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Fic: Moonlight Sings The Darkness Chapter 4/8

Title: Moonlight Sings the Darkness
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairings: Ianto/Jack, Rhys/Tosh, Owen/Gwen and Owen/Diane
Summary: For centuries, Ianto Jones has always had control of his true nature. Then he met Captain Jack Harkness who pushed his control beyond its limit. As Jack and Ianto's relationship goes from lovers to mates, what changes will one of Ianto's lost childe bring to Torchwood when she finds her own mate in Owen?
Beta: royalladyemma
Rating: R to NC-17
Disclamier: I don't own Torchwood
Art: imera , see more art here: art link
Written for the Vampire Big Bang


Chapter 4

'Yep, I was right, pure torture.' Jack fought back another groan that wanted to break free. He struggled to listen to what Colonel Mace was saying and respond accordingly even as he glared at his overly smug lover. So far, Ianto had made good on his promise and had made Jack come three times, twice from his hand and once more by his mouth. But despite Ianto's best efforts, Jack had managed to maintain what little control he had left and he'd still not shouted Ianto's name to the heavens. 'No, I am going to win this bet!'   


Ianto had to admit that Jack's resistance was truly admirable; his mate was holding strong. 'I honestly thought Jack would have caved by now. But I'm glad! I can't deny a day and night of making love with Jack would be nice.' With everything that had been happening lately, they hadn't had much alone time together, although what time they had shared had been high quality.


Thrilled that Tosh had finally found someone to make her happy, Jack and Ianto made sure she had enough time off to make her relationship work even if it meant giving up their own time together. With Gwen being pregnant, she was even more demanding than usual and poor Owen seemed to take the brunt of her anger and rage. Jack and Ianto had ended up sacrificing even more of their time alone in order to make sure that the struggling couple got their time.


Ianto knew that both he and Jack were in perfect agreement on the fact that it would be nice to have the day for themselves.


'A day off would give me time to tell Jack everything without worrying about work getting in the way. Tosh assured me that the Rift was going to be quiet today.' Ianto didn't see the need to inform Jack just yet about what he had planned, it was always more fun to keep his mate on his toes.


Jack's soft moan and abrupt jerking in his hold broke Ianto free from his thoughts and the sweet taste of Jack once again fell upon his tongue. Grinning hungrily, Ianto drank every drop and let his eyes flutter closed as he imagined that Jack's blood would taste as sweet as ambrosia as it slid down his throat. He hoped that he would get to find out very soon because for a vampire, no other blood ever tasted more mouth-wateringly perfect than that of their mate. 


'Thank God for fast recovery time,' Jack thought vaguely as he sank bonelessly into his chair. He tried to pay attention to what Mace was saying but from the tone of the UNIT colonel's voice, it sounded like their conversation was (finally!) nearing its end. 'Which means I can bury myself into my Welshman's beautiful, tight arse! I'll turn Ianto a begging, writhing mess by the time I've finished with him.' Jack couldn't wait until he had his cock-tease of a lover stark naked and bent over his desk.


Thanks to his advanced hearing capabilities, Ianto could hear the phone conversation perfectly and he knew that it was only a matter of minutes before Jack hung up the phone. Ianto's body began to tighten in anticipation of the moment when he would be stripped bare and bent over Jack's desk with his lover buried deep within him. 'There's no point in me not speeding up the process,' Ianto thought with a wicked grin.


A moan of disappointment nearly tore itself free from Jack when Ianto removed his mouth from him but Jack's sense of loss quickly faded as pure smugness filled him. 'I didn't break and now it's my turn to torture Ianto!'


'Oh, come on! That's just not fair,' Jack whined silently as Ianto began to strip as slowly as possible. He  was no longer listening to Colonel Mace; instead, he watched with hungry eyes as Ianto leisurely undid the buttons to his suit jacket one... by... one. Sitting up straight in his chair Jack's eyes were firmly locked on Ianto as his lover shrugged his jacket off. Jack watched as Ianto turned around, walked across the room, 'Oh, yeah, look at that arse!' and he felt his groin tighten hungrily.


Knowing full well that Jack was staring at him and memorising his every move, Ianto took his time getting to Jack's coat rack. After shaking his jacket into shape with a crisp snap, he hung it with great care on one of the hooks. Next to it was Jack's own great coat, and Ianto smoothed imaginary wrinkles from it with near obsession born of love. Before he left the coat rack, he dent over at the waist and unlaced his shoes, but he didn't remove them.


