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Fic: The Pirates of Boeshane Chapter 9/16

Title: The Pirates of Boeshane: The Curse of the Myfanwy
Fandoms: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Tommy/Tosh, past John/Jack, one-sided John/Ianto, Owen, Kathy, Gwen, Mickey/Jake, Harold Saxon, Rhys/Andy, Martha, James Harper, Ross, Rory, brief mention of the Doctor/Rose, Donna
Author: backrose_17
Prompt: The Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Summary: A Pirate Captain seeking to reclaim what was stolen from him joins forces with a young Blacksmith seeking to rescue his kidnapped best friend. Together they find more than just the adventures of their journey.
Rating: PG-15
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or Doctor Who.
Beta: royalladyemma
Written for Reel_Torchwood Round 5

Chapter 9


Tosh found herself deep inside a cave that was full of treasure; everywhere she looked she could see gold and jewels, plates, goblets and candelabra,  and even clothing and odd pieces of furniture. She could see that Rhys and Andy were nearby, holding hands and gazing at their loot. “Ten years of hoarding swag,” Rhys murmured softly to his lover.


“And now we finally get to spend it!” As Andy cheerfully reminded Rhys of their future, they emptied a trunk full of lady’s clothing; somehow they both ended up picking up parasols with which they gallantly saluted one another before sharing a loving giggle.


Rhys looked at Andy with immense fondness for his partner glowing in his eyes. “Once we’re quit of the curse, we’ll be rich men.” He tenderly stroked the side of Andy’s face with a gentle hand. “And you can buy an eye what actually fits.”


“This one does splinter something terrible,” Andy admitted as he reached up to rub at his carved wooden eye.


“Stop rubbing it!” Rhys snatched Andy’s hand away from his eye and then he linked their hands together for a moment.


Adam chose that time to walk by and ever the cynic where love was concerned, he rolled his eyes at the tender display. In his mind, there was no room for romance in a pirate’s life. 'Love 'em and leave 'em, I always say.'




The air was ripe with tension as Jack and Ianto rowed silently towards the cave’s entrance. Finally Ianto could stay quiet no longer. “What code is Owen to keep to if the worst should happen?” He was afraid to ask just what ‘the worst’ might entail.


Jack had been wondering when Ianto was going to find the nerve he needed to ask that question. “Pirate’s Code. Any man that falls behind is left behind.”


Ianto raised an eyebrow. “No heroes amongst thieves, eh?” Ianto couldn’t see how anyone, even pirates, could leave a man behind; it was just so heartless.


Jack grinned at Ianto with amused fondness. “You know, for having such a bleak outlook on pirates you’re well on your way to becoming one. Sprung a man from jail, commandeered a ship away from UNIT, and sailed with a buccaneer crew out of Tortuga.” Their gazes were slowly drawn from one another to the gold and treasure that lay at the bottom of the shallow river they were navigating. “And you’re completely obsessed with treasure.” Jack pointed out to Ianto.


Ianto shook his head, denying Jack’s last statement. “That’s not true. I am not obsessed with treasure.” And he really wasn’t; the gold and jewels weren’t what was important to him. 'I'm completely obsessed with you, Jack, even though I know there's naught but heartache in it for me.'


“Not all treasure is sliver and gold, mate.” Jack knew all too well how true that statement was; in his heart, he knew that Ianto was coming to mean more to him than all the precious treasure in the world.


Seeing the pure and perfect desire in Jack’s eyes, and realising that it was all for him, robbed Ianto of all speech. Before he could say or do anything to let Jack know that he understood what he was seeing, they heard Hart start speaking. Jack raised his fingers to his lips in warning.


Flanked by the scowling members of his crew, John stood in front of the chest of cursed gold that had damned them all to a horrible endless life. “Gentlemen, the time has come!” John’s voice echoed back at them from the dark recesses of the cave. “Our salvation is nigh! Our torment is near the end.”


“Toshiko!” Suddenly spotting his best friend standing amongst the cutthroat pirates, Ianto abandoned all pretense at secrecy. Jack had to struggle to keep the younger man from jumping out of their hiding place. As Ianto prepared to spring from their hiding spot, Jack wrapped his arms around his young Welshman's waist and held him down.


Hart continued his speech, having no idea who was waiting for him in the shadows, listening to his every word. “For ten years we’ve been tested and tried, and each man jack of you here has proved his mettle a hundred times over and a hundred times again!” John grinned as his men cheered for him.


