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Fic: Moonlight Sings The Darkness Chapter 1/8

Title: Moonlight Sings the Darkness
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairings: Ianto/Jack, Rhys/Tosh, Owen/Gwen and Owen/Diane
Summary: For centuries, Ianto Jones has always had control of his true nature. Then he met Captain Jack Harkness who pushed his control beyond its limit. As Jack and Ianto's relationship goes from lovers to mates, what changes will one of Ianto's lost childe bring to Torchwood when she finds her own mate in Owen?
Beta: royalladyemma
Rating: R to NC-17
Disclamier: I don't own Torchwood
Art: imera , see more art here: art link
Written for the Vampire Big Bang



Chapter 1


For more than one thousand years he has walked this Earth, waiting for his one, his mate. The one soul who was the other half of his soul, the one person who would complete him. There were times when he thought he'd come close, when he was so sure that he had found his mate that and his lonely days were over yet in the end, they were not the one. Each time that happened, he found that his heart was just that much more broken and his spirit a little more crushed. Slowly, each century went by and still his mate was nowhere to be found.


Then he came to Wales with a few others of his kind and soon they became creatures of myths and legends. They were called Vrykolakas by the Greeks, Strigoi by the Romans, Baobhan Sith by the Scots, and Incubus in Europe.


Regardless of locale, language or belief system, but the most common and well-known name for us is Vampire.  


Now I can tell you that many of the myths told about vampires are just that, myths. Garlic does not harm us; in fact, I rather enjoy garlic; after all, it's impossible to enjoy a good spag bol without hot, crunchy, buttery garlic bread to dip in the sauce.  Holy water does not burn our skin, and and crosses do not repel us.


Most of us have naturally pale skin and while the sun does harm us we do not burst into flame, but we do burn rather quickly. I will say that the stronger and older we are the less the sun harms us, so that means not all of us have to hide away and wait until night.


That brings me to the next fact that's wrong; we do in fact have reflections. Let's face it, we're a damned good looking race of people and we enjoying looking at ourselves in the mirror from time to time.


We can enthral and easily put weaker minds under our control, but it's something we only do when we need to. Human minds are like open books to us, only a few have the willpower to fight our control.


Now on to the question I’m sure you’re dying to know the answer to: do we drink blood? The answer is yes, although we only drink blood from two categories of humanity. First, there's the guilty, those who committed horrible crimes against their fellow man; for them, it's a horribly painful nightmare. Then, there's my favourite group: the willing. For those who want to experience the erotic feeling of a pair of fangs slipping into their skin, our bite can be very orgasmic. When the hunger gets too much for us to control we easily find those who are willing to satisfy both our physical and our carnal hungers.


Your blood may by your life force but it's also what we need to survive.


We have always done our best to keep to the shadows and to stay out of humanity’s way but at times our actions have caught the attention of the wrong parties. Eventually one of our oldest came up with the idea to capitalise on human's superstitious nature and make us creatures of the night. Using his considerable skill, he persuaded a select few to write stories of us, making us into nothing but myths.


It was a good cover and for decades it worked well, until Torchwood was founded and then we had to become even more careful than we already were. Every member of our race lived with one clear goal: stay out of Torchwood’s way.


It all worked well, for a while that is, until one of our own, one of our oldest and most lonely, met and fell in love with a human woman who worked for Torchwood. For one brief moment, he thought he had found a taste of true happiness with Lisa. He genuinely loved her and even though she wasn't his soul mate, Ianto really thought that they could have a future together. He was determined to remain by her side until she no longer wanted him around.


But in the end that was not to be.


Lisa was unexpectedly stolen from him yet in the pain and suffering there was a silver lining. In his desperate quest to save Lisa, he found his mate. It tore Ianto a part to lie and deceive Jack; there were so many times he wanted to break down and tell Jack the truth about Lisa and about himself. But he couldn’t; he owed it to Lisa to try and save her. It was his fault Lisa even joined Torchwood One in the first place; she'd followed him into that death trap and he needed to make things right. It was up to him to give her back the life she'd lost the moment she chose to love a monster.


Ianto had centuries of blood on his hands, both innocent and guilty and just once he thought, no, he had hoped that he would be able to save one person, one that he truly and genuinely cared for. But in his attempts to save Lisa, Ianto ended up hurting his true mate, his Jack, and that was not something he'd ever wanted to do.


It had taken a lot of time and a lot of work to rebuild the trust they had both taken advantage of and damaged. Ianto had his secrets and Jack was ignorant of Ianto in general; both men knew they had made mistakes but together, they learned to work through them.