Ianto walked back over and stood in front of Jack's desk. Linking eyes with his lover, Ianto's nimble fingers began playing with his cufflinks and Jack's breath hitched as Ianto brought each sleeve up to his mouth and used his teeth to undo the cufflink clasps. As he saw Ianto's sharp white teeth manipulate the golden metal, Jack moaned under his breath. No one knew better than he did how talented Ianto's mouth was. Jack shifted in his chair as Ianto freed the one cufflink and placed it in his pocket before giving the other cufflink the same treatment.


Licking his lips Jack watched as those same fingers slid up to play with the buttons of Ianto's waistcoat; slowly, one-by-one those long fingers undid each button until the waistcoat hung open. Without breaking eye contact, Ianto slipped it off over his arms and carefully hung it back of the wooden chair next to him.


At this point it was pure torture for Jack to keep his mind on what Mace was saying although he did manage to make the right noises in the right places. His hungry gaze was firmly locked on Ianto as the Welshman's tie and belt were placed on the couch, and the teasing smirk that crossed Ianto's delicious mouth had Jack sitting on edge of his seat.


'Time for a little more fun,' Ianto decided with a grin. He looked down at his feet and then at the wooden chair, as though trying to make a decision. In the end, he stepped away from the chair, turned his back on his lover and bent over to remove his shoes. He made very sure to give Jack a perfect view of how tightly his trousers were stretched across his flawless arse.


Jack nearly gave in to the irresistible urge to take Ianto right then and there as that tight behind was put on display for him. In his mind's eye, he was already picturing himself buried balls-deep into that arse and he was quite sure that he could hear Ianto's moans and pleas as he begged Jack to fuck him. 'I am going to make you scream!' Jack promised darkly as Ianto straightened up after removing his socks and shoes and turned around to smile enticingly.


The shiver that racked Ianto's body had nothing to do with the cold floor beneath his toes and everything to do with the waves of pure carnal hunger coming off Jack. 'I really hope this call is over soon! I do not want to wait much longer to have Jack inside me.' Ianto could not control his intense need for his mate back too much longer.


The most wonderful set of words he'd ever heard fell upon Jack's ears and he perked right up. "That seems to be about everything... good-bye, Mace." Not even waiting for the words to finish falling from his mouth Jack placed the phone's receiver back on its base. Almost faster than was humanly possible, Jack was around his desk, pulling Ianto into his arms, and devouring his lips in an all-consuming kiss.


Ianto groaned deep in his throat as Jack pinned him against his desk, their lips locked in a heated kiss. He could feel Jack's renewed erection pressing against his hip and Jack's trembling hands removing the clothing that was keeping them from enjoying skin-on-skin contact.


With the ease that came from decades of practice, Jack had Ianto out of his trousers and underwear and then bent over his desk within seconds. Evan as he admired the beauty of the flesh displayed before him, his hand grasped the lube Ianto had so helpfully left on the desk.


Ianto's torrid moan filled the office as Jack's finger stretched and opened Ianto to him. "I'm going to bury myself so deep in you, we won't know where one of us ends and the other one starts," Jack purred seductively in Ianto's ear just as his finger brushed over Ianto's prostate.


Ianto groaned again as he twisted around and pulled Jack into a messy kiss; it was all he could do not to give to his burning desire to turn things around on Jack. He wanted to pin Jack to the desk and sink his fangs into Jack's smooth skin and claim him as his mate. 'No! I will not claim my mate over his desk; I will do it in the privacy and sanctity of our bed.' Ianto firmly told himself. "Please, Jack, take me! I need you! I need to feel you in me!" Ianto pleaded breathlessly against Jack's mouth. "Now, please!"


A deep growl rumbled through Jack's chest; he knew he wouldn't be able to hold back any longer. Grasping Ianto's hips, he guided himself in to his lover's body and they both groan at the feeling of finally being complete. They both knew that this wasn't going to be slow and tender; oh, no, they were both way too far gone for that. This coupling was going to be hard, fast and messy and totally satisfying for them both.


Holding Ianto's hips with his large hands, Jack found a rhythm and an angle that insured he hit Ianto's prostate with each thrust. "Touch yourself, Yan; you know how I love watching you stroke your own cock," Jack whispered huskily in Ianto's ear.


Feeling Jack's strong chest pressed against his back, Ianto wrapped his hand around his own weeping cock and began stroking himself in sync with Jack's thrusts. For several minutes, Jack's office was filled with the moans of two passionate men and the sounds of flesh on flesh.


"Come for me, Ianto, come now!" Jack desperately needed to see Ianto lose that legendary control of his. "I want to take you home, strip you naked and explore every inch of your body." Freeing one hand from its tight hold on his lover's hip, he wrapped his hand around Ianto's own hand and helped him increase the pressure of his strokes.


