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Fic: Moonlight Sings The Darkness Chapter 3/8

Title: Moonlight Sings the Darkness
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairings: Ianto/Jack, Rhys/Tosh, Owen/Gwen and Owen/Diane
Summary: For centuries, Ianto Jones has always had control of his true nature. Then he met Captain Jack Harkness who pushed his control beyond its limit. As Jack and Ianto's relationship goes from lovers to mates, what changes will one of Ianto's lost childe bring to Torchwood when she finds her own mate in Owen?
Beta: royalladyemma
Rating: R to NC-17
Disclamier: I don't own Torchwood
Art: imera , see more art here: art link
Written for the Vampire Big Bang


Chapter 3

Deep in the Archives Ianto forced himself to calm down. He could feel that his other side was dangerously close to the surface, his fangs were just waiting, aching to slip out. The question was whether to act on his love and sink his teeth into Jack’s smooth throat or to act on his rage and rip out Gwen’s deceitful throat. How dare she think about his mate like he was just a piece of meat that she was entitled to!


‘I need to calm down before I lose control and do something to Gwen that I may come to regret.’ Closing his eyes and taking deep calming breaths, Ianto forced his true nature back, forcing the creature born out pain, suffering and his pure need to survive back into its cage. He looked up at the ceiling; above his head, his mate-to-be was upstairs, hard at work, and he silently formed the simple promise, ‘soon.’


Ianto's vampire self did not like the idea of leaving his unclaimed mate alone with a woman who made no secret of the fact that even in her advanced condition, she wanted in his bed. Both sides of Ianto wanted the world, the whole damn universe and all of space and time itself to know that Jack Harkness was his and his alone.


It took several moments for Ianto to calm down and sooth the beast that lived in his soul. Ianto knew that he couldn’t put off his talk with Jack for much longer, it was getting to damn hard not to lose control and simply take him, location and consequences be damned. ‘Tonight, if the Rift is behaving, I will tell Jack everything,’ Ianto vowed to himself. 'But first I have to make sure that Jack followed my orders and then I have to reward,' Ianto grinned wickedly, 'or punish my mate!'



One hour later Ianto ventured upstairs to find the Hub empty of Tosh, Owen and Gwen, although the fact that their individual scents still lingered in the air confirmed that he'd missed them by mere minutes. He wasn’t worried though, as his sharp ears picked up Jack’s heartbeat and Ianto felt his lips curl into a smile. It was clear that his mate sent them out to give them some time alone and it was also clear from the increased rate of Jack's heartbeat that he was waiting for Ianto to appear.


As Ianto began to slowly climb the stairs to Jack’s office, he took a deep breath, filling his lungs with the scent of his mate's arousal. He felt a very familiar hunger fill him as Jack’s lust filled the air and as he opened the door to the office, Ianto got hit with the full wave of the hunger pouring off of Jack. Leaning against the doorframe, Ianto took in the sight of Jack actually doing his paperwork. “So I take it with the others gone that you've finished your five pieces of paperwork?” Ianto asked in a tone designed to seduce.


Jack’s head shot up at the sound of Ianto's voice and he fought the urge to drool at the sight of pure sensuality standing before him. Ianto slowly stalked into his office and it was clear that his lover was on a hunt and he was the prey. “I sent the others out for an early lunch, thought it would be best to save Colonel Mace from hearing Owen and Gwen’s latest spat.” Jack struggled to keep the little bit of control he had left.


“So it’s all for Colonel Mace's benefit, is it?” Ianto purred throatily as he took a seat at the edge of Jack’s desk right next to Jack’s chair, his foot swinging quite close to Jack's thigh. He picked up one of the papers in Jack’s inbox and was pleased to see that it was completed and done right for once. “I see you were a good boy and did as I asked, which means it’s time for your reward.” Gently tossing the paper back into the inbox, he leaned forward, grabbed Jack’s braces, and pulled the immortal into a toe-curling kiss.


The moment Ianto’s lips touched his Jack was lost. It was clear that the Welshman was staking his claim and Jack was more than happy to let his young lover have his way. ‘God, I love it when Ianto gets all possessive on me!’ Jack wasn’t normally fond of overly possessive lovers but with Ianto it was very different. Something in him wanted to submit to the Welshman and let Ianto claim him in any way he wanted.


