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Musing of a Dreamer

Where True Love is Never Denied

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Fic: Moonlight Sings The Darkness Chapter 2/8
Title: Moonlight Sings the Darkness
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairings: Ianto/Jack, Rhys/Tosh, Owen/Gwen and Owen/Diane
Summary: For centuries, Ianto Jones has always had control of his true nature. Then he met Captain Jack Harkness who pushed his control beyond its limit. As Jack and Ianto's relationship goes from lovers to mates, what changes will one of Ianto's lost childe bring to Torchwood when she finds her own mate in Owen?
Beta: royalladyemma
Rating: R to NC-17
Disclamier: I don't own Torchwood
Art: imera , see more art here: art link
Written for the Vampire Big Bang


Chapter 2


Ianto had reached his breaking point; 'I am fed up with this little girl acting like she's better than the rest of us!' Some days the only thing kept him from ripping Gwen’s head right off her shoulders was the fact that she was carrying an innocent life within her. ‘I need to talk to Jack and tell him that it's time to name a second-in-command before he goes with the Doctor to get his answers. I have a feeling that despite her condition, Gwen will try and take command the moment Jack's gone. I can guarantee that no one will listen to a pushy rookie.’


Yes, Ianto was well aware that Jack was waiting for the Doctor to arrive; he knew that his lover was desperate to get some answers about his immortality. It hadn’t taken Ianto long to find the files Jack had missed purging when he first joined. After reading the horrific stories about Torchwood's treatment of Jack, it was only because they were dead that Ianto didn't hunt down those who dared to torture his Jack.


At some point Ianto knew that a version of the Doctor would correspond with Jack’s timeline and he would seek him out to get the answers, and he was comfortable with that. 'What Jack doesn't know is that as his mate I'll be tagging along because there's no way in hell I'm willing to let my mate go off into danger alone.' Ianto fought back the growl that was trying to claw its way out of his throat. He knew the kind of danger the Time Lord attracted, ‘and really what kind of mate would I be if I let my mate go off on adventures through time and space without me?’


Yes, there was no way Jack Harkness was leaving him behind while he went with the Doctor.


Ianto Jones did not share well with others, a fact that everyone, especially Gwen Cooper, would learn once he made Jack his mate. Ianto knew that he would take great pleasure in decapitating anyone who dared to challenge his claim. It didn't matter if they were a mortal woman or the last of the Time Lords, they would experience the full wrath of a centuries old vampire and they would lose. Make no doubt about that, they would lose badly.


‘Yes, soon, I will claim you as my mate, Jack,’ Ianto purred, his eyes darkening to the point where they were almost pitch-black. His gaze fastened on Jack, who was slowly and reluctantly making his way up to his office to the piles of paperwork that needed to be done.


Jack shivered as he felt Ianto’s hungry and burning gaze on him, and he turned to catch his lover's gaze. The immortal felt his mouth go dry when he saw the pure heat smouldering in the blue eyes of the man he loved so much. There was something about the way Ianto was looking at him that made Jack want to submit willingly and beg the other man to take him. ‘Fuck, if Ianto keeps look at me like that I’m going to come in my pants!


When Ianto’s lips curled up into a knowing smirk, Jack was lost and his mind shut down to all thought the over-powering need to have Ianto buried deep within him, fucking him into his mattress or even better into his desk. ‘Or even better yet, Ianto and I could test out my chair; I’ve always wanted to know if it could hold up to Ianto riding me hard in it.’ It was getting harder and harder to resist the idea of faking a mission to get the others out of his hair for a while. 'If we were alone, I could let Ianto do all those wicked things to me that his eyes are offering.'  


The full force of Jack’s arousal hit Ianto and his eyes darkened even more with untamed lust, need and love he felt for his gorgeous immortal. Possessive hunger churned in Ianto’s gut as he fought the urge to give in to the basest of all needs and claim his mate on the spot, uncaring of where they were and who was watching.


‘No,’ Ianto took a deep calming breath as he forced his body to calm down as well. ‘I refuse to let anyone see what is mine and mine alone. But that doesn’t mean I can’t help Jack take the edge off.’ Ianto didn't both to fight back the urge to smirk wickedly as he pictured just how he could help Jack.


‘Oh God, Ianto! Stop looking at me like that!’ Jack wasn’t sure how long he would be able to resist begging Ianto taking him. Never have any of his past lovers ever made him feel so needy, so desperate, and so desirable. If Jack was being honest with himself, it scared him a little how much power Ianto had over him. But at the same time, nothing Jack had ever experienced had ever felt so right.


