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Fic: The Pirates of Boeshane Chapter 3/16

Title: The Pirates of Boeshane: The Curse of the Myfanwy
Fandoms: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Tommy/Tosh, past John/Jack, one-sided John/Ianto, Owen, Kathy, Gwen, Mickey/Jake, Harold Saxon, Rhys/Andy, Martha, James Harper, Ross, Rory, brief mention of the Doctor/Rose, Donna
Author: backrose_17
Prompt: The Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Summary: A Pirate Captain seeking to reclaim what was stolen from him joins forces with a young Blacksmith seeking to rescue his kidnapped best friend. Together they find more than just the adventures of their journey.
Rating: PG-15
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Doctor Who.
Beta: royalladyemma
Written for Reel_Torchwood Round 5

Chapter 3

‘I do love these promotion ceremonies,’ Jack thought with a smirk as he moved carefully under the docks, listening to the orders being snapped above him. ‘A perfect day to borrow a UNIT ship!’ Jack knew that most of the UNIT guards would be at the promotion ceremony leaving only a handful of guards to watch the docks.

Grinning Jack began heading right for the two men guarding the dock; he couldn’t have asked for better guards than privateers Mickey Smith and Jake Simmonds. 'Between them they almost have a whole brain!' he giggled to himself.

 “Oi! This dock is off limits to civilians!” Mickey called out as he spotted Jack heading towards the TARDIS.

Jack smiled at them as if were surprised to see anyone around. “I’m terribly sorry. I didn’t know. If I see one I shall inform you immediately.” As he spoke he tried to move forward but his progress was thwarted. “Apparently there’s some sort of high-toned and fancy to-do going on up at the fort, eh? How could it be that two upstanding gentleman such as yourselves did not merit an invitation?” Jack piled on the charm; he knew he just needed to get them talking in order to gain the information he needed.

Mickey smiled proudly and stood a little straighter. “Someone has to make sure this dock stays off limits to civilians,” he explained smugly, as though he'd been given the most important assignment in UNIT history.

Jack grinned; ‘this is turning out to be far too easy!' “It’s a fine goal to be sure but it seems to me,” Jack shifted his stance so that he could look at the mighty ships across the dock. “…that a ship like that,” and he pointed at the Valiant in particular, “makes this one here a bit superfluous, really.”

“Oh, the Valiant is the power in these waters, true enough, but there’s no ship that can match the TARDIS for speed,” Mickey boasted proudly, thrusting his chest out a little.

 “I’ve heard of one, supposed to be very fast, nigh un-catchable, the Black Myfanwy.” Jack wondered if either of them had heard of his ship. It always gave him a thrill to speak her name loud.

Mickey snorted and shook his head. “There’s no real ship that can match the TARDIS.” He didn’t believe in the rumours of the famous pirate ship even though he loved listening to all of the over-the-top stories down at the pub.

Jake chose this time to speak up. “The Black Myfanwy is a real ship.”

Mickey turned to face his lover with an indescribable look on his face. “No," he said patiently, "no, it’s not.”

Jake narrowed his eyes at his boyfriend; he couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t believe him. “Yes, it is, Mickey, I’ve seen it.”

“You’ve seen it?” Mickey asked in a disbelieving voice, his eyebrows raising and disappearing into his hat.

“Yes!” Jake stated with confidence.

Mickey shook his head. “You haven’t seen it.” He was confident that Jake was mistaken; given the fact that they were almost always together if Jake had seen something like the Black Myfanwy then he would have seen it too.

Jake scowled at his lover. “Yes, I have,” he insisted stubbornly. 'Why is he being such a butt about this?'

Mickey took a deep breath and decided to lay it out. “You’ve seen a ship with black sails that’s crewed by the damned and captained by a man so evil that Hell itself spat him back out?”

Jake shook his head. “No.”

“No.” Mickey was pleased with himself; he was right again, as usual.

Jake wasn’t quite done with the subject though. “But I have seen a ship with black sails.”

With their eyes narrowed and their hands on their hips as they faced off, neither of the men supposedly guarding the ships noticed Jack slip away and head for the TARDIS.

Mickey rolled his eyes. “Oh, and I suppose that no ship that’s not crewed by the damned and captained by a man so evil that Hell itself spat him back out could possibly have black sails, therefore it couldn’t possibly be any other ship but the Black Myfanwy. Is that what you’re saying?” He wanted to clarify Jake's words, just for the record.

