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Fic: Cut's so deeply chapter 4/11

Title: Cut’s so deeply
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairings: Jack/Ianto and others to be announced
Summary: A post ‘meat’ fic. When a star gives it heart way it is forever. When a star heart is broken their light goes out. Within one moment Jack broke Ianto heart, now Tosh and Luna must help Jack fix his mistake, before he lose Ianto forever.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Gwen bashing, Gwack bashing.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, if I did we would have had Janto in the first episode and there would be no such thing as Gwack. I do own Luna Dusk and all other future Original Characters.
Author Notes: This story idea can from watching ‘Stardust’ one too many times. My lj-cut is still not working, but I decide to post this chapter anyways.

Chapter 4

All words failed Jack at the sight of the blond before him.

“What the hell is your relationship to my Ianto?” Okay so maybe not all words.

Luna wasn’t at all fazed by the demand or the glare that came with said demand. “What? No ‘hi how are you?’ ‘So glad you made it out alive?’ ‘Good to see you again?’ Just what’s my relationship with Ianto? That hurt Jack really it does.” Luna teased the captain.

A sheepish smile spread across Jack face making him look like a little boy. “Sorry Luna. It’s been a long night. It is good to see you again.” Jack engulfed the star into a tight hug, he was truly happy to see her again. Knowing he has someone other than Martha that he can talk to when the memories get to be too much.

Pulling away he suddenly growled. “Why the hell didn’t you tell me that you knew Ianto?” Jack asked well more like demand. Luna was beginning to see a pattern. Luna looked into his eyes. “Because if that monster knew, then he would have made Ianto suffered even more. A star can not glow when their heart is broken.” Luna words meant more to Jack than he realized.

A sudden smack to the back of Jack head broke the hold those memories were begin to gain on him. “Ow, what was that for?” He asked a pout on his lips as he rubbed the back of his head. Luna glared at him. “That was for breaking Ianto heart. How could you basically declare your love for Gwen in front of him? I thought it was Ianto you love, not her? Didn’t you promise me that you were going to make sure Ianto never had to doubt where your heart laid.” She demands making Jack coward under her anger. Bowing his head, “I know, I messed up,” looking up he sent her a pleading look. “Help me make this right. I can’t lose him.”

Luna heart melted. “You two really need all the help you can get. Just tell him Jack, tell him what lies in your heart. Make him believe that it is him you love or else you’re going to lose him Jack.” And that was the last thing Luna wanted. Jack took Luna words to heart. “Um Lu, do you think you could give me a push? My legs seem to be stuck.” Jack asked, with a happy gleam in her eyes Luna shoved him forward. Jack stumbled into the house. Over his shoulder he shot Luna a glare. “Thanks for that.”

“Hello Jack.” The greeting falling from those Welsh vows had Jack whipping his head around so fast he had both stars wincing at the move.

Jack felt his mouth go dry and his heart speed up at the sight of Ianto freshly showered dressed in jeans. “Hey Ianto,” He manages to get out. And behind him Luna rolled her eyes, these boys are going to need a lot of help.

Luna slipped past Jack to grab her purse and jacket. “Well boys, breakfast is on the table so enjoy. I’m off to meet Tosh for breakfast. And if either of you think about leaving before talking remember Tosh and I can and will make your lives miserable. Oh and no sex in my house. Later.” Luna cheerful told them before ducking out of the door.

Jack and Ianto didn’t move for several moments their eyes locked and the emotions neither could say shone brightly in their eyes. Ianto reflected hurt, sadness, fear and love. While Jack’s shone with sorrow, regret, the need for forgiveness and love.

Ianto broke the silence first. “Luna would ever forgive us if we let her food go to waste.” He walked down the rest of the stairs and headed for the kitchen. Like a puppy who knows he’s done wrong Jack followed him.

Breakfast was a silent affair. Neither knew how to start, they each have so much to say to each other.

Jack decided to start on a neutral topic to easing them into the more serious talk. “So how do you know Luna?” And he refused to admit that was jealous that made him ask. Ianto choked on the toast he had just eaten, he might as well come clean. “I guess you could say she’s my sister.”

Jack blinked at Ianto. “Ianto, she’s a star.” Confusion and hoped mingled in Jack voice.

Ianto meet Jack eyes head on as he let his glow over take him, which Jack noticed was what Luna looked like in the year that never was. It was the glow of a star with a broken heart. “Ianto?” Jack asked in a breathless whisper.

“I’m a star Jack, just like Luna.”

Chapter 5 here:

Tags: fic: cut's so deeply, pairing: jack/ianto
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