Already at the edge, the feeling of Jack's powerful hand guiding his own sent Ianto over the edge. "Jack!" With a throaty cry, Ianto's body shuddered with his release, his essence covering his and Jack's hands and even on Jack's desk. Normally so fastidious, Ianto was so spent that he didn't care about the mess they'd made; all he could think about was hot wonderful he felt.


Seeing the pure bliss on Ianto's face made Jack growl with both pride and pleasure as he pounded harder into Ianto's body. He was completely overcome with the need to mark Ianto as his and his alone.


Ianto was awash in a sea of bliss as Jack began to lose control and seek his own pleasure even as he continued milking Ianto's orgasm for all it was worth. A shiver coursed through Ianto's body at the feeling of Jack's hot breath against his neck. "Come Jack, let everyone know that I belong to you and only you," Ianto whispered knowing full well what his words would do to Jack.


Primal need surged through Jack at Ianto's whispered words, and they were all he needed to topple over the edge he was on. Roaring Ianto's name to the heavens, Jack came long and hard inside his Welshman, branding him his forever.


A boneless mess Ianto revelled in the feeling of Jack's body pressed against his own. The smell of sex littered the air and Ianto knew they needed to get cleaned up and back to his flat before they started round two. "We better hurry and get out of here before the others return," Ianto murmured softly, running his fingers up and down Jack's arm.


A soft whine escaped Jack's lips at the idea of moving, but at the same time the idea of a whole day and night with Ianto without the Rift interrupting them was just too good to resist. "Okay, we'll have a quick shower, leave a note for the others and then head home," Jack agreed and something warm filled Ianto when Jack called his flat their home.



After rushing through a shower up and leaving a note for the others telling them that they wouldn't be back and to take an early day themselves, Ianto and Jack retreated to their flat. After another round of satisfying and energetic love-making, Ianto knew he could not put of telling Jack about himself any longer.


Snuggled into his lover's arms, Ianto took a deep breath and gathered his courage. "Jack, there's something I need to talk to you about." Ianto gazed up at his lover, sinking into the sheltering comfort of Jack's possessive hold. Not many would believe that Jack adored cuddling after sex, and if Ianto had it his way, no one but him would ever know that fact.


Very gently Jack stroked Ianto's marble-like skin with his fingers. "You know you can tell me anything, Yan." Jack cupped his chin and forced Ianto's blue eyes to meet his own. "Anything," he emphasised.


'This is it, Ianto, time to come clean to Jack about who you are and what he truly is to you.' Taking an unneeded deep breath Ianto prepared to reveal the truth. "Well... you see... it's like this..." Try as he might Ianto couldn't find the words to tell Jack how much of a monster he really was.


Jack sent Ianto a fond and exasperated look as his lover continued to stumble over his words. Truth be told, he found it just adorable the way Ianto was nervously twisting his fingers in the bed sheets and there was even a slight blush on his cheeks. Jack decided it would be nicer just to put his beloved Welshman out of his misery.


“Ianto, I know you’re a vampire.”


Ianto’s bowed head shot up and his mouth opened and closed for several moments. Finally, he managed to croak out, “How?” He uttered the only thing he could think of.


Rolling his eyes at his partner's naiveté, Jack tugged on Ianto’s arm, pulled his lover up and onto his lap, and wrapped his arms around Ianto’s waist. He waited until Ianto looked him in the eyes before he spoke. “Ianto, I’ve travelled to the stars and seen what’s out there and I’ve been through time. I’ve met vampires before. You really think I didn’t notice the coldness to your skin, your un-beating heart." Jack ran his hands across Ianto's unblemished chest in a soothing motion and then down his arms back to his waist. "You must be pretty old to be able to go out into the sun without burning.”


"You're not mad?" Ianto asked softly after a few moments of silence. His body was tensed and ready flee the moment Jack turned his back on him and saw him for the monster he was. He searched Jack's face for any sign of deceit or disgust, but all he saw was open admiration and true love.


Jack felt the moment when Ianto's body tensed up and he quickly tightened his arms around his lover. He tugged Ianto down and pressed their lips tightly together, pouring all the love he had for Ianto into that one kiss. The kiss stayed soft, sweet and tender and only when Jack felt Ianto relax completely did Jack pull back and smile up at the confused Welshman. He brushed the fringe back from Ianto's forehead.


"Why would I be mad at you, Yan? This means I can have you for a very long time." Jack was overcome by the sudden fear of Ianto not wanting to stay with him. "I can have you forever, can't I?"