Jake nodded, “No.”

Mickey gave Jake one last eye roll before turning his gaze back to Jack saying, “Like I said, there’s no real ship that can match the TAR…” It was at that moment he finally noticed that Jack was standing at the helm of the TARDIS.

Jake also noticed that Jack had boarded the TARDIS. “Hey! You! Get away from there!”

Mickey nodded his head in agreement with Jake as they moved quickly towards the TARDIS. “You don’t have permission to be aboard there, mate.” Mickey fingered his sonic blaster at his side. He sort of hoped he'd have reason to pull it our; he knew Jake thought he was really sexy when he was aiming his weapon at something.

Jack took note of Mickey's itchy fingers and he plastered a smile on his face as he stepped away from the helm and headed back towards the two men. “I’m sorry, it’s just – it’s such a pretty boat. Ship.”

Jake narrowed his eyes suspiciously as he stepped closer to Jack, his sonic blaster suddenly in his hands and levelled at Jack’s chest. “What’s your name?”

Jack grinned. He was very used to the feeling of having a blaster pointed at his chest; with a good-looking guy on the other end, it was usually quite sexy. “Smith. Or Smithy, if you like.”

“What’s your purpose in Boeshane, Mr Smith?” Mickey spoke up, his eyes narrowing also. 'Why is this man beginning to look so familiar to me?' he wondered.

 “Yeah, and no lies,” Jake agreed.

“Well, then, I confess.” Jack’s smile was blinding. “It is my intention to commandeer one of these ships, pick up a crew in Tortuga, raid, pillage, plunder and otherwise pilfer my weasely black guts out.” 

Jake pushed his blaster in to Jack’s chest as he snarled out, “I said no lies!”

Mickey frowned as he studied Jack’s face closely; he was looking for any hint of a lie and he saw none. “I think he’s telling the truth, Jake.”

Jake turned to look at Mickey, his face clearly showing his disbelief at the idea; no one in their right mind would openly admit to a crime. “If he were telling the truth, he wouldn’t have told us,” Jake pointed out.

Jack chose this time to pipe in with his opinion. “Unless, of course, he knew you wouldn’t believe the truth even if he told it to you.” He was greatly enjoying messing with these two men; it was always fun playing a game of wits with people who were so clearly unarmed.


On the battlements of the Fort, Tommy slowly approached Tosh. “Toshiko, may I have a moment?” he asked gently and when Tosh nodded her head, the two made their way over to the platform which offered them some privacy.

Tosh found herself walking a bit slower and leaning against the wall for support as she fanned her over-heated brow and tried to catch her breath. This was the moment she’d been waiting for and she absolutely refused to pass out now.

Tommy looked at Tosh with adoring eyes and there was a hint of love was shining through. The young man was quite nervous and unsure of how to start what he was about to ask. “Uh, you look lovely, Toshiko. I, uh, apologize if I seem forward but I must speak my mind. This promotion throws into sharp relief that which I have not yet achieved, a marriage to a fine woman. You have become a fine woman, Toshiko.” Tommy struggled to keep from blushing; he'd practiced what he wanted to say so many times, but it still sounded clumsy.

Tosh was feeling more and more light-headed and she knew that it wasn’t completely from the fact that Tommy was finally going to ask for her hand in marriage. “I can’t breathe,” she managed to gasp.

Being a man who’d never worn a too-tightly-tied corset, Tommy naturally misunderstood what she was saying. 'She's so sweet and innocent; I've really surprised her!' He chuckled politely and turned away from Tosh to gather his wits; he was, after all, preparing to ask Tosh a life-changing question. “Yes, I… I’m a bit nervous myself.”

No matter how hard she tried to stop it, dizziness finally overcame Tosh as the lack of air got to her and without uttering a sound, she toppled off the battlement and fell into the cold water below.

 “Tosh! Tosh! My God!” Fear gripped Tommy as he watched Tosh disappear beneath the waves and he immediately moved to jump in after her.

His second-in-command, James Harper, stopped him before he could leap. “The rocks! Sir, it’s a miracle she missed them!” He tried to make his friend see that it would be a suicidal jump. “Sir, it’s too late!”

Tommy struggled briefly in James’ hold all the while wishing that someone would save Tosh.

