :D

rejection skeletons in the closet scars poltergeist sex pollen
taking care of somebody love spell / potion gone wrong first transformation accidental mating for life stalkers
burns panic attacks WILD CARD loss of vision death
moving loss of home / shelter rape / non-con post-traumatic stress disorder atonement
time travel gone wrong attacked by a creature parting ways forced soulbonding septicemia / infected wounds

Tags: bingo_card
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