“Suffered, I have,” Andy spoke above the uproar, nodding enthusiastically.


“Punished, we were the lot of us! Disproportionate to our crimes!” John looked around at his men, waiting for them to quiet down and when he was satisfied that he once again held their full attention he threw off the chest lid with a flourish. “Here it is!”


There was a mass intake of breath as the assembled group, including Tosh, Ianto and Jack, became enthralled by the mesmerising beauty of the mounds of gold. The flickering torch and candlelight of the cavern made the gold glisten and shine as if it were a living thing. “Behold, the cursed treasure of the Master himself! Every last piece that went astray, we have returned, save for this,” and John pointed dramatically to the medallion hanging around Tosh’s neck.


Once again, Ianto tried to scramble up and in his desperation, he upset some of the surrounding treasure in the process. “Jack!” Ianto hissed frantically as he struggled to get away. It was clear that he didn’t yet understand why Jack wasn’t going out to save Tosh as he’d promised. "Let me go! I have to save her!"


Jack pulled Ianto down on top of him and wrapped his arms tightly around the Welshman’s waist. “Not yet. We wait for the opportune moment,” he whispered in Ianto’s ear. Ianto struggled against Jack's hold, and as he squirmed, Jack' body began to respond. 'Oh god, Ianto, stop moving or we'll both be sorry!'


“Eight hundred and eighty-one we found but despaired of ever finding the last.” Ignorant of the drama going on just a few feet away, John continued speaking.


“When’s that? When it’s of greatest profit to you?” Ianto demanded sharply, keeping his voice low. He tried not to let the feeling of Jack’s chest pressed against his back get to him. The little voice in the back of his mind chose that moment to speak up; 'That's not just Jack's chest pressing against you!'


Stung by both Ianto’s words and the tone of his voice, Jack whirled Ianto around and looked deep into his eyes. He kept his own voice low, mindful of the dangers surrounding them. “May I ask you something? Have I ever given you reason not to trust me?” Jack didn’t give Ianto a chance to speak. “Do us a favour? I know it’s difficult for you, but please stay here and try not to do anything stupid.” Jack pressed a fast kiss onto Ianto’s lips before releasing him and moving carefully through the treasure.


Ianto watched him go and fought back a flood of tears that wanted to fall. ‘That’s just it, Jack, you have.’ In that moment, Ianto hated Jack for that fact; he wasn’t even sure if he could still trust Jack to keep his word to save Tosh. As he pondered the implications of his last thought, Ianto’s eyes fell upon a wooden oar and a plan began to form.


“And who among us has paid the blood sacrifice owed to the heathen gods?” John demanded.


“Us!” the pirates cried as one, their voices combined in a roar that shook the cavern.


“And whose blood must yet be paid?” John asked.


“Hers!” The pirates all waved their swords in the air and several fired their pistols, the shots reverberation in the confined space.


John grinned at Tosh. “You know the first thing I’m going to do after the curse is lifted?” Tosh felt a cold shiver of fear run down her spine and she wished with all her might that she could back away from the intense hunger in John’s eyes. “Eat a whole bushel of apples.” Tosh’s eyes widened in surprise; that was most definitely not the answer she was expecting.


With a desperate look in his eyes, John grabbed Tosh’s hand and picked up a long-bladed knife lying near the chest. “Begun by blood, by blood undone.” John intoned the curse-breaking words in a solemn tone before bringing the knife down on Tosh’s palm. She bit her lip until she tasted blood to keep from crying out in pain as the blade sliced through her flesh.


Jack hid behind a pile of treasure and watched the events unfolding before him with great interest; he winced as he saw the blood welling up in Tosh’s palm. He was so caught up in waiting to see what happened next that he never heard Ianto sneaking up behind him. He never saw the oar as Ianto swung it through the air and hit him over the head.


“Sorry, Jack. I’m not going to be your leverage.” Ianto’s heart was in turmoil; it nearly killed him to hit Jack but he needed to save Tosh. Her safety and well-being came before his happiness; she was his only family. He simply could not let his growing feelings for Jack get in the way of her rescue, not when it was clear that Jack could trade him for his ship.


Licking the blood from her lip, Tosh looked down at her cut and bleeding hand; she watched the crimson liquid pool in her palm. “That’s it?” To her it seemed an awfully simple way to undo such a horrible curse.


“Waste not,” John told her with a snarky grin as he held the golden coin under her hand and then watched eagerly as scarlet drops of her blood spilt onto its surface. As his crew held their breath in anticipation, he laid the blood-soaked medallion on top of the chest with its brethren.


