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Musing of a Dreamer

Where True Love is Never Denied

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Fic: The First Crack

Title: The First Crack
Fandom: Torchwood
Character/Pairings: Rhys, mentions of Rhys/Gwen, Jack/Ianto, past Owen/Gwen and one-sided Gwen/Jack
Summary: Does she really love him or is she simple with him in attempts to atone for her past actions?
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood
Author Notes: Written for the h_c bingo prompt: atonement and this is the next entry in the Beneath the Glass series. Unbeta’d so please forgive any mistakes.
Spoilers: S1 ‘Combat’ and S2 ‘Meat’ and ‘Adam’

It should have hurt much deeper then it did when Gwen seemed to forget who he was, but it didn’t. It just drove the point home that Rhys didn’t recognize Gwen anymore, she wasn’t the same woman he fell in love with all those years ago.

He wonders if she thinks he’s blind to the way she looks at that bastard Jack Harkness or how her eyes light up with love and lust as she speaks about him. The moment he met the handsome captain, Rhys hated him, he knew that he was no match for the dashing hero and Rhys knew that all Jack had to do was snap his fingers and Gwen would be running into his arms and bed without a backwards glance at Rhys.

But then Rhys saw how Jack looked at the younger Welshman Ianto, like he was the sun and moon that hung in the sky only for him. It was love, pure and simple love. And in that very moment Rhys knew that he had nothing to fear of Jack ever stealing Gwen from him, the captain only had eyes for Ianto.

That brought a new green monster out in Rhys, he was jealous of the love Jack had in Ianto and Ianto had in Jack. Rhys couldn’t help but wonder if Gwen noticed that Jack looks at Ianto the way he used to look at her or if she really even cares that he no longer does?

Rhys dropped his head into his hands as he looked at the half-finished vows in front of him. For weeks he’s been struggling to finish the vow that would pledge his life to Gwen’s and he couldn’t think of anything to write.

He would be lying to everyone and himself if he didn’t admit he was having doubts about marrying Gwen, doubts that have only grown since he met her co-workers, since he met Doctor Owen Harper.  

The moment he met the snarky doctor, fragments of a conversation he didn’t remember having with Gwen, began haunting his dreams, where she admitted she had an affair with one of her co-workers.

“And I’m not stupid or blind to think I stood a chance against Jack Harkness. If it had been him that Gwen had cheated on me with that she would still be with me.” A snort escaped Rhys as a bitter smile appeared on his face. “No if Gwen had slept with Jack she would have dumped me the morning after her night in his bed.”

While Ianto was without a doubt a handsome man but the way Gwen barely paid him any attention and only seemed to remember him as an afterthought Rhys doubt it was him. ‘Probably not high enough on the food-chain for her to notice him,’ Rhys knew Gwen and she would never go after anyone she found beneath her and in her mind that was Ianto.

No it was the way a brief flash of guilt that flashed in Gwen’s eyes, as she introduced Owen to him, that was what finally gave her away. Now that Rhys had time to think and link the pieces he had no doubt that Gwen admitted an affair to him and somehow made him forget.

Groaning Rhys ran a hand through his hair. “Is Gwen marrying me because she loves me or she’s trying to atone for her affair with Owen and her longing of Jack?” Rhys asked out loud. Of course his empty office gave him no answer.

As his gaze drifted back down to the unfinished vows he found himself asking questions he honestly had no answer to, “Do I love Gwen enough to marry her? Am I more then her second choice and can I live with the fact I may not be?”

With the wedding growing all the more closer Rhys knew he was going to have to find the answers and soon before he ended up marrying a woman he may not be in love with anymore.

The End

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Ouch! I love stories that explore whether the retcon that Gwen gave Rhys held, and if it didn't, what he would have done with her admission. I'm almost certain he would not have married her and that we would have had an entirely different series if that had come to pass.

As it was, i was appalled that Rhys could marry her when her desire for Jack was so obviously on display at several key moments on their wedding day. I sometimes wonder if the PTB really understood the mixed messages they were sending out about Gwen's character (or lack thereof). I get the feeling that this Rhys may be leaning toward a solo honeymoon to some exotic location.

I love those types of stories when Rhys remembers and what would have happened to their relationship. I think Rhys would have left Gwen.

I hated Gwen for mooning and lusting over Jack when she was marrying Rhys. I will never understand what the PTB were thinking when they were writing Gwen's character. Rhys will have some serious thinking to do before the wedding but Rhys will make a decision.

"Probably not high enough on the food-chain for her to notice him"
Goddess, I love you! This... this is SO Gwen! I've always thought why Gwen never tried anything with Ianto: she flirted with Jack, Owen, John but never Ianto... and now I've the answer! Ianto is not enough for her, Tea-boy cannot give to the Almighty Gwen the power she so desperately craves!
Loved this shot and loved Rhys's POV. The man deserves better than Gwen: he is a good person with a heart of gold. I don't know why, but I've always found the pairing Rhys/Donna funny... but very sweet ^_^
Good work like always!

Aww thank you. It's the only thing that makes sense as to why Gwen never went after Ianto, he was just not important enough in her eyes. That and the fact that Ianto wasn't fooled by her games.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I will never truly ship Rhys/Gwen not with the way she treats him. Rhys/Donna is gold in my book and Rhys many end up meeting her in this.
Thank you!

Really??? XD
Gwen makes me sick. Goddess, during the end of Children of the Earth when Jack is leaving, she still throws herself at his feet... with all her big bump and Rhys standing less than two meters away! What the hell was she thinking?
"Boo boo, Ianto and Stephen are dead. Gwenny, my only love, please console me, boo boo."
"Yes, my handsome jack. Take me, I'm yours *_*"
Can somebody kill me???

I really disliked Gwen at the end of COE, she really did throw herself at Jack while she's was carrying her husband's child and in front of Rhys.

Awesome. Love the realization of Rhys that Jack only has eyes for Ianto, now only if Gwen saw that. It's kind of sweet that he is jealous of the love of Jack and Ianto, makes him long for what he once had.

Thank you. I figure that Rhys sees more then people give him credit and would see how Jack looks at Ianto. Gwen may have her eyes open in the next part. It felt right for Rhys to be jealous of what Jack and Ianto have since it reminds him of what he once had.

Actually, that would make Rhys the third choice. And as much as Rhys loves her, I don't think he would marry her if he knew that was the case. And I think Gwen knew that as well - hence the retcon. Wouldn't it have been nice if during MD, Rhys had remembered? Now that would have been good drama.

See. That just goes to show you don't know what good drama is! Didn't you pay attention to RTD? Good drama is when the main characters that are better loved than the Teflon tart die. ;)

I have serious doubts that Rhys would have gone through with the wedding if he knew where he truly ranked with Gwen. I agree I think Gwen knew that too and that's why she retcon him. I might have actually watched MD if Rhys remembered of course Gwen most likley would have thrown herself at Jack

Fantastic! I love stories from Rhys's PoV.

Thanks! I had fun writing this from Rhys Pov.

I love Rhys and wish he would have broken the retcon. Love the chapter. Love the story. Hope Rhys takes his ring back. Serves Gwen right.

I adore Rhys and also wish he had broken the retcon. Thank you. You'll see Rhys decision in the 'Something Borrowed' of this story.

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