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on 5 June 2007 (#13091966)
On 28 December 2023
26 December 1983
I 28 year old female and I am a slash fangirl and proud of it. I do support some het pairings if I like the female characters. I was working on getting my degree to work with children but rediscovered my love for photography and I am currently working on getting my degree in that.

Ianto Jones(Torchwood), Methos(Highkander), Dean and Sam Winchester(Supernatural), Mel Reyonlds(Firefly), Ryan Wolfe(CSI Miami), Don Flack(CSI New York) and Dr. McCoy(Star Trek), Brian Kinney and Justin Taylor (Queer as Folk) are my favorite male characters of all time, you will see many stories written about them. Morgana(Merlin), Toshiko Sato(Torchwood), Donna Noble(Doctor Who), Faith(Buffy), River(Firefly) and Martha Jones(Doctor Who) are some of my favorite females characters.

I am a Janto, Arthur/Merlin, Brian/Justin, Oliver/Clark, Bruce/Clark, Eliot/Hardison, Dean/Sam, John/Tosh, Castiel/Sam and Castiel/Sam/Dean shipper these are my pairings and you will see a lot of these couples writen by me.

As much as I love Janto(jack/ianto) I love writing Ianto crossover pairings and so expect to see many Ianto cross over pairings from me in the future.

I am a very open minded woman, I am not afraid to speak my mind.

Love is something percious, things like age, race, colour and gender should not matter. Love them for the person they are on the inside, for their heart and soul, not the shell.

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