‘By all that's holy, please let this work!' John closed his eyes and prayed harder than he ever had in his life and then he opened his eyes. He ran a mental inventory of his body and anxiously tried to see if he could feel any difference.


“Did it work?” Rex demanded harshly; like the others, he was wondering how they were supposed to know if they’d been saved.


“I don’t feel no different,” Andy admitted and his shoulders slumped in defeat.


“How do we tell?” Rhys wondered out loud and in response, John rolled his eyes, pulled out his gun and shot Rhys right in the heart. Nothing happened.


“You’re not dead,” Rex stated the obvious.


“No. He shot me!” Rhys growled at John, fighting the urge to shoot his captain.


“The curse! It’s still upon us!” Eugene cried out, murderous rage in his eyes.


“You, maid!” John turned a furious gaze on Tosh. “Your father, what was his name? Was your father John Smith?” he demanded to know.


With a smile that reflected the pure smugness she was feeling, Tosh happily and proudly told him, “No.”


Enraged by her deception, John grabbed Tosh by the arms and shook her roughly. “Where is his child? The child that sailed from New England eight years ago, the child in whose veins flows the blood of John Smith. Where?” John’s voice rose until he was shouting with anger. When Tosh gave him no answer he backhanded her across the face, not caring, not even noticing, as Tosh fell down onto the pile of cursed treasure and then rolled away to land at the river’s edge.


“You two! You brought us the wrong person!” Adam snarled at Rhys and Andy and it took all of his willpower not to attack them where they stood.


Well aware of the extreme danger they were now in, Rhys shifted his stance slightly so that he was in a more protective position in front of Andy. “No! She had the medallion. She’s the proper age!” he growled as he tried to defend him and Andy.


“She said her name was Jones, you heard her.” Andy piped up. “I think she lied to us.”


While the pirates are fighting among themselves Ianto managed to swim up to Tosh and place his hand over her mouth to stop her scream of surprise. Using hand gestures, Ianto motioned for Tosh to join him in the deeper water. Suddenly spying the cursed medallion lying just inches from her fingertips, Tosh grabbed it and quickly followed Ianto into the water.


Eugene turned his enraged gaze on John. “You brought us here for nothing!” he shouted bitterly.


“I won’t take being questioned or second-guessed, not by the likes of you, Master Eugene,” John snarled at the man.


With hate burning in his gaze Rex finally decided it was his turn to speak up. “Who is to blame? Every decision you’ve made has led us from bad to worse.”


Rhys nodded his head. “It was you who sent the Doctor to the depths!”


“And it’s you who brought us here in the first place!” Adam finished.


John did not like being questioned by his own crew and rested his hand on his pistol grip. “If any coward here dare challenge me, let him speak! Hmm?” John was not at all surprised when all his men backed down, starting at the ground and shuffling their feet.


“I say we cut her throat and spill all her blood, just in case,” Rex snarled. “Maybe more is the answer!” He looked around to see that the rest of the crew seemed to be agreeing with him.


Before John could agree to Rex’s demands, he noticed that his pet monkey was pointing to where Tosh had fallen. He quickly discovered that not only was she gone but so was the medallion. “The medallion! She’s taken it! Get after her, you feckless pack of ingrates!” John roared; they could not lose the medallion again, not when they were so close to finally being free.


The crew rushed to their longboats and immediately noticed that something was missing. “No oars here! Where’s the oars?” they demanded, looking around frantically.


“The oars have gone missing! Find them!” Adam ordered; his anxiety level rose another notch every time John looked at him.


At that moment, Jack came straggling in to the melee with a bloodied oar in his hand. ‘What was I thinking turning my back on Ianto? It’s clear that he heard me talking to Owen and now I may have lost him for good.’ That hurt more than his aching head; Jack had never thought he could fall for someone so quickly and so deeply.


“You!” Andy stated in pure disbelief when he spotted Jack stumbling towards him and Rhys.


“You’re supposed to be dead!” Rhys added, his face turned white as a sheet as he saw a walking ghost and he took a few steps back.


“Am I not?” Jack looked down at himself and when he looked up, he found every pirate in the cavern pointing their pistols at him. “Palulay? Palu-li-la-la-lulu, parlili, parsnip, parsley, par – partner, partner?” Jack scratched his head, struggling to find the word he was trying to think of, and then he winced; thinking hurt his brain.