For a while, their relationship was strained until a field mission in the Brecon Beacons turned a simple team bonding exercise into the nightmare of them dealing with cannibals. Because his team did not know his secret, Ianto was forced to play the role of a mere human who waited to be rescued. That night as Jack cared for and watched over Ianto, that Jack and Ianto used the time to get past the hurt and pain they'd caused each other. They were forced to talk, they yelled and screamed at one another, but in the end it was clear to both men that they wanted their relationship of to work.


Ianto wanted to come clean to Jack, to open up and tell Jack the truth about himself, about what he really was. ‘If this relationship is to work, we need to be honest with one another.’ Ianto knew that he had to take the first step; his lover sure as hell wasn’t going to make the first move in opening up. ‘I just hope that Jack doesn’t reject me.’ That was Ianto's greatest fear, to be rejected by his mate now that he'd finally found him.


“Ianto, are you okay?” A soft voice and a gentle hand on his arm pulled Ianto out of his thoughts and he realized that he had been standing in front of the coffeemaker for the last ten minutes without moving an inch.


A soft smile graced Ianto’s face as he looked into the concerned eyes of his best friend, Toshiko Sato. “I’m fine Tosh, my mind just wandered a bit.”


A twinkle appeared in Tosh’s eyes. “And would what you're thinking about so hard be our fearless leader?” She teased him affectionately.


It always blew Ianto away how easily Tosh could read him; after all his time on Earth only a handful of people could see through his mask and at the top of that list was Jack and Tosh. “I’m afraid you caught me, but could we keep this between us? We don’t want to feed Jack’s ego anymore.”


A soft giggle escaped Tosh as she nodded her head. “We can’t have Jack’s head getting any bigger; soon he won’t be able to fit through the Hub doors.”


Ianto didn’t bother holding in his laughter, he was so pleased to see Tosh so happy and free. These days Tosh practically glowed and Ianto decided that Gwen had been right when she said that the look of love suited Tosh. No one could have predicted that Rhys would be the one to bring the glow that Tosh had been missing.


It was no secret that Owen and Gwen were shagging; if they hadn’t been before the disaster in the countryside then they sure as hell became involved afterwards. Ianto hated to see Tosh hurt by Gwen and Owen’s affair but part of him was pleased that Gwen was too busy throwing herself at Owen to try and sink her claws into his mate.


No one had been prepared for the announcement that Gwen was pregnant, well no one except for Ianto; he'd been hearing the faint heartbeat for weeks before she came clean to the team. No, the real shocker had been Gwen's announcement that Owen was the father and not Rhys like everyone had thought or hoped for Tosh’s sake. Ianto just shook his head at the news; he'd known that Gwen and Owen were shagging, he could smell them on each other. He just never thought that they would be – could be –  this foolish.


Two hearts were broken simultaneously with the unwelcome announcement. Rhys and Tosh’s hearts had both shattered further when the parents-to-be announced that they were going to give their relationship a real shot at working.


From the way Tosh told Ianto things happened, she and Rhys met by accident at the same pub and with both of them nursing a broken and wounded heart, they found a kinship in mutual misery. It didn't take very long for that to became a strong friendship that quickly blossomed into a strong love. It warmed Ianto’s heart to see Tosh so happy and so in love and in all honesty, Ianto thought that Tosh and Rhys were much more suited to one another. Tosh deserved someone who would treat her like the queen she was and Rhys needed someone who would love him for the forthright and gentle man that he was. It had been so long since Tosh had had someone to care for her and about her, and Rhys was indeed a caregiver; they were truly a well-balanced couple.


“How was your date last night?” Ianto asked a knowing smile beginning to form on his lips as Tosh blushed lightly but the pure happiness in her eyes was not hard to miss. That look told Ianto everything and more about Tosh's state of mind and he was absolutely delighted.


“Rhys and I have decided to look for a place together.” Tosh couldn't hold back her good news any longer. She wanted to jump for joy and she was so glad that Ianto was the first person she could share with.


Moving quickly, Ianto embraced Tosh in a hug that lifted her right off her feet. “I’m so happy for you,” Ianto whispered in her ear. In his eyes, Tosh deserved her happy ending. Torchwood had a way of robbing those who worked for them but it seemed maybe this group was going to be different.


Tosh was pleased to see that her best friend was so happy for her. “Do you think Jack will be happy for me?” Tosh was no fool; she knew that Gwen was not going to be happy about her news. In fact, they would no doubt witness the greatest of all hissy fits once Gwen learned of Tosh and Rhys’ plans. As for Owen, well, he most likely wouldn’t care one way or another but Tosh hoped that he would be happy for her. But in truth other than Ianto, there was only one other person whose opinion mattered to her and that was Jack.