Down at the docks, Jack had somehow managed to get Mickey and Jake onboard the TARDIS with him and he was regaling them with tales of some of his more insane adventures, “…and then they made me their chief!” He savoured the roar of laughter that erupted from the UNIT sailors.

A loud splash and the sound of a body hitting the water disrupted Jack’s story-telling and all three men turned to look at the still-rippling water. Jack turned to look at the two UNIT officers. “Will you be saving her then?”

Mickey shook his head and admitted in a sheepish voice, “I can’t swim.”

Rolling his eyes Jack turned his gaze to Jake and the blond man just stared back at him with a look of bewilderment. Jack shook his head. “Pride of UNIT you are,” he muttered under his breath. He removed his gun holster, sword and compass and shoved them into Jake’s arms. There was steel in his voice as he issued one strict order, “Do not lose these.” Jake's eyes were enormous as he nodded his head rapidly. Spinning sharply on his heel Jack dove over the railing of the TARDIS and into the crystal clear waters.

No matter how hard she struggled, the weight of her water-soaked gown continued to drag her deeper beneath the surface and as Tosh drew closer to the ocean floor the medallion around her neck floated upwards. From the depths of the ocean, the hand-carved circle of gold sent out a pulse, calling to its kind in an eerie, silent message.

Mickey and Jake exchanged looks as they saw the water suddenly pulse strangely and they watched a ripple travel far out across the ocean's surface. “What was that?” Jake asked and Mickey shook his head, unsure as to what just happened. They looked at each other again and unconsciously took a step closer together.

As Jack swam down after the sinking form he managed to reach out just far enough to grasp Tosh’s arm. Pulling her towards him, he wrapped his arm around her waist and began kicking frantically, swimming up towards the surface. He could see his vision beginning to narrow as his lungs screamed for air; he concentrated on maintaining his hold on Tosh and on pushing his body upwards.

Mickey and Jake spotted them the moment they broke the surface and Jake moved swiftly to help pull Tosh onto the dock. “Ooh, I’ve got her,” he grunted as her dead weight landed on him. Once he'd pushed her off him and Tosh was lying on the dock Jake quickly noticed something, “She’s not breathing!”

Hauling himself up onto the dock Jack shoved Jake aside. “Move!” He pulled a pocketknife from his trousers and quickly slashed open the ties on Tosh’s corset. Having had experience with drowning victims in the past, Jack knew what was coming next; he turned her onto her side and then he sat back just in the nick of time. With a loud gurgling cough, Tosh spat out the seawater she’d swallowed in her descent and began gasping desperately for air.

 “Never would’ve thought of doing that,” Mickey admitted with just a touch of admiration in his voice.

“Clearly you’ve never been to New Singapore,” Jack murmured. He would have regaled them with the details of that particular adventure, but he became distracted by the medallion hanging around Tosh’s throat. He gently lifted it from her neck and then stared hard at Tosh. “Where did you get this?”

Luckily Tosh was saved from answering when a sword suddenly appeared out of nowhere and was forcefully pressed against Jack’s neck. “On your feet!” Tommy hissed out the order from between tightly clenched teeth.

Governor Harold Saxon pushed past Tommy and James to reach his daughter’s side. “Toshiko, are you alright?” He shrugged off his coat and wrapped it around his shivering daughter’s shoulders.

Through her chattering teeth, Tosh managed to get out, “Yes, I’m fine.”

Before Harold could contradict his daughter, he noticed that Mickey was gingerly holding Tosh’s brocade corset in his beefy hands. When he saw Governor’s glare at him, Mickey quickly dropped the feminine garment like it was on fire. In an effort to redeem himself and save his own sorry arse, Mickey pointed an accusing finger at Jack.

Harold turned his glaring rage towards Jack and immediately gave the order, “Shoot him!”

Despite the fact that she was freezing with cold, there was simply no way that Tosh could stand back and watch the man who saved her life die at the hands of her overly protective father and the man she loved.

Hampered by her water-soaked skirts, she struggled to her feet and grabbed onto to Harold’s arm. “Father!” Tosh snapped at him before turning her gaze to Tommy. “Commodore, do you really intend to kill my rescuer?”

The pleading look in Tosh’s big brown eyes was all it took for Tommy to give in. Gritting his teeth, he addressed Jack in a gruff voice. “I believe thanks are in order.” Against his will but knowing he had no choice, Tommy offered his hand to Jack.