The pirates all looked at Jack in confusion, wondering what in the hell he was trying to say. It was Andy who finally took a guess: “Parley?”


Jack snapped his fingers and smiled brightly at Andy. “Parley! That’s the one! Parley! Parley!” He danced around in a little jig, proud of himself for remembering what it was he’d been trying to remember. “Yeah, parley.”


“Parley? Damn to the depths whatever man thought up parley!” Rhys snarled under his breath.


“That would be the French,” Jack happily informed him, totally oblivious to the deadly glare on the other man’s face.




As they crept on board the TARDIS, Tosh nearly jumped back into the ocean. “Not more pirates!” she wanted to cry in dismay; it was only Ianto’s calming hand on her arm that kept her quiet.


Ever the charming host, Owen stepped forward and smiled affectionately at the young woman he’d once known as a child. “Welcome aboard, Miss Toshiko.”


“Mr Owen?” Tosh could hardly believe her eyes as she laid eyes on the man she hadn't seen since her first journey to Boeshane and she couldn't help but wonder what he was doing on a pirate ship.


Before Owen could answer her, movement behind her caught his attention and he looked around to see Ianto climbing over the railing. “Hey, boy, where be Jack?” he demanded to know; there was a cold knot forming in his belly. 'Please, please say he's right behind you!' Owen begged.


Hearing the name of her rescuer startled Tosh and she whirled around, looking at Ianto with pure disbelief on her face. “Jack? Jack Harkness?”


Ianto fought back the lump in his throat as he forced himself to say the words that would mean abandoning Jack to his fate at the hands of bloodthirsty pirates. “He fell behind.” ‘It’s for the best now.’ Ianto tried desperately to convince himself that he was right. ‘Tosh is safe and I can try and forget I ever heard of Captain Jack Harkness.’ Feeling oddly bereft by that thought and quite guilty about his actions, Ianto silently led Tosh away.


Torn between friendship and duty, Owen closed his eyes for a moment, weighing his options. Finally, he made a decision, the only one he could: “Keep to the code.” He spoke softly as he opened his eyes to meet Kathy’s gaze.


She nodded reluctantly and after steeling her heart against an unexpected stab of loss, began to give out orders. “Weigh anchor! Hoist the sails! Make quickly, divvies.”


It was with heavy hearts that the crew went about their duties although every man jack of them kept their eyes peeled for any possible sign of their captain.




Even his wildest dreams, John Hart never thought he’d see the man who stood before him again. “How the blazes did you get off that island?” He’d never heard of anyone being marooned and living to tell the tale and he absolutely had to know.


Jack grinned at John with a maniacal look in his eyes. “When you marooned me on the godforsaken spit of land, you forgot one very important thing, mate.”


Hart searched his memory. “You were alone, you had no food, no rum, nothing but a single shot in your pistol. We forgot nothing!” He saw the look of bemused superiority on Jack’s face and he shook his head in defeat. “What did we forget?”


“I’m Captain Jack Harkness!” Jack proudly reminded John as he preened happily.


The sheer cockiness of Jack’s statement set John’s teeth on edge and he mentally kicked himself; he should have known that if anyone could have gotten off that island it would have been Jack. “Ah, well, I won’t be making that mistake again. Gents, you all remember Captain Jack Harkness? Kill him,” John casually ordered and then it was his turn to smirk as the pirates all pointed their weapons at Jack.


‘I’m sorry for this, Ianto, and I promise I will do everything in my power to keep you safe but in order to do that I need leverage.’ Jack did his best to ignore all the guns pointed at him; he took a breath before he lazily drawled out, “The girl’s blood didn’t work, did it?”


Those few words served their purpose and immediately got John’s attention. “Hold your fire!” John ordered and it was with a great deal of satisfaction that he noticed how reluctantly they slowly lowered their guns. He also saw that there were three men who actually dared to disobey him; they kept their muzzles pointed directly at Jack. Under normal circumstances, he’d probably have shot them without a second thought, but they’d left normal behind a long, long time ago.


Struggling to maintain control of his temper, John looked at Jack as if they weren’t talking about their lives and deaths of his crew. “You know whose blood we do need?”


Jack’s grin was filled with pure cockiness while his heart was filled with blinding pain. “I know whose blood ye need,” and that was something Jack would hold close to his heart.

Tags: au, fic: pirates of boeshane, pairing: jack/ianto, pairing: tommy/tosh, reel_torchwood
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