Cupping Jack's face with his hands, Ianto stared deeply into the blue eyes he loved so much. "Of course you can have me forever, Jack, you're my mate! I will never leave you," Ianto vowed fervently; he knew full well how much it hurt Jack to lose everyone he loved. Even if Jack didn't love him like that, Ianto vowed to himself that he would still be Jack's friend and companion until the end of time.


Jack's breath hitched and he felt his heart skip a beat when he heard Ianto say he was his mate. From the few vampires he knew that meant 'Ianto's mine! I don't have to worry about him ever leaving me behind for another! I don't have to worry about Ianto falling in love with another, I couldn't bear it if Ianto left me for someone else.' Never before had Jack ever felt so strongly about another person. The only one who came close was Estelle, and that was nothing compared to the love he felt for Ianto Jones.


"Claim me." The words unthinkingly fell from Jack's lips.


Ianto blinked in surprise, unsure if he'd heard Jack right. "Are you sure, Jack? Once I claim you there is no going back. Your heart, soul and body will belong to me and only me. You can never be with another." Ianto needed Jack to be absolutely sure; he did not want him to come to regret his decision later.


Jack could see the doubt in Ianto's eyes and it stabbed him in the heart. He immediately vowed that from this day forward,  'I will never give you a reason to doubt my love for you Ianto, or that you will own this heart forever.' "I love you, Ianto Jones. I want forever with you and only with you. I belong to you just like you belong to me," Jack growled possessively as he rolled his body on top of Ianto's and pressed them flush together. "My heart beats for you, Yan, and no one else. I want you to claim me, mark me as your mate. I want the world... no, I want the universe to know that I belong to you." Jack whispered huskily in Ianto's ear as he brushed his erection against Ianto's.


A primal growl rumbled within Ianto as he finally allowed his beast to break free of its chains. As his fangs lowered he swiftly and forcefully rolled them over, pinning Jack beneath him. "Try to keep as still as possible. I don't want to hurt you any more than I have to," Ianto warned. He knew that a mating bite could be painful and he didn't want to cause Jack any unnecessary pain.


Two strong hands engulfed his face and Ianto found himself looking into the depths of Jack's blue eyes. "I trust you, Ianto, and I know you would never do anything to hurt me." Jack placed the tenderest of kisses on Ianto's mouth.


If vampires possessed the ability to cry, Ianto had no doubt he would be weeping at that very moment. Never in his long life had any one ever kissed him so tenderly and the pure trust that shone from Jack's eyes warmed his undead heart. "I love you, Jack." Wrapping one hand around the back of Jack's neck to hold him still, and making sure that Jack was trapped securely beneath his body, Ianto slowly lowered his head to Jack's pulse point. The smell of Jack's blood rushing beneath his lover's skin was too much for Ianto to resist and he bit into the deliciously smooth skin that he'd only ever licked before. At the same instant, he thrust himself deeply into Jack's willing body once again.


The first taste of Jack’s blood on his tongue was pure ambrosia and Ianto knew that he would be addicted to Jack’s taste forevermore. 'I will never tire of my beloved mate's taste.'


A moan of pure pleasure/pain escaped Jack’s lips as Ianto continued to drink from him. ‘I never knew that being bitten could feel this good!’ Jack was convinced that he was going to come just from having Ianto’s fangs in his neck. Moaning deep in his chest, Jack rocked his hips up into his lover, wishing he could touch Ianto as his mate pounded into him, hitting his prostate with every thrust.


Lost in the bliss of Jack's blood flowing down his throat, Ianto forced his eyes to stay open; he wanted to watch Jack come for the first time as his mate.


'Heaven, this is heaven.' Jack's lust-filled mind thought and his eyes rolled back in his head as he came embarrassingly hard and quick, coating his and Ianto's bellies with his cum.


Growling as Jack's muscles clenched around him, Ianto thrust a few more times into Jack, wanting to draw out his lover's orgasm and he wondered if he could make Jack come again. Having enjoyed his fill of Jack's blood and refusing to drain him dry, Ianto removed his fangs and released Jack so that he could instead grasp his hips. "I want you to come for me again," Ianto insisted in a raspy, lust-filled voice.


Moan after moan tore from Jack's kiss-swollen mouth and he watched Ianto through heavily lidded eyes as his mate lost control and began thrusting deeper within him, each thrust hitting his already sensitive prostate. A thought flitted across his mind, 'I doubt I will be walking right for days,' but at that moment Jack couldn't care less if he ever walked again. He just never, ever wanted Ianto to stop.


"Oh God!" Jack cried arching up as Ianto's hand wrapped around his sensitive cock and began stroking his renewed hardness.