Leery of Tommy’s intentions, Jack took the pro-offered hand but the moment his hand slipped into Tommy’s, the man’s grip tightened. Knowing full well what he was going to find, Tommy pulled back Jack’s sleeve to reveal a P tattooed on his skin. Tommy raised an eyebrow at the sight. “Had a brush with the East India Trading company, did we, pirate?” he smirked with satisfaction; the man wasn't a hero, he was a criminal and there would be no special treatment.

Harold Saxon’s eyes narrowed as he glared at Jack and he tightened his grip even more on Tosh. He could not believe that a disgusting pirate had saved his daughter and he absolutely refused to be beholden to a criminal. “Hang him,” he ordered briskly.

Tommy immediately snapped to attention as he barked out his orders. “Keep your guns on him, men! James, fetch some irons.” Tommy suddenly noticed that there was another tattoo above the P. It was a stylised set of connected octagons, the unmistakable sign of Torchwood. Tommy knew of only one pirate who bore such a mark. “Well, well, Jack Harkness, isn’t it?”

Jack bristled at the obvious slight; he hated it when they forgot the Captain part. “Captain Jack Harkness, if you please, sir.”

Tommy’s eyebrow rose even higher as he regarded Jack with barely contained contempt. “Well, I don’t see your ship, Captain,” he sneered.

Jake chose that point to speak up and like the good UNIT officer he was he informed them of what Jack had told them earlier. “He said he’d come to commandeer one.”

Mickey shot his lover a smug look. “Told ya he was telling the truth,” and then he noticed that Jake was still holding Jack's belongings. He snatched them from Jake's hand and turned his gaze back to Tommy. In an effort to make up for holding Tosh's corset, he held them out. “These are his, sir,” he proudly informed the commodore as he handed over Jack’s effects.

Jack cringed as he watched Tommy handle his effects; he truly hated the idea of a UNIT officer touching his things, especially a fancy-pants officer like Tommy.

Tommy was examining Jack’s Webley; the Commodore was surprised to see a pirate with such an antique model of a gun. “No additional shots or power,” he observed before replacing the Webley in its holster and moved on to the next item. “A compass that doesn’t point north,” Tommy tapped the glass and watched the needle swing wildly, and then with a sad shake of his head he moved to the sword.

As he unsheathed the blade, he was surprised by what he found and he had no qualms about letting Jack know that fact. “And I half expected it to be made out of wood. You are without a doubt the worst pirate I’ve ever heard of.” Tommy was amazed to see such a fine blade in the hands of lowly scum like Harkness; 'It's almost as nice as mine!'

A cheeky grin spread across Jack’s handsome face. “But you have heard of me,” he smirked; it was definitely a point for him. Before he could continue gloating, he was yanked forward by the chains on his wrists so forcefully that he nearly lost his footing.

“Commodore, I really must protest.” Tosh surged forward; she could not let anything happen to Jack. True, she was a little alarmed to find out that her saviour was actually a pirate, but that didn't matter. The only reason he’d been caught was because he had bravely risked his life to save hers.

“Carefully, Lieutenant,” Tommy warned as he saw how close she was to Jack; he was not about to put Tosh in any more danger than she had already been in.

“Pirate or not this man saved my life!” Tosh continued to plead as she moved closer to Tommy.

Tommy shook his head in silent admiration. He was truly amazed at the depth of kindness that his Toshiko possessed and in that moment he knew that if it was within his power, he would grant her anything she ever wanted for the rest of their lives together. Unfortunately, he admitted to himself sadly, sparing the life of a blood-thirsty pirate was the one thing that was out of his power.

“One good deed is not enough to redeem a man of a lifetime of wickedness,” Tommy told her and then he steeled himself against the disappointment he knew he would find in Tosh’s eyes.

Jack scowled as he felt the metal of the cuffs rub harshly against his bare skin; 'Well, that's gonna leave a mark!' “Though it seems enough to condemn him,” he muttered under his breath.

Unfortunately for him Tommy caught his mutinous little comment and sent him a cutting glare from beneath an arched eyebrow. “Indeed.”

After making sure that Jack’s chains were secure James took a step away from his prisoner and that was the moment Jack had been waiting for.

“Finally!” Jack surged forward, threw his irons around Tosh’s neck and forced her to back into him thus becoming both the shield and the hostage he needed.