Ianto knew that Jack saw Tosh as a daughter and so he wasn't lying when he told Tosh straight up, “Jack wants us all to be happy and he knows you've found it in Rhys, that’s why he allowed you to tell Rhys the truth about your job.” It had stunned everyone, including Ianto, when Jack gave Tosh permission to tell Rhys about her work with Torchwood. “So I have no doubt that Jack will be happy at your news, he might even want to give Rhys another talk about hurting you!”


Tosh giggled as she recalled the horrified look on Rhys’ face after Jack got finished giving him 'the talk'. Rhys never talked about the things Jack would do to him if he ever broke Tosh’s heart. “Rhys still has nightmares about that!” she admitted through her giggles. Ianto joined Tosh in her laughter.


“What’s got two of my favourite people so happy?” Jack’s voice cut in, and they turned to see their boss leaning against the doorframe, his arms crossed over his broad chest. His blue eyes were twinkling with amusement and happiness as he gazed at Ianto and Tosh.


“Well, we sure weren’t talking about you!” Ianto teased his lover and was rewarded by Jack’s smile turning into the playful pout that Ianto loved to kiss off. A low growl, too low for any human to hear, left Ianto’s lips as he thought of the different ways he wanted to get that pout off of Jack’s face.


Jack turned wounded eyes to both Ianto and Tosh before he sniffled dramatically. “Fine then, see if I stay to grace you with my charming presence any longer.” Jack turned to leave and Ianto reached out and grasped Jack’s arm while still keeping Tosh in his arms.


Ianto brushed a gentle and loving kiss against Jack’s lips and was pleased when Jack returned the kiss with much more hunger. Ianto fought the urge to smirk as he smelt Jack’s scent spike with lust and he easily deepened their kiss.


The two men quickly forgot all about Tosh, who had managed to slip out of Ianto’s arms as he moved towards Jack. Despite the strong urge to stay and watch the floor show, Tosh decided it would be much better to give the two men their privacy. Backing slowly out of the kitchen, Tosh smiled as she watched Jack and Ianto lose themselves in their kiss.


Tosh’s quiet departure did not go unnoticed by Ianto but the vampire was too focused on pleasing his mate to stop Tosh. It had been nearly a thousand years since he'd last felt hunger such as this, since he had so little control over his heart. Never before had a mortal – or an immortal in this case – tested his limits.


Ianto was at a loss when faced with the problem presented by the very immortal, Captain Jack Harkness. Ianto wanted to fuck him against the nearest wall until they could no longer stand. He wanted to sink his fangs into Jack’s smooth, strong neck and feel Jack surrender to him. But more than anything else, Ianto wanted to taste Jack's rich blood upon his tongue and thereby claim him as his own from that moment on. It was a heady thought that drove Ianto's lust into high gear.


It took all of Ianto’s willpower not to groan as he pictured Jack naked and spread out on his bed. In his mind he heard the immortal pleading and writhing beneath him as he sank his fangs into Jack’s willing body. The first bite, eagerly accepted by its victim, would make Jack his, forever. It took every last ounce of Ianto’s self-control not to give in to the lust burning through his veins. The uncontrollable need to mark and claim Jack as his own was quickly becoming over-whelming.


A moan of pure need tore from Jack’s mouth into Ianto’s. Never before had the immortal experienced such passion from a lover; Ianto Jones was so different from anyone Jack had ever been with. Something about the gorgeous Welshman awoke feelings within Jack that he'd sworn he would never feel again, not after Estelle and Lucia. Jack was not a fool when it came to matters of the heart; he knew he couldn't just turn off the ability to fall in love no matter how much he wanted to or how hard he tried.


He thought he'd succeeded until one fateful night in the park when a very tempting Welshman in very tight blue jeans saved him. Jack was nobody's fool; he knew that one day their relationship was going to end in heartbreak when he finally lost Ianto forever. On the other hand, there was no way he could willingly walk away from Ianto. That would break his heart just as badly even worse, he wouldn’t have the memories of them together to look back on when the lonely and cold nights became unbearable.


‘But if I could, I would keep Ianto forever,' Jack knew that he would never love anyone ever again the way he loved Ianto Jones, he was the one Jack had been waiting for. 'If only I could find a way to end my curse and live a mortal life with Ianto.’


Ianto could feel the waves of pain and loneliness pouring off Jack; he could truly understand the soul crushing of losing everyone that you loved. 'The only difference between us is that I have my children and the others of my kind. I am never truly alone.' He wanted so badly to tell his lover that he no longer had to face his endless life by himself, that he would be by Jack’s side for as long as the immortal wanted him.