Eyes wide, Tosh watched the heated exchange between Jack and Ianto scorch the air in the Hub and she fanned herself with the closest folder she could reach. ‘I’m almost hoping that they forget Gwen and I are here,' she thought. 'Just jump each other already! I wouldn’t mind seeing a live show for once rather than watching it on the CCTV.’ Tosh shifted slightly in her chair as her mind began an instant playback of some of the heated encounters between Jack and Ianto she'd had the privilege of stumbling upon while reviewing the CCTV. ‘Rhys certainly enjoys the effect it has on me.’ Not caring that Gwen or anyone else would see her, Tosh grinned wickedly as she thought of just how Rhys ‘helped’ her work off her excess energy after viewing Ianto and Jack’s after-hours going’s-on all around the Hub.


Tosh was so caught up in her fantasies that she failed to realise that she was broadcasting loud and clear. Ianto easily heard every one of her thoughts and at any other time they would have brought a smirk to his face. This time, however, he was so focused on Jack that he simply turned her out after thinking that, as his long life and myriad experiences had taught him, it was the quiet ones you needed to watch out for.


Ianto moved towards Jack with the immortal's coffee mug firmly in hand. “Sir, your coffee, and I believe there are stacks of paperwork on your desk that need your immediate attention.” Ianto forced himself to smother a grin as Jack pursed his lips into a pretty pout. Leaning in close, Ianto whispered lowly and seductively in Jack’s ear, “Be a good boy and do your paperwork and I’ll be up in an hour to reward you for doing all your hard work.”


Jack’s mouth went completely dry as his mind began picturing all the ways Ianto might reward him. “You got yourself a deal,” Jack grinned happily at Ianto. If doing boring work got Ianto to reward him like that, and like that, and especially like that, then Jack would finish off every piece of paper on his desk. ‘Of course on the other hand, I can’t help but wonder what kind of punishment Ianto would come up with for me if I didn’t finish my work?’


Now Jack was torn; should he do as Ianto asked and enjoy the rewards, or should he disobey and have his lover punish him. ‘Decisions, decisions.’ Jack honestly could not decide which sounded better to him. "This is so frustrating!" he growled softly.


Ianto cocked an eyebrow as Jack’s thoughts easily flowed into his mind and he felt a smirk beginning to curl his lips. Since he was still close enough to whisper in Jack’s ear he decided to give his lover a reason to do his work and not slack off. “If you finish off five pieces of paperwork in an hour, I’ll suck you off from under your desk while you’re talking to UNIT,” Ianto purred in a husky tone.


Jack’s legs turned to rubber as all of his blood pooled to his southern regions. All he could see was Ianto on his knees, his lover's talented mouth wrapped around his aching cock as he struggled to keep Colonel Mace overhearing his moans. After all, that would be embarrassing.


Deeply satisfied, Ianto grinned as it became clear that he'd won this round and he slowly licked his lips as he looked Jack straight in the eye. “Now be a good boy, Sir, and get to work on those papers.” With a cheeky wink to his lover, Ianto turned on his heel and headed for his Archives, knowing that Jack’s hungry gaze was locked firmly on his arse.


“Jack, you’re drooling!” Tosh’s amused voice and throaty laughter cut in to Jack’s enjoyment of watching Ianto’s trousered behind disappear down the stairs.


Forcing his eyes off that delicious behind Jack turned his gaze towards Tosh and he flashed a winning smile at her. “Can you really blame me? It’s a fabulous view that’s even better when naked.” The look on his face was downright dirty as Jack began imagining all the ways he could get Ianto alone and naked. Neither Jack nor Tosh noticed the ugly and sullen stare that Gwen was giving them both.


Smiling Tosh just shook her head fondly at Jack’s actions but before she could say anything more the Hub's alarms went off signalling Owen’s arrival. As the medic stepped through the cog door, he took one look at Jack’s leering face and then at Gwen glowering at her desk and groaned. ‘It’s far too early to think about Jack mooning over Tea-Boy or to deal with one of Gwen’s bloody tantrums.’ He looked around for Ianto, hoping against hope that he could get a cup of coffee but Ianto was nowhere to be seen.