Ianto’s chest rumbled with a deep growl as he sensed the moment Jack surrendered to him, and it took every last ounce of his control not to tear Jack’s clothes from his body and claim his mate right then and there on Jack’s desk.


Ianto was thankful he'd remembered to close the doors but he deliberately left the CCTV coverage in Jack’s office turned on. ‘A little house warming gift for Tosh,’ he thought with a wicked inward smile. Ianto knew the genius already had quite the collection of his and Jack’s finest moments and he figured one more piece wouldn’t hurt.


Breaking the kiss Ianto couldn’t help but smirk as he heard the tiny whimper escape Jack’s lips. “No need to pout, Sir,” Ianto purred, his eyes darkening with lust as he slowly began to undo the buttons on Jack’s shirt. “I’m just rewarding you.” One by one, the buttons came undone.


Jack’s breath hitched at the tender way in which Ianto slipped his braces from his shoulders and then removed his belt and shirt. A shiver coursed through his body as Ianto’s hands slipped beneath his undershirt and scraped his nails across his nipples. The immortal could hardly believe how strongly his body responded to the simplest touch from Ianto. None of his past lovers had stirred such longing and craving in him and Jack knew he would never get his fill of Jones, Ianto Jones. ‘If I could I would keep you forever,’ Jack thought fondly.


Ianto caught the stray thought and his un-beating heart leapt for joy. Surging forward Ianto caught Jack’s mouth in a kiss full of love and longing as his beast roared with joy; his mate wanted him forever!


Breaking the kiss Ianto rocked his body against Jack’s. “I want you so badly. I want to strip you bare and then suck you with my mouth and then just as you're on the edge, I’ll bend you over and fuck you into your desk.” Ianto whispered huskily in Jack’s ear.


A groan of pure need tore itself from Jack’s lips. “Oh God, yes please!” Jack cried in near desperation. He needed that to happen more than he'd ever needed anything in his entire long life. He wanted Ianto’s mouth on him now, otherwise he felt like he was going to combust with need.


A wolfish smirk graced Ianto’s lips as he stared down at his panting lover; he loved making Jack come undone but he wasn’t undone enough for Ianto’s taste. 'And I do so enjoy making Jack beg.' “You’re going to be a good boy while talking to Colonel Mace and you're not going to come while I’m sucking off of you, are you?" He waited for Jack to nod, although in Jack's over-wrought state it took a moment.


"Then once your conversation is done, and you cannot cut the call short," Ianto quickly warned Jack, raking a fingernail across Jack's left nipple. He saw the plotting look in his lover's eyes and knew exactly what his Captain was planning. "You will discuss everything that's needed, and only then will I bend you over your desk and fuck you into it." Ianto purred out his words like honey and his grin grew all the wider as Jack moaned loudly. "Yeah, I'm going to fuck you long and hard," and he punctuated his intentions by grinding the palm of his hand into Jack's achingly hard groin.


“I thought this was supposed to be my reward!” Jack whined. He really wasn't sure if he could do what Ianto wanted; he was already so hard he was about to come in his pants just hearing from Ianto’s dirty talk.


Helpless against Jack's pout, Ianto licked the seam of his lips before he began kissing Jack slowly. His hand drifted down Jack's chest and ghosted across his stomach before stopping at the button of Jack's pants. "Oh it is," Ianto breathed against Jack's lips as his nimble fingers quickly unfastened Jack's trousers. Before the immortal could even blink, Ianto had his trousers and underwear down past his knees and Jack shivered as the cool air hit his rock-hard cock.


Grinning wickedly at Jack, Ianto slid off the desk and onto his knees and then, without warning, Ianto engulfed Jack's cock in one swift movement.


"Oooohhhh..." A loud moan escaped Jack's lips as Ianto's hot mouth wrapped around his throbbing head; the immortal groaned and let his eyes drift closed. As he relaxed back into his chair, Ianto began working his magic. 'Magic indeed! No other lover has ever made me feel this weak in my knees before.' Jack knew that there was something different about Ianto. Somehow, the Welshman understood him, his wants and desires, his darkness and troubles, and accepted Jack for exactly who he was. Best of all, Ianto had no desire whatsoever to change him.