Lowering his head Ianto caught Jack's mouth in a messy kiss. "Come for me, Jack; let everyone know who you belong to," Ianto ordered against Jack's mouth.


"Ianto! Yours!" Jack could not deny Ianto and he came hard and fast once again, his body shuddering in pleasure as he became a boneless mass as he collapsed into the soft bed.


Jack's shuddered orgasm ripped through Ianto and that was the final piece that sent him over the edge. "Mine!" Ianto snarled as he came long and hard inside Jack. He lay on Jack's body, feeling his lover's chest heaving as he pulled in deep gulps of air and finally Ianto reluctantly rolled to the side.


Exhausted Jack had enough strength left to pull Ianto into his arms and rested his exhausted body against his chest as his mate collapsed. "We should probably get cleaned up," Jack murmured nuzzling Ianto's sweaty neck.


Utterly content Ianto snuggled closer. "We will but in a minute or two. I don't want this moment to end just yet," he admitted, placing a soft kiss on Jack's chest.


Unshed tears in his eyes, Jack hugged Ianto closer, "Neither do I." Jack never wanted to let Ianto go and now he knew he'd never have to. "Tell me about yourself, Yan, how old are you? Who turned you and why ?" Jack asked softly after a few moments.


Ianto shifted to get even closer to Jack. "I was turned almost a thousand years ago. I lived in a small village that didn't have much but we were happy. Then one night one of the most beautiful men I had ever laid eyes on appeared."


A low jealous growl escaped Jack as he saw the light that entered Ianto's eyes as he talked on this man and he didn't like it one bit. 'I'll just have to make sure that Ianto never looks at anyone but me like that,' Jack vowed silently.


Ianto was both flattered and amused by Jack's intense jealousy. "This was way before I met you, silly. You are without a doubt the most handsome man I have ever seen and I'm proud to call you my mate." Ianto pressed a quick kiss onto Jack's chest. "His name was Ambrogio and he was the definition of the tall, dark and handsome man. He courted me in high fashion and before I knew it, I was in love with him." Ianto's eyes were distant as he recalled his past.


"I loved him and didn't care who knew but there was a girl, a very jealous girl, who wanted Ambrogio all for herself. She arranged for some of the other villagers who had a dislike of my close friendship with Ambrogio to stumble across me going to met him..." Ianto trailed off as the memories of his brutal beating at their hands surfaced.


Sensing the fear and pain coursing through his mate, Jack tightening his grip on Ianto and kissed the top of Ianto's head. "You don't have to tell me any more; I don't want you to live through that pain again.


"No," Ianto shook his head decisively, "I can get through this. They got the jump on me and beat me nearly to death but then Ambrogio arrived like an avenging angel and killed them like they were nothing. He asked me if I wanted to live and I did, desperately, so he both saved and cursed me at the same time. He taught me everything I needed to know about living as a vampire, and we parted company when he found his one true mate." He looked up at Jack with mischief shining in his blue/grey eyes. "So there's no need for you to be jealous."


"I'm not jealous!" Embarrassed at being caught, Jack sputtered his protest. "I mean, if Ambrogio hadn't met you and if you hadn't loved him then you wouldn't be here and I would have been missing out on loving you and that's a fate I couldn't bear," Jack admitted softly as his arms instinctively drew his lover closer to him.


Ianto smiled softly and kissed him again, "Should we tell the others the truth about me?" Ianto asked once the kiss ended.


"I won't force you to tell them anything you don't want. If you want to tell them then I support you, and if you feel the time isn't right then I support that decision as well. It's all up to you." Jack would never force Ianto to do anything he didn't want to, and the sad truth was that the others might not even be around long enough to notice that Ianto wasn't aging.


Ianto's decision was almost instantaneous and Jack suspected that Ianto's had been giving it a lot of thought. "I trust Tosh and Owen to a degree, it's Gwen I'm worried about. She's still holding out hope that despite the fact that she's having Owen's baby, you'll declare your love for her and whisk her away. If she found out that I'm a vampire, she'll probably think I have you under some kind of mind control and I'd rather not have to deal with that."


Ianto felt more than heard Jack's chest rumble with laughter. "Ooohhh... You've hypnotised me, Ianto! I'm under your spell!" Pleased to see that Jack was so at ease with him, Ianto poked him in the belly. "Maybe once Gwen sees that we are totally committed to each other she'll let go of her fantasy and then I can tell them, but until then I'd like to keep the truth about myself between the two of us for now."



Tags: fic: moonlight sings the darkness, pairing: jack/ianto, pairing: owen/diane, pairing: rhys/tosh, vampire!ianto
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