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Wow It's been a while

Wow it has been a long time. This year has not been the easyest on me, but here's a to a new start with a new year. A lot has changed for me, I have found new love outside of anime. And the joys of slash in other fandoms. So I was board and decide to list my favorite pairings in tv land. Be warned most are slash. What can I say some guys are just to slashable to reist. So here is my list.

CSI Miami/CSI/ CSI:New York: Eric/Ryan(Come on everyone knows all that love/hate was so obivously sexual tension). Speed/Ryan(Yeah they never met but come they so would have been hot togther). Speed/Horatio, Speed/Ryan, Nick/Greg(The love. Need I say more?) Don/Danny, Mac/Adam, Mac/Aiden, Don/Aiden, Danny/Mac, Don/Adam, Stella/Aiden, Don/Ryan(My OPT crossover pairing for Ryan), Greg/Ryan/Nick(OT3 I can only see Nick and Greg sharing Ryan), Don/Ryan/Danny

Torchwood/Doctor Who: Jack/Ianto(They belong togther. It is love, real love) John/Ianto/Jack, Owen/Tosh(Why did they have to die?) Doctor/Donna, Doctor/Ianto/Jack(Jack two real loves, everyone wins), Dean/Ianto(My OTP Torchwood crossover)

Smallville: Oliver/Clark(Collie is love) Clark/Lois(Everyone knows they are destined) Bart/Kara(My crack pairing), Bruce/Clark(What slash fangirl would not have them listed? They can not be over looked)

Angel/Buffy: Angel/Faith, Xander/Spike, Spike/Faith, Angel/Xander, Angelous/Faith, Angel/Doyle, Cordy/Faith, Angel/Cordy, Doyle/Cordy, Willow/Tara, Faith/Tara, I also love Faith, Xander, Tara, Cordy and Fred crossovers pairings. My Angel and Buffy list could go on forever their is just to many list.
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