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Uncoming stories when lj-cut beings working

Okay so my livejournal cut is still not working, but the good news is when it does I will have plent of stories to post.

Torchwood Stories:
'Cuts so deeply': is 6/8 chapters are written and ready to post, chapter 7 is almost done and chapter 8 is started. Main pairing: Janto
'Belongs to you' : is the sequel of 'Cut's so deeply' and chapter 1 is already started. Main Pairings: Janto, Tosh/Jason(OMC),Luna(OFC)/Michael(OMC), Doctor/Luna, Michael/Donna, and others to be announced
'Crash and burn': three chapters almost ready. Main pairing is Janto
'One moment in time': First chapter done. Pairings: Janto, Owen/Tosh and a suprise pairing.

CSI Miami/CSI New York Stories
'Bleeding love': Chapter 3 almost done. Main Pairing: Don/Ryan/Eric
'Memories that haunt' :First two chapters almost done. Main pairings: Eric/Ryan and Don/Adam

CSI Miami Story
'Forgotten love': First chapter is started. Pairing: Eric/Ryan

CSI Miami/Supernatural
'It's a broken halleujah' chapter 5 is started. Main pairings: Dean/Ryan/Castiel, Eric/Gabraiel, and Sam/Valera
'To be with you': next in my Dean/Ryan series is half way done.

CSI Miami/Buffy
'Not alone' first chapter is started. Pairings: Eric/Ryan, Speed/Faith, Horatio/Xander and others.
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