Shoulders slumped in disappointment, Owen silently by-passed everyone and headed for his desk and his first smile of the day graced his lips as he spotted the steaming cup of coffee waiting for him. ‘If I didn’t know Jack would have my head I would kiss the Tea-Boy!’ With Ianto's miracle coffee in hand, Owen knew he might be able to make it through the day and as he took a swallow of the hot liquid he tried not to notice that Gwen’s angry burning gaze was glued to his back.


Owen refused to let Gwen get to him; everyone else had begun walking around Gwen on their tiptoes, afraid of upsetting her. Lately it seemed like the slightest thing would throw her into a rage or make her burst into tears. Owen was trying, he really was trying to be there for Gwen and their unborn child; he'd even given up his nightly bar hopping and taking home whoever caught his eye.


He knew what it was like to grow up in an unloving family and he refused to have that kind of home for his child. He would never say it out loud to anyone but he really wanted his child. If that meant he had to put up with Gwen’s mood swings and the way she constantly blamed him for ruining her relationship with Rhys and her chances at getting Jack, then so be it.


But Owen was well of the fact that once their child was born he was going to have to make a decision on whether or not he and Gwen could get along well enough to raise their child together.


Nothing mattered to Owen but that his child should grow up in a loving family. ‘I never saw myself having kids with anyone but Katie and I can’t help but wonder what our children would have been like. I promise you, Katie, this little child will be loved and maybe someday I can tell them about you, the wonderful woman that I will always love and that in another life would have been their mother.’


Jack and Tosh exchanged knowing looks; the tension riddling Owen’s body and the glares that Gwen was sending Owen hadn't escaped their attention. The term if looks could kill came to mind and if it were possible, then Torchwood was going to be short one medic very soon.


Jack wasn’t at all surprised to see that Owen and Gwen’s questionable romance had come to its end; given the way it had started, he'd known it was doomed for failure. He did feel for the child growing inside of Gwen, however; no child deserved to grow up in a home where the parents hated each other. ‘But,’ Jack let his gaze drift over to Owen, ‘something tells me that while Gwen doesn’t seem to really want this child, Owen does and I think parenthood would be good for him.’ Everyone, including Jack, had been surprised at the changes in Owen since learning he was going to be a father. He'd drastically cut down on his drinking and he no longer shagged his way through Cardiff's female population. Dare Jack think that Owen seemed happy about his upcoming role as a father?


Shaking his head, Jack easily brought his mind back on track and that was getting his reward from Ianto. “I have paperwork calling my name, so till next time, my lovely Toshiko.” Jack winked at the blushing young woman and with a smile on his face and a spring in his step Jack bounced up the stairs. As he disappeared into his office, it was clear that Jack was also whistling a jaunty tune.


“Oi! I take it Tea-Boy offered sex in exchange for our fearless leader to doing his job, because nobody should be that happy about doing paperwork.” Owen grumbled out loud, yet a soft hint of a smile played upon his lips.


Tosh was amazed by the change of her former crush; he was truly happy about becoming a father and Tosh was truly happy for him. Even though he still called Ianto, 'Tea-Boy', he'd actually light up around the younger man. 'In fact,' Tosh thought to herself, 'it's almost like they were becoming friends.' Granted, it was a weird, snarky friendship, but it seemed to work for them.


Smiling softly at Owen -- even though he'd unknowingly broken her heart by taking up with Gwen,  Tosh still considered him a friend and she nodded her head as her soft giggles filled the air. “Whatever Ianto said to Jack left him speechless. You should have seen the look on Jack’s face, Owen,  it was priceless!” She giggled again, not knowing that Gwen was watching her and seething with anger.


For a brief moment, Owen just gaped at Tosh in disbelief before his lips curved into a pout rather reminiscent of Jack's. “You mean I missed our fearless leader speechless? Tosh, oh glorious tech goddess, please tell you have some CCTV footage of that moment?” Owen clasped his hands together in a begging motion.


“I’ll see what I can do,” Tosh promised with a conspiratorial wink for the medic before turning back to her computer.


Gwen’s glower grew steadily darker after witnessing the whole ridiculous conversation between her boyfriend and Tosh. 'How bloody dare she come on to Owen like that! How can she not see that the man is taken!?' Her hand drifted down to rest on her stomach and she was torn between love for the unborn child growing in her stomach, and hate for the whole situation in which she found herself. 'This is all Owen's damn fault! How can he flirt with her while I'm sitting right here!' Quickly she removed her hand and forced herself to focus on her work, refusing to spend any more time thinking of the child who had robbed her of her future.