Without either one of them realizing it, their kiss slow changed from passionate and lusty to soft and tender. Both Jack and Ianto filled their exchange with all the heart-felt emotion that neither one was quite ready to name just yet. As the kiss came to an end, Ianto cupped Jack’s face in his hands and simply drank in the happiness that shone from blue eyes he loved so much.


‘I need to tell Jack the truth about me and soon. I’m just afraid of what he might do when he finds out that I'm not completely human. What if he sees me as nothing more than a monster?’ Ianto knew it would destroy him if Jack were to reject him; 'Jack Harkness owns my heart like no one else ever has or ever will.'


Just as he gathered his courage to ask Jack if they could talk later that night, the raucous sound of the Hub's alarms cut him off and he snapped his mouth shut in frustration. The heavy cog door rolled back and a clearly pregnant Gwen waddled down the Hub steps and over to her desk with a miserable look on her face.


Ianto and Jack shared a knowing look and then the two men sighed in perfect unison; it was clear that she and Owen were fighting once again.


Jack’s pout returned in full as Ianto pulled away from him; he could tell his lover was just about to tell him something and Jack had a feeling it was important. Before Ianto could pull away completely, Jack snagged his lover by the arm. “We’ll talk later tonight, okay?” Jack whispered in a low voice.


Gratitude shone from Ianto eyes as he graced Jack with a soft smile. “I’d like that very much, sir.” 'Tonight I will finally tell Jack the truth about myself and no matter the outcome, I will never regret loving Captain Jack Harkness.'


Jack watched as Ianto gathered up the freshly brewed coffee and Gwen’s tea and left the kitchen; he knew that something was bothering his lover. More than anything Jack wanted Ianto to open up to him and tell him what was going on in his head. ‘Please, Ianto, let me in. Don’t you know that you can tell me anything? I know I haven’t always shown it but I care for you more than anyone I've ever met before. Please trust me and tell me what's bothering you.’ Jack hoped that tonight the Rift would finally behave and he would find out what was bothering Ianto.


As she plunked her bulk down into her chair, Gwen couldn’t resist the urge to shoot a nasty glare at Tosh. Jealousy was eating away at her as she thought about the happiness that Tosh had found with her Rhys. 'That should be me!' she snarled mentally. 'I should be happy with Rhys!' Her mood only darkened as she watched Ianto exit the kitchen with his hair tussled and his lips kiss-swollen. When she saw Jack following right behind him with a cat-who-got-the-cream look on his face, she actually growled under her breath.


It burned Gwen to the quick that Tosh had ended up with the warm and loving Rhys, the man she'd so foolishly thrown away. It only made matters worse that Ianto, the lowly Tea-Boy, had managed to land the hero of her fantasies, her walking sex god, Jack Harkness. 'Here I am, stuck with a man I do not love and carrying a child I'm not all that sure I'm ready for or even really want!' Gwen looked around for something to throw, but there wasn't anything within easy reach so she sagged back in her chair.


‘How did my life come to this? I’m not ready to be a mom and I always thought it would be Rhys that I started a family with or even better, Jack.’ Gwen let her gaze flicker over to where Jack was watching Ianto with a silly school-girl look on his face, and a dreamy sigh escaped her lips as she imagined how much happier she would be if Jack was the father of her child. ‘Oh, Jack, if only I'd accepted you when you flirted with me; we would have been so happy together. Instead, we both settled for second best.’


It took all of Ianto’s willpower not to crush the tray in his hands as Gwen’s thoughts came across to him loud and clear. Out of everyone on the team, she was still the only one who had not yet learned how not to broadcast her thoughts. One day her careless thinking was going to piss off the wrong person, 'like a thousand-year-old vampire whose mate she's fantasizing about!' Ianto carefully set Tosh's mug of coffee on her desk.


‘Second best? She dares to think I am only second best! I can’t wait until I claim Jack as mine and prove to Miss Cooper that not only am I not the second choice, but I am the only choice! If Jack truly wanted her, than nothing would have stopped him from having her, but Jack did nothing more than flirt with her. It's me he turns to for comfort and it's my understanding ear that he seeks out. Gwen is going to have to learn that Jack’s flirting is just a normal part of his nature and that it means absolutely nothing.’


It hadn’t take Ianto long to realize that Jack’s need to hit on everything with his pulse was a way of seeking out a human touch without risking his heart. No one could go without a touch of some kind for very long and one night stands and short sex-only flings were Jack’s way of getting that kind of touch without falling in love. But Ianto knew that sometimes someone special slipped through and came to mean more than a casual hook-up and he hoped with all his heart that he was one of those special ones for Jack. 'Hopefully, I'm his last one.'


Tags: fic: moonlight sings the darkness, pairing: jack/ianto, pairing: owen/diane, pairing: rhys/tosh, vampire!ianto
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