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Fic: Cut's so deeply chapter 5/11

Title: Cut’s so deeply
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairings: Jack/Ianto and others to be announced
Summary: A post ‘meat’ fic. When a star gives it heart way it is forever. When a star heart is broken their light goes out. Within one moment Jack broke Ianto heart, now Tosh and Luna must help Jack fix his mistake, before he lose Ianto forever.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Gwen bashing, Gwack bashing.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, if I did we would have had Janto in the first episode and there would be no such thing as Gwack. I do own Luna Dusk and all other future Original Characters.
Author Notes: This story idea can from watching ‘Stardust’ one too many times.

Chapter 5

For the tenth time since arriving Tosh glanced at her watch. Now normal she had much more patience than this, but this was important. Jack had phoned her at six am to tell her that he was off to win his Ianto back, thank goodness she manage to get a hold of Luna to warn her, they made plans for breakfast so Luna could tell her what happen when Jack got there.

She just wishes Luna would hurry up and get here; she’s dying to know what happened.

“Tosh,” a female voice called out her name, one Tosh did not want to deal with yet. Turning she fixed a fake smile on her face. “Hi Gwen,” she greeted in what she hoped was a happy tone.

Gwen smiled at Tosh. “I’m so glad I met up with you Tosh. Why don’t we get breakfast I really need to talk to you about yesterday?” Gwen asked. Tosh barely hide her wince she was in no mood to talk to Gwen about what happened yesterday, she probably didn’t have any idea the problems she caused between Jack and Ianto. Plus Luna and Gwen have never gotten along; most likely cause Luna not afraid to tell Gwen a few hard truths. “That sounds nice Gwen but I’m meeting someone. Sorry.” She hoped Gwen would get the hint to leave. “Oh is it one of the guys?” And clearly Tosh had been hoping for a miracle. “No it’s me. Hey Tosh hope I didn’t keep you waiting long?” The cheerful voice asked from behind Gwen.

Tosh watch with baited breath as Luna and Gwen came face to face. “Hello Gwen your out early for someone who just watched their fiancée gets shot.” Luna greeted the other woman. And Tosh wonder if she should get out of the way of the upcoming fireworks. No one mess with Luna family a lesson Gwen was about to learn.

Gwen glared at the blond. “You can’t possible understand what I’m going threw watching Rhys get shot. None of them can, they didn’t have anyone they loved in the line of fire yesterday.” Gwen snapped off.

Luna icy blue eyes grew even icier. “How thick can you be?” she ignored Gwen sputter. “Yesterday Jack had to watch a gun been pointed in Ianto face, if it hadn’t jammed Tosh and I would have lost our dear friend and Jack would have lost his lover. Sure it maybe true that the others don’t have anyone outside of work, but what about inside? You got a taste of the fear that Jack and Ianto live with. To know one day they could lose each other. Did you even think about what Jack was feeling yesterday? Did you even notice that Ianto nearly got shot? Or were you so busy trying to use Rhys to make Jack jealous that you didn’t notice anything else.” Luna snarled.

Gwen glared at her. “I love Rhys, but I will not deny that Jack and I have a connection. And I’m sorry that Ianto got hurt, but he should know by now that he’s just a part time sh…” the rest of Gwen sentence was cut off by a hand connecting to her cheek.

The three women stood in complete shock, but none more so than the one to have slapped Gwen.

“You go Tosh.” Luna couldn’t help but cheer, reaching out to hug the other woman.

“Your so wrong Gwen, Jack does not see Ianto as part time shag. You may think that Jack loves you and he does,” Tosh ignored the smug look in Gwen eyes, “he loves you like he loves me and Owen. But the true holder of his heart is Ianto. And I’m sorry if that shatters whatever illusions you had about you and Jack. But it’s time you grew up Gwen. You have something real with Rhys, but you keep chancing it by sleeping with every man that gives you a glance, never once thinking about those your hurting, like when you hurt me when you slept with Owen. You never think of anyone else but yourself. Go home to Rhys, he loves you. He got shot for you yesterday. If only you had listened to Jack maybe Rhys wouldn’t have ended up taking a bullet for you. And that’s your problem Gwen you never listen, you always think your right. You claim to be the heart of Torchwood maybe it’s time you start acting like it. I pity you Gwen because you have a chance at true happiness with Rhys and are willing to blow it all away for a fantasy that will never happen. “Tosh shook her head sadly at Gwen.

Tosh turned to Luna. “Suddenly I’m not hungry, want to take a walk instead?” She asked. “Sure, we have time to eat later.” Luna linked her arm with Tosh and the two walked off leaving Gwen stewing in anger.

Chapter 6:
Tags: fic: cut's so deeply, gwen bashing, pairing: jack/ianto
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