Fear griped Saxon as the armed officers, unsure of what they should do, lifted their guns and aimed them at Jack and more importantly his precious Toshiko. “No, don’t shoot!” 'Oh dear god, please don't anyone shoot!'

Tommy felt utterly helpless as he watched Jack hold prisoner the woman he loved. He saw the way Tosh’s frightened eyes slowly filled with rage and as they bore into his, Tommy silently vowed that no matter what, ‘Captain Jack Harkness will die by my hands if that filthy pirate brings any harm to my Toshiko.'

Despite the fact he hated having to take the young woman hostage Jack knew that she was his only chance of escape. ‘From the way dear old Commodore Fancy-Pants is glaring at me I think he’s rather sweet on her.’ This was too perfect; 'there's no way that the Commodore is gonna let anything happen to his beloved.' Jack knew he was home free, thanks to true love.

“I knew you’d warm up to me,” he purred into Tosh's ear and his eyes glistening with pride; he had them beat. “Commodore Brockless, my effects, please, and my hat, Commodore!” Jack could not resist the mocking sneer he added to that last word and he made no effort to hide the gleam of triumph from Tommy.

Jack turned his gaze to Tosh; the wind off the bay was chilling and even through their wet clothing, he was glad for the warmth of her body pressed against his. “Toshiko. It is Toshiko, isn’t it?”

Tosh glared at the man holding her and growled out through gritted teeth, “It’s Miss Sato-Saxon to you.”

A grin touched Jack’s lips; he liked a girl with fire and it was clear that she had that in spades. “Miss Sato-Saxon, if you’d be so kind.” He indicated his sword and waggled his eyebrows at her. “Come, come, dear, we don’t have all day. Now if you’d be very kind.” Tosh began strapping his sword around his waist and Jack looked over her shoulder to make sure that Tommy was watching. When his laughing eyes met Tommy’s rage-filled ones, his grin grew wider.

Knowing the effect his words would have on the love-struck officer, Jack made a big show of grunting. “Easy on the goods, darling,” he winked at her and then he sighed happily as he heard Tommy’s gasp of horrified outrage.

Tosh had the strongest urge to knee Jack in the balls and for a moment, her foot actually left the ground, but she was a well-bred lady and her manners prevented her from do as she wished. Instead, she got what satisfaction she could by slamming his hat down upon his head and hissing out as ferociously as she could, “You’re despicable!”

Jack was unfazed by Tosh’s angry taunt; he was used to being threatened by men, women, and aliens all the time - it came part and parcel with being a pirate. “Sticks and stones, love. I saved your life, you save mine, we’re square. Gentlemen, m’lady, you will always remember this as the day that you almost caught Captain Jack Harkness!”

With a mighty shove Jack pushed Tosh far enough away from him that he could wrap his arm around a thick rope and then with a powerful kick he pulled it free and took off into the air. The assembled group watched as the pirate swung around and around over their heads. Being the brave and mighty pirate that he was, he will forever deny screaming because no matter what anybody says, Captain Jack Harkness doesn’t scream!

With a few more swings, he landed safely on a beam above the crowds’ heads where he balanced precariously. ‘I can’t believe that worked!’ Jack's grin was blinding; ‘this is without a doubt my greatest escape ever!'

Wrapping his arm protectively around Toshiko, Harold glared at all present. “Now will you shoot him?!”‘That man will pay for holding my daughter hostage!'

“Open fire!” Newly promoted Commodore Tommy Brockless was beyond pleased to give that particular order. 'That filthy heathen pirate touched my Toshiko! Nobody does that and gets away!'

Jack’s private celebration of his greatest escape was cut short as the soldiers began firing at him. Dodging the shots, Jack looked around and quickly spotted another rope. Throwing his chains around it, he used it to slide down to the ground. Turning back for a final look, Jack gave them all a cheery wink before dashing off.

“On his heels!” Tommy growled. Mickey and Jake wasted no time in going after Jack; the last thing they wanted was their leader’s anger brought down on them. “James, Mr Harkness has a dawn appointment with the gallows. I would hate for him to miss it.” Tommy’s voice was a low growl under his breath.

James nodded and quickly gave the orders. “Search everywhere! Look lively, men!”

Tommy watched Harold lead a very shaken Tosh away and he wished desperately that he could be the man that was comforting Tosh. 'Soon, I will be the one you turn to, Toshiko.'



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