Feeling the happiness pouring off  Jack made Ianto happy. Pulling away from Jack's cock, he grinned when he heard Jack moan in disappointment and he looked up at his lover through his lowered lashes. He was so going to enjoy driving his mate over the edge of pleasure.


"Don't worry, I fully plan on finishing what I started I just thought I'd tell you of a slight change of plans. I'm going to see how many times I can make you come with just my mouth, tongue and fingers before you finally break. If you can last until the conference call with Colonel Mace is done then not only will I let you fuck me into the desk but we'll take the rest of the day off and see how many times you can make me come." The hitch in Jack's breathing let Ianto know that his lover was liking where this was going so far.


"If you break before the call is done, I will bend you over your desk and slowly and softly make love to you until you're a near begging mess," Ianto finished off in a purr and before he could give Jack another moment to think he engulfed Jack's cock once again.


"God! Ianto!" Jack groaned as once again Ianto's tongue wrapped around his aching cock and as Ianto's promise ran through his head, Jack honestly didn't know which outcome he wanted more. 'Of course if I make it through the phone call then I can take Ianto hard and fast and then spend the rest of the day and night making love to my Welshman.' It had been a long time since Jack had considered it 'making love' instead of 'shagging', not since he'd fallen in love with Estelle. He hadn't allowed himself to love with anyone since then, no matter how much they appealed to him, but this quiet, unassuming Welshman managed to sneak past all his defences and bury himself deep within his very walled-up heart.


Swiping at the pre-cum seeping from Jack's tip, Ianto enjoyed the tangy taste that was Jack's and Jack's alone. Clutching Jack's hips to keep him still, Ianto slowly began moving his tongue along the slit while his sharp ears picked up the breathy sounds that Jack was making.


As his fingernails dig into the arms of his chair, Jack didn't have to look at his hands to know they were turning white from the grip he had on them. He fought the urge to buck his hips and fuck Ianto's mouth; from the grip Ianto had on his hips, his lover was setting the pace and Jack had no choice but to follow Ianto's silent order.


Loving how easily Jack submitted to him, Ianto began to hum around Jack's cock, knowing how much his lover enjoyed that and he was rewarded with another loud moan. As much as Ianto would love to have teased Jack longer, he knew that Colonel Mace was due to call at any moment and he had made a promise to make Jack come.


'And come he shall,' Ianto vowed as he began using his teeth and tongue, knowing all the ways to make Jack come undone in moments.


The feel of Ianto's teeth and tongue mixed with the vibration of the humming was quickly pushing Jack over the edge. "Ianto!" The guttural cry tore from Jack's lips as he came.


Ianto's moan was muffled but he closed his eyes as the taste of Jack landed on his tongue. 'I wonder if his blood will taste as sweet?' Ianto knew he was completely addicted to the taste of his lover, and he wondered just how many times he could make Jack cum in their little bet. 'I can't wait to have my fill of Jack!'


Boneless and breathless, Jack sank into his chair; he could feel every nerve in his body on high alert waiting for Ianto's next touch. A disappointed moan escaped his lips as Ianto removed his mouth from his sated flesh.


Without getting up off his knees, Ianto grinned up at his lover and he kept right on smiling as he reached out and wrapped his hand around Jack's spent cock. Slowly and tenderly, he stroked it back to life despite the fact that Jack was glaring lightly at his grinning Welshman. Ianto's smile just grew wider; he was not at all fazed by Jack's glare. "I figured you could use a moment to recover and be ready for your phone conference," Ianto calmly told him as he rubbed his thumb over the head of Jack's cock.


Jack bit back a groan, knowing that Ianto's ministrations weren't aimed at helping his body calm down. All he wanted to do was to either bury himself in Ianto or have his gorgeous lover buried deep within him. 'This is going to be pure torture,' Jack thought with a grin but he couldn't think of a better way to be tormented.

Tags: fic: moonlight sings the darkness, pairing: jack/ianto, pairing: owen/diane, pairing: rhys/tosh, vampire!ianto
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